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Stories I made up

Curious George Sniffs Ether - A Curious George story I modified. This was one of the first things to get on my web site way back when I first started getting into all this crazy web stuff.

Goth Love - Another childrens story, this one I wrote entirely (yeah it's silly) and took the photos, it stars Tragedy and Misery the goth ragdolls from Hot Topic. (Temp down)

Free Online Drive

They all shut down but freedrive.

Sept 2016: Freedrive is prob gone too. These things are all easy to find nowdays, gdrive, dropbox, etc.

FreeDrive - It's not really free, but if you get the free account you can access your friend's shared files. It's not bad though, $5 a month for 70 MB. My firewall at work prevents me from FTPing so I use it to easily transfer file back and forth. They do have a risk free 15 day trial.


The Big KiSS page - This is the cutest thing, paper dolls for the computer. Download the totally free viewer and strip dolls for hours. A few years ago I downloaded tons and tons of dolls from this page but now you have to pay $7.95/month for access. They do offer a few free ones which are worth getting to try it out. Some you can find on other sites. Expect to find things like: any and all anime, Lora Croft, batgirl, and tons of dirty ones.

Glyndon's Adult KISS - As long as this page stays up I really don't need to put up my own because these are my favorites. I don't know for sure but something makes me believe this is a woman, so if it's a he sorry, my mistake! She has created some of the most beautiful gothy fetishy kiss figures, lots of dirty ones, even shemales. She also has a page of ones that are ok for kids including some My Little Pony ones.

H'n'H Times Blue Page - 4 free adult KiSS dolls by Dominatrix (this one I know is a he because he and I used to email years ago). One of the ones on this page is very feylike.

Free KiSS Dolls - A small but quality collection of free dolls, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bjork!

KiSS files I like - A few of my favorites hosted by me, I only have bondage faeries ones so far. (Sorry I don't have credits just yet for the few I've got up here, I still have to contact all the doll artists for permission)


Ooodles of shockwave and downloadable games based on Cartoon Network shows! Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, Zorak, Dexter, Scooby Doo, etc.


Bored? Call Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company and listen to their message. It's pretty funny. 800-578-7453. Please call often and make them go bankrupt via their 800#. Cigarettes ick.

Another calling thing: Follow the instructions:
National Discount Brokers
1. Dial 800-888-3999. (It's free.)
2. Listen to the options.
3. When you hear #7, hit 7. There's a pause.
Every company should have an option #7.

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