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Note: when I refer to pamphlet size I mean those thin stapled paperbacks that are 5.5" by 8.5" usually found in touristy towns. I own most of these being the book collecting freak that I am. Click on many of the links to buy the books.

Used and Rare Paranormal Books for Sale - you can also submit your books to sell here free.

The Post-Mortem Booklist


Haunted Places: The National Directory: Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, Ufo Landings, and Other Supernatural Locations. by Dennis William Hauck. More than 2,000 haunted places, many of them open to the public, in all 50 states. Listed alphabetically by state, city, and then location, each entry contains a synopsis, an address, a telephone number, and travel directions. Photos also.

Invisible Ink - Books on ghosts & hauntings. They have a great listing of books for sale by area, state, etc. I did find a few titles at least available at for almost half price though, so check around first. They also have a listing of Haunted tours in the US. - search here for any title, long lost out of print, or new or used books. It checks out amazon, and other major booksellers online as well as smaller ones, lists by price, and gives info on the condition if it's a used book.


Hollywood Haunted - by Laurie Jacobson & Mark Wanamaker.


Ghosts of Key West - $12.95, the sit ehas blurbs of some of the many stories from the book, including a haunted doll.


Only in Savannah: Stories and Insights on Georgia's Mother City by Tom Coffey.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil or you can get The Movie


A Brief History of Voodoo: A guide to "strange gods, strange altars," the museum exhibit at Marie Laveau's house of Voodoo, 739 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA by A.P. Antippas. This is a 23 pg pamphlet sized book you can find around NOLA at the Voodoo Museum and the local voodoo & touristy shops. You really don't need this book to go through the small exhibit, I'm just addicted to any small local touristy books related to ghosts or occult of any kind.


The Horrors of Salems Witch Dungeon and other New England crimes & punishments (Collectible Classics Series: No 9), by Robert E. Cahill. Paperback.

New England's Cruel and Unusual Punishments, by Robert E. Cahill, paperback, 1994, available around Salem in shops. Sex, Slaves & serving maids, black and blue laws, hanging, burning , boiling, beheading.

Our Silent Neighbors: A study of gravestones in the olde Salem area, by Betty J. Bouchard. 1991, this is a small pamphlet size book.

The Witchcraft Hysteria of Salem Town and Salem Village in 1692. Small pamphlet book available around Salem in most shops, has a then & now map of Salem, historical overview of the Witch Hysteria, info on parsonage, the courthouse, gallows hill, and burial grounds.

Salem, Massachusetts visitor guide & map - send for this free very useful pamphlet/book by mail from Destination Salem - office of tourism, Salem, MA.

New Jersey

The Last Broadcast - low budget movie about the Jersey Devil. Buy it here.

Old Burial Grounds of New Jersey by Janice Kohl Sarapin, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ. 1994. I love this one, it has the story of the single grave in the parking lot of what now is a movie theatre on Rt 1 in New Brunswick, but used to be the U.S.1 fleamarket seen in Kevin Smith's Mallrats.

The Roads of Home: Lanes and Legends of New Jersey by Henry Charlton Beck, 291 pages, paperback. Published by Rutgers University Press, first printed 1956.

Tales and Towns of Northern New Jersey, by Henry Charlton Beck. First printed in 1964.

Iron in the Pines: The Story of New Jersey's Ghost Towns and Bog Iron by Arthur D. Pierce

Legends of Long Beach Island: Stirring Tales of Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Pirates, and Much More by David J. Seibold, Charles J. Adams

Cape May Ghost Stories: Book 1 by David J. Seibold, III, Charles J. Adams

Cape May Ghost Stories: Book 2 by Charles J. Adams

Shipwrecks and Legends Round Cape May by David J. Seibold, Charles J. Adams

The Lost Legends of New Jersey by Frederick Reiken, Jane Isay (Editor)

South Jersey Towns: History and Legend by William McMahon

New Jersey: Off the Beaten Path (5th Ed) - I have this one, it's a great series. Discover such hidden treasures as Lambert Castle, Well-Sweep Herb Farm, or The Bridgeton Hall.

O' New Jersey: Day Tripping, Backroads, Eateries, and Funky Adventures by Robert Heide, John Gilman - I didn't get around to buying this yet but I've looked through it and it's definitly worth having.

