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Where to Shop For the Dark at Heart


I'm selling about 400 comic books from my personal collection of goth, bitter youth, indie, alternative and smut comics, plus action figures, CDs, Videos. Come shop from my house!


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Spooky aromatherapy Soaps by Discord (that's me)

This list of shops focuses on gothic, fetish, occult, punk, body modification, music, and books. Mostly located in NYC, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. (except for the ones at the bottom from everywhere) Don't forget to always call first to check current hours. They are organized by area, but nearly all of them will mail order, especially those with web sites.

Some of these that are focused purely on decorating and craft supplies may move to the gothcrafts section eventually.

Never go anywhere without a map. These sites allow you to enter a street address and they pop out a map and driving directions for you: MapsOnUs, MapBlast, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest. Of course don't rely solely on directions from these, they have gotten me quite lost before. If you are unsure of an address, Yahoo has an excellent feature - The Yahoo Yellow Pages where you can search for the name of a shop or browse by type of place, and it gives you the full address and phone number. It's directly hooked up to the mapping program also.

Online Auctions

These are great places to find used and new items, video games, books, candles, DVDs, music, clothes, corsets, bondage gear, fabric, sewing machines, concert tickets, etc.

Use PayPal for auction payments! It's safe, fast and secure. - free - free, costs a little for extras

Gothic Auctions - listing items is free, but goths are often broke.

eBay - the most widely used auctions so far, they like to close legit auctions for stupid reasons if someone complains about it, and they raise the rates all the time. (my user ID was discordfaerie, now it is pixie_auctions)

Amazon Auctions

Yahoo! Auctions - my id there is discord_lazarus.

Popula Auction - vintage, antiques & collectables, weird things, erotica.

Fangs & SFX contact lenses - They have an online store where you can purchase several different types of do it yourself custom fangs for under $25/pair. - nice variety of SFX lenses.

Graven Images - Vampire & Zombie fangs, F/X prosthetic Makeup, Airbrush Gothic/Vampire makeup, custom made professional props by Radu. Located in the Philadelphia, PA area: Out of Showtime Tattooing in Allentown (610) 262-7737, contact number for info, is (610) 776-7241, and various clubs in the area.

MiDiAN - a small society of artists & enthuisiasts for the Gothic & Industrial cultures. We provide merchandise such as Leather, Chainmail, medieval & historical clothing, Vampire/fantasy creature fangs, Hand-etched Glassware and their own line of original T-shirt designs. Always looking for new wares to sell for local artists & especially new artwork to buy. Located in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Transformatorium - Fangs, contact lenses, horns & nails, and other products. Order online, by phone or stop by in person: 104 4th Ave between 11th and 12th streets, NYC, located inside Halloween Adventure. I'm good friends with the owners, and though I don't have any fangs from them I would definitly send people here.

Teeth By D'Nash - located in CT. Custom fangs, contacts and claws. I got my most recent pair from this master fangsmith himself, highly recommended.


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The Crypt - Western Canada's Goth and Fetish Source, C-121 Osborne St. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3L 1Y4, 204-453-1132. Latex, corsets, alchemy gothic, marche noir, chainmail, a beautiful line of stained glass clocks and things, adult toys. Their catalog prices are in US funds.

Idojo - Very nice selection of latex and other gothy dresses. If you are in town you can see the store at 584 Upper James St in Hamilton, Ontario. Hours: Closed Sun & Mon, Tues-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-5.


see also: CT clubs, CT trips & travel

Curious Goods Witchcraft Shop carries a large supply of occult books, candles, wild hair dyes & makeup, gothic t-shirts, robes (soon capes too), leather spiked collars, restraints, wristbands, ankhs, incense, oils, tarot cards, crystal balls, swords, daggers, athames, battleaxes, crystals, jewelry, spellkits, ritualkits, herbs, and so much more. They also carry exotic body piercing and body modification jewelry. They have an experienced body piercer come into the shop every tues and fri 2-7pm and the cost for any piercing is $30. email: or write for snail mail catalog: Curious Goods, 415 Campbell Ave, West Haven, CT 06516. Store hours: Mon, Tues 11-6, Wed-Fri 11-7, Sat 11-5, Sun call.


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Gay-Mart - 808 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, 504-523-5876. New Orleans Premier Gay and Lesbian store. Gay owed and operated enterprise located in the historic French Quarter. Established in 1994, THE place to shop for all your Gay, Lesbian, and, Bi-Sexual needs. Products include jewelry, clothing, flags, video's, calendars, Gay Mardi Gras posters, masks, framed pictures, cards, adult novelty products, fetish wear and toys.You will be greeted with a smile and your service will be personal without the standard pressure to buy something you may not want later.

