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No these are not all of my friends and one day I'll put more of you up here so stop your bitching :-P

A visit from Michelle, my old college roommate, mid 2000

Blue - he's in NYC a lot but he's the wandering type.

Agent Red 69 - comic book style, damn is she hot! *wink*. (the secret is... that is me, one of my alter egos. Feb or March 1999)

Nick Carroway, my claimed little brother, when he was visiting, summer 1997

A silly picture Nick drew of me a long long long time ago

Lisa with silver pants, Oct 1996

Lisa as Vampirella, Halloween 1996

Talia with my stuffed snake, the snake is wearing Todd's top hat. Note the metephore.

This is my new friend Latex Geisha. HOT HOT HOT!

Evilboi at Fang Club (isn't he adorable?)
sleeping with his mermaid barbie (mine really, this is what happens when you fall alseep around the bad fairy *whistles innocently*)
a few weeks earlier at Fang Club. Nice fryed bleached hair.

Veshan at Fang Club looking like the cutest little angel you ever saw.

Kenny & Michelle

Vampire Pub Yearbook 1995 - This contains my old prodigy online role playing geeks and people from the goth/industrial chat room there from way way back.


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