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From Haunted-Places.com - "Cemeteries. For many years, visitors to the Union Cemetery in Easton reported having conversations with lifelike apparitions, who walk among the tombstones and then disappear into thin air. This type of ghost, known as a "lepke," seems as real as any other person until it vanishes from sight. Acquaintances of people buried here say the apparitions talk and behave exactly as they did when alive. This is also the haunt of the infamous White Lady, observed many times over the last fifty years. The same White Lady ghost is seen at another nearby (Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel Cemetery ). She wears a white nightgown with a bonnet. In 1993, a local fireman "ran over" the ghost in his pickup truck. Sometimes witnesses observe dark, shadowy figures attempting to grab the White Lady. Investigator Ed Warren believes she is Mrs. Knot, whose husband was murdered near Easton in the 1940s. The woman may have been murdered too, shortly after her husband's funeral. ((Easton is in southwest Connecticut near the junction of Hwy 136 and Hwy 59. Union Cemetery is on Hwy 59, near the Easton Baptist Church. Monroe is north of Bridgeport in Fairfield County. Take Hwy 25 northwest to Hwy 111 and go north 3 miles to Monroe. Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery is near the Stepney Green near Monroe. The White Lady appears in the cemetery and on nearby Pepper Street.)"

Ghostride with Ed & Lorrain Warren - A road guide through the most haunted areas of Connecticut. They have a local cable channel too.

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