Gargoyles - nice decently priced goth clothes. They carry Funhouse, lip service and other brands like that. The web site has a great selection. Dresses, corsets, purses, shoes, mens & womens, capes, jewelry, makeup, hats, gothic decor, etc. They also make great custom full sized coffins & smaller, as in cd cases. Located at 1205 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA, 70116, 504-529-4836.

New Jersey

see also: NJ Clubs, NJ trips & travel

MC Comics - This is where I get all my superkewl smutty comics, located at 22 Old Matawan Rd, Suite D, Old Bridge, NJ, 08857, 732-238-5969. They have action figures, marvel, dc, and tons of independant comics, graphic novels, video games, back issues, Kiss stuff, collectable trading card games, and other random goodstuff. Call to find out about the reserve list and say Debbie sent you! Hours: Mon-Thurs & Sat 11-8, Fri 11-9, Sun 11-7.

Montclair Book Center - 221 Glenridge Ave (just off Bloomfield Ave.), Montclair, NJ, 973-783-3630. This is an ultimate bookstore and it's not corporate owend. They have a cafe, and a small selection of used CDs. The place is packed with new and used books, mixed together, but organized by subject. The new books are discounted a bit too (I think they are all 10% off), and their occult section is worth seeing.

The Wise Man's Bookstore - 2190 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne, NJ 07470 973-492-2020 Hours: Monday - Friday 11am to 9pm Saturday - 11am to 6pm Sunday - 11am to 5pm. They have tarot readings, I'm not sure but they may have herbs. (a former co worker's father owns this).

Spellbound - I am estatic to just find out about this place! I think it used to be in Belleville, a friend tried to take me there years ago but it had closed with no "moved to" sign. 5 Glen Road, Rutherford, NJ, 07070, 201-896-8300, hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 12-7. I will try to go this weekend to check it out but I think they have your typical Metaphysical shop stuff: herbs, books, tarot cards, crystals, charms, amulets, candles, etc. Looks like they also have classes.

Neet O Rama - 93 West Main St. Somerville NJ, 08876, Phone: (908) 722-4600. Popculture Supermarket, collectable toys & everything, comic books, a vintage clothing shop, and cult & classic video shop.

Dressing for Pleasure - Probably NJ's best (and only?) complete fetish supply store, they have tons of equipment at the store including corsets, videos, books, erotic art, sexy shoes & boots, women's shoes and boots in men sizes too, and an online catalog. Located at 590 Valley Road, Upper Montlair, NJ, 973-746-5466. Store hours: Tues & Wed Noon to 6pm, Thurs & Fri noon to 7:45pm, Sat 10pm to 6pm, CLOSED Sunday and Monday.

Princeton Record Exchange - Great store for imports, used stuff and vinyl, they buy used. Located at 20 South Tulane Street, Princeton, NJ. Open Mon.-Sat. 10-8, Sun. 12-6. (609) 921-0881. They have an immense selection of vinyl and imports and they'll track down hard to find and out of print stuff for you.

Vintage Vinyl - 51 Lafayette Rd, Fords, NJ 08863, 732-225-7717. Kick ass music store in Fords, NJ. They have lots of imports, used cds and vinyl, and great goth, industrial and techno sections, lots of videos too. Their web site has a searchable database of everything currently in stock.

St. Mark's Place (Ineterbeat Records) - located at 862 Kearny Ave, Kearny, NJ. 201 998 2073. They are often advertised on WSOU 98.5. They have impressive industrial and gothic sections, just about everything you could think of wanting from Cleopatra and hard to find stuff.

Cafe Soundz - 322 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ. (973) 509-2233. Another great music store. They specializein techno, gothic, industrial, ambient and electro & imports. You can search their catalog on the website, they do mail order too. Open Mon-Sat 12-9, and Sundays 12-6.

Romp Stomp - Attached to Cafe Soundz, this is where you can get your goth fetish punk shoes and clothing. 320 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ. They carry Fluevogs, Platforms, Fly of London, McPowerNYLA'S, Dog Piles, and Doc Martens boots and shoes, and Fly of London. They also carry accessories including: Laces, Backpacks, Wallets, Shades, Tribal Clothing, Third Rail Clothing, Pewter Jewelry, clothing in leather, vinyl, and satin, and more.

LeatherWorks - 69 Monmouth St., Red Bank, NJ, 07701, 732-450-2051. They have beautiful gothy medieval clothing, zillions of sexy shoes, corsets, etc. Open Tues through Sat Noon to 8pm, they also have an online store. Elizabethan - Medieval - Roman - Celtic -Viking Gothic - Tudor - Cavalier Costumes Doublets-Tunics-Jerkins-Surcoats-Breeches-Cloaks Medieval garb and clothing by Anoria, Royal Garments-Ecclesiastical Vestments-Peasant-Pirate-Barbarian Military and Civilian Dress. Alechemy gothic & Axel jewelry, armor. Also see House of Anoria.

