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Picture Gallery

I still have not had time to get to the entire gallery, I have so many pictures to organize and put back up.

Welcome to Mavica Land
All pictures taken after October 2001 were taken with a digital Mavica camera unless noted otherwise. This was an expensive toy, but it takes great pics. You can get very good digital camera for $100 or $150 even. The single only advantage to cheap crappy or disposable cameras is that if you lose or break them it's no biggie. Otherwise, it's so worth it. It's good for the environment, and it does come out cheaper anyway, think of how much an average roll costs to develop, $12-15 or more for decent prints, plus about $5 for the roll of film before you use it! Most digital cameras have a picture view so you can immediately see the picture you just took. How many times have you waited anxiously 2 weeks after some big sci fi con or goth con to find that the guy who took your pic with that hot chick from Star Trek had his finger in the way. The moment's gone forever. Poof. This way I know every pic came out how I want it. You can print them out with special photo paper for regular printers, and edit and email them right away.

Costuming - costumes I have made and worn, some just pictures, some full info on how I made them. In progress now: The Tribe Techno uniform.

Halloween 2002

Halloween 2001

My vanity aka pictures of me

My familairs (pets)

Trips, outings & cemeteries

Art & Anime

Conventions (there's some pictures of me here)


Clubs & shows (there are pics of me here, including the infamous Aeon Flux uniform)

Miscl (Sept 11, WWF)


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