Roadside New Jersey by Peter Genovese - another one I don't have that looks pretty cool.

50 Hikes in New Jersey: Walks, Hikes, and Backpacking Trips from the Kittatinnies to Cape May by Bruce C. Scofield, Stella J. Green, H. Neil Zimmerman.

Best Hikes With Children in New Jersey by Arline Zatz - yes you can do them without kids

Nature Walks in New Jersey: A Guide to the Best Trails from the Highlands to Cape May by Glenn Scherer - 46 guided walks.

30 Walks in New Jersey by Kevin Dann, Gordon Miller (Contributor) - hikes are rated easy, moderate or difficult

24 Great Rail-Trails of New Jersey by Craig P. Penna, Valerie Vaughan (Editor), Craig P. Della Penna

A Guide to New Jersey's Revolutionary War Trail for Families and History Buffs by Mark Di Ionno

New Jersey: A Guide to the State by Barbara Westergaard, Ellie Wyeth (Illustrator), Margaret Westergaard (Illustrator) - Highly accurate descriptions of more than 200 towns, villages, and cities; information on hundreds of recreational and historical sites; town and city maps; little-known facts, even a special sightseeing tour you can take without ever leaving the NJ Turnpike.

Canoeing the Jersey Pine Barrens (5th Ed) by Robert Parnes, Fran Braley, Al Braley - I wasn't going to add this one but figured what the hell, if goths bicycle, surely some must canoe. The Pine Barrons is a weird place too, I think the book talks about 14 rivers in the area good for canoeing, and has info on camping near it and other useful info.

30 Bicycle Tours in New Jersey: Almost 1000 Miles of Scenic Pleasures and Historic Treasures by Arline Zatz, Joel L. Zatz (Photographer), Arline Zatz (Photographer) - hey, wouldn't it be cool if I got off my ass and did some of these with the goth black bike I just had to have a few years ago? ;-P

25 Mountain Bike Tours in New Jersey by Peter Kick - ranging from 2 to 28 miles each.

Short Bike Rides(TM) In New Jersey, 4th Edition by Robert Santelli

Mountain Biking in New Jersey: 37 Off-Road Rides in the Garden State by Christopher MacKinnon

Coasting Along: A Bicycling Guide to the New Jersey Shore, Pine Barrens and Delaware Bay Region by Kurt B. Detwiler

Twenty-Five Nature Spectacles in New Jersey by Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld

New Jersey's Great Gardens : A Four-Season Guide to 125 Public Gardens, Parks, and Arboretums by Arline Zatz (Photographer), Joel L. Zatz (Photographer)

New Jersey's Coastal Heritage: A Guide by Mark Di Ionno, Mark Dilonno

Public Sculpture in New Jersey: Monuments to Collective Idenity by Meredith Arms Bzdak, Douglas Petersen (Photographer), Meredith Arms Bzdak - New Jersey boasts more than 700 public sculptures, The book contains essays that profile 100 of the state's most significant works as well as the artists who created them.

New Jersey Parks, Forests, and Natural Areas: A Guide by Michael P. Brown

Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey by James Cawley, Margaret Cawley (Contributor) - This book has history of towns surrounding the rivers it talks about, and is more meant for the drive/walk by explorer than the canoer/rafter.

A Field Guide to New Jersey Nature Centers by Patricia C. Contreras, Patricia C. Held, John Petracca (Photographer) - it's from 1998 so I'm not sure if it's totally up to date, but I think most nature centers have stayed around, if anything there could be a few more now.

New York

New York City Ghost Stories, by Charles J. Adams III. Published by Exeter House Books, 1996.

Tales of the Old Dutch Burying Ground, a walkig tour, by The Friends of the Old Dutch Burying Ground, Inc. small locally printed pamphlet, available in Tarrytown, NY.

Graveyard Shift: New York City Metropolitan Area Cemeteries by Carolee Inskeep

AIA Guide to New York City by Norval White, Elliot Willensky - first published in 1967, it has been recognized as the ultimate guide to the metropolis's buildings, in all five boroughs -- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island -- from nineteenth-century brownstones and tenements to modern high-rise apartments and museums. The latest edition of this urban classic takes a fresh look at the architectural treasures that define New York -- from its most characteristic landmarks to its less famous local favorites. The guide also leads the way to the city's bridges, parks, and public monuments.