Wild Syde - located at 2114 Route 88, Bricktown, NJ. 732.714.0306. I was there last around 1991, from the website I see they have kept up with the times, back then it was a metalhead/stripper/punk store, great place to get Doc Marten and spiked bracelets. You can get go go outfits, sexy shoes, lingere, whips, chains, doc martens, occult supplies (tarot, herbs, oils, books), fetishy clothes, etc. I got some of my first "goth-in-training" clothes from there way, way back.

Betsey Johnson - Very pricey clothing, it's pretty, styles and colors range from gothish, beautiful, to bright and ugly colors, I don't own any of her stuff but what I've seen on racks is very expensive and delicate. In the Garden State Plaza on Rt 17 in Paramus, NJ 201-226-9061.

Hot Topic - The gothic, vampire, raver, witchy store in the mall. The three I frequent in NJ are in the Garden State Plaza, Woodbridge Mall, and Willowbrook Mall, of those I've been to I think the Freehold mall has the best store, GSP is a close second. The site has an online store also. This store causes major controversy among "goths". Personally, I think they carry a lot of passable quality cheap to moderatly priced clothes, my wardrobe is full of stuff from there. So what if it gives mansonites easy access to the "goth look", I'm sick of having to go all the way to NYC and pay a fortune for almost the same clothes! It's just immoral... yeah, you go buy that $200 shirt and wear it while you walk past a homeless family with 2 kids living in a cardboard box. Not to mention, it is very likely to end up with beer spilled or cigarette burns on that pricey dress. That should probably be on the rants page, but then, it's *my* website <grin>.

Night Gallery - 81 Passaic St, Garfield, NJ, 973.815.1556. Totally dedicated to figure kits and the figure modeler, carrying a full line of today's hottest, hard to find kits, state of the art tools, paints & supplies. Open 7 days.

Chiller Theatre - Sci-fi/horror and b movie store at 157 Main St., Hackensack, NJ. Lots of resin models, figures, posters, movies, magazines, and other collectables. They also hold the big Toy, Model and Film expo held yearly near The Meadowlands, Halloween weekend and a weekend in April, in East Rutehrford, New Jersey. Lots of horror toys, movies, paraphernalia, fangs, celebs, etc. There are several others around the country the rest of the year.

Fun Ghoul - Costume shop, highly recomended to me once, haven't checked it out yet myself. 155 Park Ave, Rutherford, NJ 07070 (201) 460-1489. Hours: Sun & Wed closed, Mon 10-9, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5.

Ken's Masquerade & Costumes - costume shop, magician supplies, passed by it a few times, looks decent. 28-01 Broadway, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 (201) 791-0777.

Englishtown Auction - You can find anything from cd players, to used cds, comic books, antiques, furniture, towels, sheets, to just plain crap.

New York City and The Boroughs

see also: NYC clubs, NY trips & travel

One of the most concentrated area of cool shops that I know of in the city is 8th st(St. Marks) between 2nd and 3rd ave, and up to 6th ave, and there are places a streets over also.

NYC Gothic & Industrial Central - This is probably the best online listing of sinister merchants in NYC, complete with commentary on each shop.

Anime Crash - 13 E 4th St (bet Broadway and Lafayette st in the Village), New York, NY 10003, (212) 254-4670. This is the place for all your Anime movie desires, especially hard to find imports. They also have a lot of anime figures and toys, some are pretty price since they are imports, you used to be able to order them from the website but I'm not even sure this web site is theirs now, it's only movies. They have 2 other locations: Providence, RI and Cambridge, MA.

Kim's Video - (site was down last I checked) Online ordering and 4 different locations in the Village:
Kim's Mondo, 6 Saint Mark's Place (bet 2nd & 3rd Aves), NYC, 212-505-0311 (Video), 212-598-9985 (Music). This store holds their largest video rental and sales collection, new and used CD's and vinyl, features live performances, Mondo is the place for the most eclectic, eccentric and hard-to-find merchandise: underground and adult comics, Japanese toys and models, film books and domestic and imported laserdiscs.
Kim's Underground - 144 Bleecker Street (bet Thompson St & LaGuardia Pl), NYC, 10012-1434, 212-260-1010 (Video), 212-387-8250 (Music). Here the emphasis is on experimental and avant-garde film on video, from underground obscurities to world cinema to classic documentaries to American indies, music section, offering a wide selection of Vinyl and CD's.
Kim's West - 350 Bleecker Street (by W 10th st), NYC, 10014, 212-675-8996. Kim's West is probably the most the most "normal" Kim's, but it still ain't Blockbuster, the emphasis here is on classic films, with specialties being the 60's and 70's, as well as the usual huge foreign film sections, gay and lesbian films for sale and rent, from the experimental to the mainstream, Music specialties include reggae, lounge, electronic and soundtracks. This is also the place to look for used, out-of-print video rarities for sale.
Kim's Avenue A - 85 Avenue A (bet 5th & 6th sts), NYC, 10009 212-529-3410. The original of the 4 stores, strictly video rental.

