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I can't store too many at a time, I don't have the space on my server, if there's a song you really want that I have in my cd collection. I've just started it, but check back for my list of mp3s. (scroll down now to see what's here for the borrowing).

DarkLand Music: The place to buy hard to find Gothic, Industrial and similar types of music.

MP3 Links MP3/MIDI - searches, players, recorders, etc.

Morpheus - This is the new and improved Napster. This one lets you also search for video, program and any type of files.

Napster Bad - Metallica doesn't think they are rich enough from their long time loyal fans, so they are suing a bunch of people who downloaded their songs from Napster, this is a hilarious cartoon about them.

Gnutella, Napigator, Bear Share - more Napster like programs at - The MP3 resource on the internet. If you don't know what mp3s are, how to make them and how to listen to them, this is the place to start. They also have all the software you need and tons of mp3s to download, including industrial, gothic, electronica, new wave, new age, classical, punk, and every sub genre of those you could dream of. Each artist has a little bio, often listing influences and similar artists. The site is searchable, try searching for your favorite bands to find similar artists, the search results even tell you which matches are similar artists and which are influences of the band. - They sell mp3s of new stuff for around $.99/song, and $8.99 per album, which you download after paying for it online. I think it's changed and now you pay a small monthly fee and have access to thousands of mp3s
In their electronic section: Martin Atkins, some ambient compilations, Cyber-Tec, FM Einheit, Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV, Pig & Sow, SOW, Test Dept.
Pop & Rock section: All, Bouncing Souls, Invisible Records Compilation, Rockabilly Hall Of Fame comps, Cramps, Elf Power, Erotics, Evil Mothers, Fair Sex, Flock Of Seagulls, Gene Loves Jezebel, Genesis P-Orridge With Splinter Test, Germs, Iggy & The Stooges, Jesus Lizard, Pigface, Iggy Pop, Poster Children, Psychic TV, Sheep On Drugs, Slayer, Smithereens, Suicidal Tendencies, Test Dept, They Might Be Giants, Waitresses, Frank Zappa.
Miscl section: Star Trek soundtracks, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland.
They also have a World/New age section. - Quite a few mp3s to download, listed by genre, including classical, electronica, experimental, industrial, new age, punk, rave, soundscapes, swing, & techno.

Gregorian Chant - this is your one stop shop for any gregorian chant you could ever want, tons of mp3s to download.

Cleopatra Records - they have about 12 mp3s you can download from some of their bands.

Blake's Synthpop page - lots of rare mp3s, this is an excellent page.

The Celtic MP3 webRing

Björk Remix Web - over 100 remixes of Bjork songs, formats vary, some are mp3, some are downloadable real audio.

Audiofind - An mp3 search engine. Mostly finds crap but I did find Alphaville's Forever Young, and Apollo 440's Lost in Space theme song, and most of the files seem to all be there(they are all from different servers so it's iffy). It's an alphabetical listing, but you can search it also.

Winamp - My choice mp3 and media player, it's free, and you can easily convert mp3s to wavs. Mac users will want Macamp. It also has a few thousand pretty skins.

Music Match - MP3 player, good for making MP3s directly from your music CDs. There's a free version, which you can easily get a crack for at Astalavista.

Mp3 search site

Bands with MP3s on their Sites

The Ultimate Dead Can Dance page - a great fan site, info, lots of mp3 downloads in the download section.

Diamanda Galas - This is her official site, but I am keeping the old link here because it still has mp3s clips on it you can't yet find on the new site. Old Site

Lycia - gothic, Projekt label. There's a few mp3s on the site.

Project Pitchfork - Industrial, lots of mp3 clips in the samples section.



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