The Architectural Guidebook to New York City by Francis Morrone, James Iska (Photographer) - about 600 buildings covered.

The Wpa Guide to New York City: The Federal Writers' Project Guide to 1930s New York (American Guide) by William H. Whyte (Introduction)

Guide to New York City Landmarks by New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, Andrew Dolkart, Rudolph W. Giuliani - This is the complete guide to New York City's 950 landmarks and 65 historic districts--encompassing more than 19,000 buildings in all.

New York for New Yorkers: A Historical Treasury and Guide to the Buildings and Monuments of Manhattan by Liza M. Greene

Blue Guide New York (2nd Ed) by Carol Von Pressentin Wright, Carol Von Pressentin Wright - another architecture history book

The Street Book: An Encyclopedia of Manhattan's Street Names and Their Origins by Henry Moscow

All Around the Town: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities by Patrick Bunyan

Frommer's Memorable Walks in New York (3rd Ed) by Reid Bramblett, Rena Frommer's Walking Tours New York Bulkin

Touring Lower Manhattan: 3 Walks in New York's Historic Downtown by Andrew S. Dolkart, Steven Wheeler

The Beat Generation in New York: A Walking Tour of Jack Kerouac's City by Bill Morgan

Touring Historic Harlem: Four Walks in Northern Manhattan by Andrew S. Dolkart, Gretchen S. Sorin

Knopf City Guide, New York (1998) - I think it has some walking tours in it?

Touring the Flatiron: Walks in Four Historic Neighborhoods by Joyce Mendelsohn - The Flatiron district travels from the Victorian department stores of Ladies Mile to the early skyscrapers of Madison Square and the Greek Revival rowhouses of Gramercy Park and Chelsea, four neighborhoods linked together by 23rd St. The book uses old photographs, and current maps and diagrams to give you a now and then view.

Touring the Upper East Side: Walks in Five Historic Districs by Andrew S. Dolkart

Erotic New York: A Guide to the Red Hot Apple - focuses a lot of the fetish and swingers worlds.

Sexy New York, 2000 by Jeff Brauer (Editor) - I'd normally avoid things like this but it's very possible that it lists fetish and corset shops around the city.

New York's 50 Best: Places to Discover and Enjoy in Central Park by Karen Putnam, Marianne Cramer

Fodor's Short Escapes Near New York City (2nd Edition) by Bruce Bolger, Gary Stoller - 25 Country Getaways for People who Love to Walk Most within 1 1/2 hours of the City, follow in the footsteps of Ichabod Crane, George Washington, Walt Whitman, and Bob Dylan and find colonial quarries, breathtaking views, remote beaches, and unspoiled riverbanks in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, walking directions and trail maps, nearby inns and restaurants, picnic spots, public transportation included.

New York's 50 Best Places to Find Peace & Quiet by Allan Ishac

The Mad Monks' Guide to New York City by Jim Crotty, Michael Lane

Shadow Traffic's New York Shortcuts and Traffic Tips/the One-Of-A-Kind Driving Guide to Outsmarting New York Area Traffic in and Around Manhattan by Gridlock Sam - supposedly filled to the brim with tons of tips on getting around NYC even in the worst traffic.

Fodor's Gay Guide to New York City With Fire Island and New Hope, Pa (1st Ed) by Andrew Collins - if anyone isn't sure why New Hope PA is stuck in with a book on Gay NYC, it's a very gay town, I went to college near it. Gives the complete lowdown on gay and lesbian New York, with day and overnight trips to Fire Island, New Hope, the Hamptons, and Atlantic City


Philadelphia Ghost Stories by Charles J. Adams III.

Bucks County Ghost Stories by Charles J., III Adams

Ghost Stories of Berks County by Charles J. Adams, Gary S. Clothier - I'm pretty sure Berks County is in PA, if not, oopsie.

Montgomery County Ghost Stories by Charles J., III Adams - again, I'm not positive but I think this refers to PA's Mongomery county.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Ghosts Legends and Lore by Charles J. Adams


Ghosts of Fredricksburg



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