Arkivestry - P.O. Box 607 Prince St. Station, NYC, 10012, 212-965-0236 email: Karen Fleisch and Robi Diana create beautiful pricey custom clothing which you can now view on the website.

Bazaar Bizarre - an eclectic antique shop with the atmosphere of a Victorian opium den, also exhibiting simpatico works by local artists. Kristina Kozak / Bazaar Bizarre 177 Grand St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1st stop on the L train, on the corner of Bedford and Grand. hours: 12 to 7 Fri, Sat, Sun (718) 387-4878.

Domsey Trading Corp - massive thrift shop located at 431 Kent Ave Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211. (718) 384-6000. They have racks of velvet skirts, velvet jackets & catholic school girl skirts. for $3, I've found $80 name brand blouses there for $3 before! Look hard and you'll find tons of great stuff.

Skin Crawl - The web site isn't there anymore, I'm not sure about the shop, it closed and re opened. Ressurected from their premature burial, arises to lure you into the dark with their exclusive selection of jewelry, Erotic leather, candles, T-shirts, statuary, and more. Surrender to the bliss of damnation... you never had a chance. 215 E. 4th St. (between Aves A & B) NY, NY 10009, 212 477-2129. Send $2. Store hours: Wed, Thurs & Sun 1-8pm, Fri & Sat 1pm-10pm.

Lethal Wear aka Rockit Rags - re-opened at 112 E. 7th St. between Ave 1 and A, NYC. Allegedly the best selection of import gothic and black metal CDs in the city, as well as t-shirts, jewelry, and more.

Naughty & Nice - 212 W 80th St (Between Amsterdam Ave and Broadway) New York, NY 10024 (212) 787-1212. Male and female-friendly "romance boutique". Sex toys, videos, corsets, etc. Open daily 11am - 9pm. Info:

Ricky's - located at 44 E 8th St (a block and a half east of Washington Sq) 212-254-5247, 718 Broadway (between Washington Pl & Waverly Pl) 212-979-5232, 180 3rd Ave (between 16 & 17th sts) 212-228-4485, and West 58th and Seventh Ave. I have been to the one on 8th st, and a friend told me about the one on 58th st, you may want to check the others just to make sure. This is a great place to get inexpensive wigs, any style and color you want they'll have. They also have beauty products, hair dye, liquid latex, body paint, glitter, hair accessories, scented candles, incense, soap, lunchboxes & handbags, feather boas, masks, stockings, sex toys (in the adults only section), fetishy clothes, drag queen's heaven. I think the only thing they allow you to try on is wigs, but they usually have tons of stuff displayed on the mannequins in the windows, not sure if all of them are, but at least a few are open till midnight.

Religious Sex - Pretty but somewhat expensive fetish and gothic clothes, located at 7 St Marks Place (between 2nd & 3rd Aves), NYC, many celebs shop there.

Betsey Johnson - Very pricey clothing, it's pretty, styles and colors range from gothish, beautiful, to bright and ugly colors, I don't own any of her stuff but what I've seen on racks is very expensive and delicate. NYC Locations: 138 Wooster Street 212-995-5048, 248 Columbus Avenue 212-362-3364, 251 East 60th Street 212-319-7699, 1060 Madison Avenue 212-734-1257.

Ophelia Unbound - stunningly beautiful designs by Michelle Korn of NYC.

Purple Passion - great fetishwear shop, located at 242 W. 16th St (between 7th & 8th Aves), NYC. Hours: every day from 12-7 (thursdays till 9) 212 807-0486. Online Catalog of Fetish Fashions in Leather, Latex, PVC, Chain Mail and Patent Leather. Also, Corsets, Books, Magazines, Toys, Boots, Shoes, Accessories and More. If you live in the NYC area this is about the only fetish shop you really need. It's small but they have tons of whips and vinyl and fetish clothing packed in it.

Alexizations - Axel is an NYC jewelry designer who makes the most incredible metal jewelry, claws, etc.

Wandering Dragon - a thrift store located between Ave A and 1st. Ave on 10th St., NYC. A very bizarre and cool shop. They have old articles of vintage clothing, creepy vintage medical demos, two headed Calves and other oddities nature has produced, fez hats, top hats. The shop is very small but you feel like you are inside a Rasputina cd!

