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Coming soon, this will have a list of my gothy toy collection, and others that I don't have.
Click here for my action figures & toys I'm selling off

Links Action Figure Collecting

Erotic Anime dolls - tons of photos of adorable japanese dolls dressed from cute to naughty, a favorite page of mine. This page was the first I found, It's probably linked somewhere from the main, but I can't find it so I'll keep it a seperate link. (I really should mirror this one day before it's gone... I have, or will when it's all up again, a few of them up in the gallery)

Action figures of Myth & Legend - a nice checklist of vampires, faeries, centaurs, angels, etc.

Angel Devil Creatures - very cute spooky dolls, the artist is based in NYC, dolls range from wraith, vampire, fairy, etc. Evil evil!!

Action Girl's guide to female figures - Huge complete listing, goes way way back. Last updated in 1999 which is fine because after that they made a zillion female figures.. till then we had to scout out the few cool ones.

Billyworld - Better then Ken! The gay doll Billy has a wee wee. Comes in master, street, sailor, cowboy, and a few other styles!

Legendary Monsters - At last check (July 2002) the site is down, but hopefully that's only temporary. These look cool, series 1 will be The Jersey Devil, Mothman, The Missouri Monster, and Chupacabra. I'm slowing down these days on my toy collecting but I will definitely have to get the Jersey Devil.

Toys R Us - Now teamed up with Amazon. My dad, now retired, was a big international executive for them for like 15 years, he was in the Toy business way before I was born, is toy love genetic? You decide!

Trendmasters - Makers of the no longer available Mars Attacks toys, Voltron, Lost in Space.

The Distorted Barbie

The Subversive 11 1/2 Inch Fashion Doll Page - this is an amazing page

Ghoulie Babies and Glamour Vamps - Unique, One of a Kind Dollies By the Lady Nemesis, these are so cheap for such lovely dolls! There's even a free paper doll you can print out. (link updated 5-9-2002)

Archie McPhee Toys - Really really really cool alternative culture weird toys and candy. Get Testamints, a Shiva lunchbox, Jesus action figure.. and so much more.

Elvira - In the merchandise section there's a toy section and action figures of her with chainsaws and such. They are just ok, don't rush out to get them if you're low on funds.

Friend.Link - A toy beeper of a sort, I think they cost about $10, you can send messages to your little friends from across the mall, etc. I think these would be cool if you're at a club and someone icky is hitting on you or boring you to tears, just press a button and your club buddy gets a message "Save me!" and can come tear you away from the torture.


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