Evolution - 120 Spring St, NYC is supposed to have a lot of fossils and bones, as well as anatomy posters. Odd but cool, bones, taxidermy specimens, lots of insects, lots and lots of furs.

Maxilla and Mandible, Ltd. - "The World's First and Only Osteological Store", established in 1983. Here you can buy your bones, skeletons and other paleontology, osteology, entomology, and malacology supplies. Located at 451 Columbus Avenue between 8st and 82nd streets, NYC (One block north of The American Museum of Natural History). Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11am to 7pm, Sun 12-6. Phone: 212-724-6173.

Propoganda Magazine - this zine of pretty people was my very first introduction to anything goth at all when I was in high school.

Morbid Outlook - Mistres McCutchen's online gothic zine.

Clive's Record Store Reviews - Reviews of tons of music stores in NYC, seperated by sections of the city.

Enchantments, Inc. - 341 East 9th st (between 1st & 2nd Aves), NYC 10003, 212-228-4394. Herbs, incense, books, jewelry, crystals, essential oils, candles, tarot readings, magical apothecary, crystal balls, and more. I've heard other people say this and I agree, the place and the people who work there give off the warmest vibes. The shop is small, but packed with tons of stuff and they know their stuff and are helpful, friendly, and always up for a good conversation.

Flower Power Herbs and Roots, Inc. - 406 east 9th street (between 1st & A aves), New York, NY 10009, 212 982-6664. Open 7 days 11am until 8pm, and they ship worldwide. They carry herbs, books, and some pre made potions and are very friendly and helpful.

Bowl & Board - 9 St Marks Pl (8th st between 2nd & 3rd Aves, next to Religious Sex), NYC, 10003, 212-673-1724. You wouldn't guess it, but they have an amazing selection of gems and crystals! They also had little wooden bat ornaments for $1.50 when I was there once.

Secondhand Rose - 138 Duane Street NYC, NY 10013 212-393-9002. I found this on Martha Stewart's site, they have twenty-five thousand rolls of wallpaper manufactured from the 1890s through the 1960s. This is great if you want to get authentic victorian/antique wallpaper. They also carry vintage linoleum and who knows what else.

Underground Aristocracy - located in NYC, not a huge selection, but they are good prieces and nice quality looking styles, everything custom made to order. 212-987-1266, you can mail order from anywhere.

New York (outside the boroughs)

see also: NY clubs, NYC clubs, NY trips & travel

Long Island

Amok Time Inc - 2941 Hempstead Tpk. Levittown, NY, 11756 516-.520-0975. They have been reported to have Nightmare before christmas toys sometimes, and other cool toys.

Land of Oohs and Oz - 155 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY 516-420-9214. Reported to have cool toys.

Rest of the state

Black Sunrise - Goth wares including armor rings, silver, claws, pendants, Axel rings & pendants, dragons, faeries, skulls, anime & Betty Page shirts, stickers, baby tees, etc. I think they only have the online shop and may vend at local clubs.

Once Upon A Thyme - 15 Broad St. Pawling, NY 12564, 845-855-0934. Hours: Wed - Sat 10-5. Herbal aromatherapy, gardens, kitchens, bath & beauty, green pharmacy, fairies, herbal and craft workshops (including making faerie houses), late spring I believe they have a faerie festival every year. Great store but the web site often doesn't work right.


see also: Pennsylvania Clubs, Pennsylvania trips & travel

Main St. Jukebox - 628 Main St., Stroudsburg, PA 18360, 570-424-2246. New & Used cds, cassettes & lps. Someone recommended this place for decent music.

Brute Force Leather and Lace - Located in Harrisburg, PA, they will custom make anything in any color, shape, or style, or fabric. Prices are reasonable, ordering can be done by mail and the web site.

Warrior - 4034 New Rodgers Rd, Levittown, PA 19056 (215) 943-7868. Fetishware, dresses, shoes, boots lingerie. Some T-shirts and men's wear, jewelry and makeup. Mostly supplies the local exotic dancers. Body piercing done on premises.

New Hope, Pennsylvania

It's not that big of a place, just walk up and down Main Street and up some of the side streets.

Against The Grain - 82 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938 (215) 862-4800. They carry a lot of goth wear, prices are pretty expensive but many of the clothes are made by local sewers, so you won't find them elsewhere. The owner will discount for damage done to clothes by overeager tryer-ons. Lots of jewelry, T-shirts, swords, accessories. Two floors; downstairs is Harley leather, upstairs is medieval-goth-Ren etc.

Gothic Creations, Inc. 15 North Main St, New Hope, PA 18938, (215) 862-2799. Hours: Noon till 6pm est. They carry an extensive selection of gargoyles, greenmen, grave images, architectural elements, tapestries, jewelry and much more. On their website: a brief history of the gargoyle, as well as a sampling of a few products available that you can order by mail.

Le Chateau Exotique - 31A West Mechanic Street, New Hope, PA, 18938, (215) 862-3810. S&M stuff, corsets, etc.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

see also: Philadelphia clubs, Pennsylvania trips & travel

Armed & Dangerous - 623 S 4th St, between South & Bainbridge Sts, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 922-4525. Gorgeous silver and gemstone jewelry, scarves, some tapestry and gargoyles, prices range from cheap to super expensive.

Delicious Corsets - lots of the images are not loading properly on the site, but enough are that you can see they have a lovely selection of brightly colored corsets in nice materials.

Repo Records - 538 South St., Philadelphia, PA. 215.627.3775. (they also have a store at 1047 Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA, 610.525.5460). Specializing in Indie stuff, lots of used cds.

Philly Record Exchange - 608 S. 5th street just below south st, Philadelphia, PA, 215-925-7892. Good selection of eclectic and old stuff. And old 80's, punk, indie, goth, electronic, etc. on vinyl. They have some overpriced rarities on the wall.

Spaceboy Music - 407 South Street (above Zipperhead), Philadelphia, PA, 215-925-3032. Go up the back staircase inside. Big selection of new and used vinyl and CDs. Lots of rare industrial, old mope-pop, 4ad, etc.

Other Places/Mail Order

see also: crafts & fashion

For foreign places, use the Currency Conversion Calculator
These will be laid out by category & loaction eventually, they are mostly alpha by store name now

The Aesthetik - couture clothing. I love the flame tank top.

AMF Korsets - Just the pictures are worth seeing the site for, beautiful goth models in more beautiful corsets & clothes, they also have bondage collars, cufs, collars, chastity belts, videos, and more.. too bad, I think all the corsets are leather. Prices aren't too bad. They are located in CA but you can find their corsets at Purple Passion in NYC I believe.

Amphigory - Gothic cosmetics, Magickal supplies, jewelry, hair dye, candles.

Archie McPhee - not all goth or dark but they have some of the coolest toys and thingies. There are some goth things, but they do have Raven the nodding goth girl, the Jesus action figure, there's nun finger puppets, Testamints, Kali Lunchboxes, and other religious icons in toy form.

Arms & Armor - swords, axes, armor, etc. Located at 1101 Stinson Blvd. NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55413, (612) 331-6473.

Art & Artifact - Finally a web site, They have a beautiful catalog of medieval dresses, swords, fairy things, angels, egyptian, indian, celtic, chinese, dragons, and victorian things, ranging from jewelry, dresses, statues, furniature, watches, and tons of great gifts, prices vary but are fitting for the items, there's a few things in the $15-$25 range and they go up to a few hundred. Great for getting gifts.

Atrocities - beautiful mail order gothy clothes for boys & girls, located in Salem, Mass. The boy models in the catalog are to die for. Yum. You can buy Atrocities in shops in Seattle, CO, FL, & Houston.

Azrael's Accomplice Designs - Beautiful custom made Cloaks, Capes, Shawls, Scarfs, corsets, and other gothy items by the amazing Batty.

Bad Attitude Boutique Jewelry - Really cool victorian & bat & spider jewelry, prices not listed.

Ballet - they have some really nice looking tulle skirts and tu tus, some are pricy but there are several fluffy skirts and leotards for $15 and less.

The Black Rose - located in London, great selection of goth clothes, corsets, gloves, dresses, makeup, stockings, hair dye, their boot catalog is not to be missed.

The Bone Room - You can mail order real human bones, including fetus skeletons, or plaster casts of any bone or skeleton.

Bookfinder - searches several online databases for out of print, new, and used books. The search results gives details like what edition, and if it's signed. Basically it searches a bunch of online book stores new and uesd, including the major ones.

Casket Furniture - Sofas, entertainment centers, coffee tables, pet coffins, not cheap but beautiful. You can even buy do it yourself kits.

Chainmail & More - Tons of beautiful chainmail pieces for head, body, bikini, waist, etc, and some great beaded necklaces and much more.

Corpses for sale

Divinity Designs - Nice women's clothing, elizabethian, gothic, middle eastern, etc.

Enigma Fashions - very beautiful & somewhat pricey gothy elegant clothes for women.

Essential Media Counterculture Catalog - A discount catalog and guide to the best of alternative and underground culture. Books, CDs, Comics, Videos, Zines and Assorted Oddities.

FairyGothMother - corsets, fetish, latex, goth wear, cyber wear, rubber, pvc, many cool pvc trenchcoats, great corsets, adorable non leather corset purse, located in the uk.

Fallen Angel - small selection of very nice goth clothes for men & women, great coats (site wasn't working so well last time I checked it).

Fellowship Foundry - crafters of beautiful pewter goblets, wine corks, light switch plates, and other items in shapes such as dragons, angels, faeries, knights, jesters, rose, and other medieval figures. I am the proud owner of the Fairy Goblet and , Fairy Neck Piece and I once purchased Dragon Heart Glasses for a wedding gift. They even have a bridal registry. Guess where I'm registering if I ever decide on the tragedy of marriage!

FunkeFeet Footwear - Incredible selection of platforms, stilettos, creepers, and all sorts of funky gothy stripper shoes & boots.

Gallery Serpentine - great selection of goth clothes, corsets, etc. Ranges from dainty, lacy, & frilly to cyber silver. Bustles skirts, tons of corset styles, beautiful period gowns, coats, capes, frocks, skirts, in fabrics from lace to pvc to velvet. Located in Austrialia.

Glamour Girls Jewelry - Not all goth but I really liked a few pieces, the focus is vintage. It's all hand made and some of it is really great.

Gravestone Artwear - t-shirts, stationary, soaps (all natural pure herbal soaps, handmade), rubber stamps, velvet dresses, all in the shape of or bearing gravestone designs. Located in Maine.

Gothic Catalogs - Great collection of links and addresses for goth shopping on and offline.

Gypsy Moon - Enchanting Clothing for Travel Between the Worlds. 1780 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140. Exquisite clothing!

Idojo & Vinyl X- another gothy clothing catalog, their pvc selection's not too bad though.

Inkubus Haberdashery - 3199 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, Florida (305) 638-GOTH. They have a really nice selection of gothy clothing and accesories: buckles, silver cigarette cases and lighters, cuffs & collars, flasks, gloves, purses, magazines, statuary, hoisery, toys, shoes, cosmetics, etc. Make sure you check out the bargain clothes.

Ipso Facto - girl & boy clothing, shoes, bondage gear, wigs, candles, cds, Vegi Leather Footwear, etc. They do mail order and are located at 517 N. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA, 92832. Hours: Mon-Thurs 11-7, Fri & Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6.

The Jane Austen Centre Giftshop - located in Bath, the gift shop has some great fans

Jeannie Nitro - great goth & some fetishy clothes, not extremely cheap, but quality stuff. They have a great selection of velvet spiked collars too.

LadyBwear - feminizing lingerie, nice bras, bloomers, corsets, pvc catsuits, chain maile, lots of nice super sexy fetish clothing, most of it comes in male & female sizes.

Lip Service Clothing - Great fetish, goth, punk clothes for decent prices. Just their online catalog is woth seeing for the pretty models.

Lisa Earles Creative Wear - Historically Inspired Millinery for Children. I'd assume you can get them in adult sizes too, doesn't hurt to ask. Cheap head wear, royal crowns, medieval, renaissance, elizabethian. Doesn't look like amazing fancy stuff, but it'll do if you need something cheap and simple. - Many of the things on this site scare me, but there's some interesting equipment, they have many sexy photos, some demonstrating use of the equipment, real and pvc straitjackets, a gallery, bondage & gag equip, medical fetish library, and some medical fetish eclubs.

Morgana - goth, pvc, period clothing, some exceptional stuff, UK located. The women's clothing doesn't seem that great for the most part, or maybe it's just the combinations, but the mens outfits are tre pretty.

Nightmare Factory - Huge costume shop

Northbound Leather - I'm putting them here because they also have a lot of non leather synthetics. Fetish clothing, lingerie, dresses, bondage gear, shoes/boots.

Pagan Playground - They carry comics, gaming supplies and accessories, gothic clothing, occult and wicca books and supplies, Alchemy Gothic and CLD jewelry, books & tarot. Located at 70 George Street, 2nd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 5V9, CANADA, (613) 241-2227.

The Pale Court - Purveyors of fine gothic clothing, Reenactment garb and theme weddings for men and women. Very beautiful clothing, reasonable prices, but a lot of the pictures are too dark to see clearly, and there are a lot of broken links. Items include: dresses, suits, lace cravats for men, coats, capes, corsets, poet shirts, and they will custom make clothes from your request and even make patterns for you.

Vegan Wares - They have the most amazing selection of 100% vegan boots & shoes (yes many stompy ones too!). They use high quality breathable material, not that cheap sweaty plastic you have to get at payless. They are in Australia, so in US$ it's about half of the listed prices. They even will custom make shoes based on their styles. I am definitly getting shoes from them in a few months - as soon as I decide what style! They also have sandals, ballet & jazz slippers, bags, wallets, belts, and they make half-chaps (these are a horse riding thing).

Pangea - Your One-Stop Source for Cruelty-Free Vegan Products. Find pleather biker jackets, boots, etc.

Pennangalan Dreams gothic/fetish boots - basked in the UK, you can browse styles by height (ankle, calf, thigh), material (patent leather, rubber), style(platform, stilettoes), or size. This is an excellent boot collection, and prices are decent!

Pout online - The webmall for exotic apparel. Here you can find many brands of fetishwear, PVC, rubber, lingerie, shoes, club wear, models, photography, etc.

Profoundia - I haven't ordered from them but I've known of this site for a long time. It is THE place to get bindis. They have some henna tatoo supplies, other stick on jewelry, cool jingly belt chains & anklets, and you can buy the little tins bindis often come in which are useful if you make your own or do crafts. There are some really cool large bindi cards - which have tons of diff styles & colors all on one thing, makes a great inexpensive gift.

Pyramid Collection - online catalog, has tons of great fairy stuff!

Punk Ass gear by Kristoff - banned from schools all over, lots of offensive and gothic t shirts, stickers, comic books, cds, etc.

Retail Slut - Rude and Nasty clothes for girls and boys. Located on Melrose Ave in Hollywood, California. Goth clothes, vinyl, accesories, flasks, jewelry, and they sell spikes so you can make your own stuff. Located at 7308 Melrose Ave. in Hollywood, CA, 323.934.1339.

Rev. J. Belick's Gothic, Rockabilly, Punk and Skater T-shirts, Stickers, mouse pads, candles patches, buttons and links. Really cute t shirts and things.

Sabrina's Dollusions - Beautiful remade Barbies and similar dolls, faces painted, glittering amazing clothing & hair, fairies, centaurs, gothic and some great celebrity dolls: The Waitress from Warrant's Cherry Pie video, Stevie Nicks, and Sid & Nancy. You can send your doll to them and for a fee have it's hair redone, styled, facial features painted, ears pierced, and you can buy appliqués too. Pricing I don't see on the site, but I see them selling on eBay for $40 and up.

Sacred Heart Rubber Clothing - Vegan Alert! Very original designs, need a rubber bra with doll heads and legs on it, or butterflies stuck all over it? Here's your place for 3-D freaky wear. Tops, skirts, purses, collars, leashes, etc.

Severity - goth & fetish clothing, books, jewelry, sex toys & equipment.

Skin Two - high fashion fetish, latex, pvc, rubber clothing, you can also get Skin Two magazine here.

Skulls - cool skull waterfall fountain

Skulls Unlimited International, Inc - The World's Leading Supplier of Osteological Specimens. Get your human (adult to fetus) and animal skulls here.

Speleobooks - All bat items!! bat ties, socks, magnets, mugs, books, door knockers, stuffed animals, Jewelry, you name it! Mail order only.

Lady Tink makes beautiful custom wings, faerie, dragon, angel. She lives in TX and NYC. You can view a few of her wings by going to this link and clicking on texas ren festival and finding week 6, 1998. There are 2 of just her, look for Francine Gerard, and 2 of her with groups "A Fine Parade" and "The women of the show".

Shadow Fae Gothic Apparel - I (sort of) know her from livejournal, her clothes are beautiful and incredible prices. She has some goth dresses and gothic lolita egl outfits that are to die for AND under $80 for a dress! The armbands are really cute too, there are also a few items for guys and kids.

Starr Fayrie - Many different styles & colors of wings.

Uniquewear - costumes for bellydancing, Renaissance, chainmail, nipple nooses, etc. Nice stuff, check out the bellydancer chain mail belts.

Urban Decay - Makeup line with cool colors like oil slick, bruise, roach, now there are dozens of makeup lines like them, but they are one of the older ones I believe. Online store, physical store locater, makeup tips, and great links page(look in the have fun section).

Vampire Cosmetics - eyes, lips, nails, bat hair jewelry, nice looking stuff.

Vegetarian Shoes - they have all the leather free Dr. Martens, and a huge selection of animal free boots & shoes at decent prices, located in the UK.

The Velvet Garden - New and Vintage Gothic Clothing, Music and Accessories. This site was just opened in August 98, but the idea seems great, you can put your old goth clothes, furnature, cd's, etc on sale here.

Versatile Fashions - great corsets & fetish wear in all shapes, colors, & styles, prices are decent.

Victorian Greeting Cards - lots of beautiful cards, faeries, valentines, angels, butterflies, flowers, etc.

Victorian Trading Co - you can order a snail mail catalog or shop online for victorian clothes, tea sets, gloves, jewelry, books and other trinkets. I want one of everything from this catalog!!

Vintage Vixen - online vintage shop with pictures of the items, arranged by size. Shirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses & gowns, suits, lingerie.

Viscious Venus - (site down last I checkd) great great corsets & fetish clothes, tons of colors and materials, cyber, glam, goth, vixenesque, the gallery alone is inspiring, great hair, makeup and outfits. Located in Australia. VV is also shown on pout online.



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