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Clubs & Shows

C6 - Seattle (May 2000)

Halloween 1999

Voltaire at Mother in Sept or Oct 1999.. I forget. This was filmed for a German TV show, which my old college roommate informed me that I was in fact on tv in Germany. Yes, I am an international media whore!!

Fang Club/Long Black Veil

Click & Drag, Sept 1998

Apoptygma Berzerk October? 1998 live at Insomnia, Lyndhurst, NJ. Spahn Ranch opened for them.

Spahn Ranch November 1998 opening for Apoptygma Berzerk at Pyramid, NYC. Hardly worth viewing, it was too dark and smoky, but it's them.

Legendary Pink Dots, October 1998 at Wetlands, NYC.

Flesh & Blood event at The Bank, Sept 1998. The night I almost got kicked out of the Bank <giggle>. Yeah, I really look like a troublemaker.

Night of DeSade: a poetry reading in NYC. I am not sure of the names of the others, if I figure them out I'll add them. Yes I know the pictures aren't that great, it was dark and they didn't want people using flashes.

Outside Mother, Oct 1997

Diamanda Galas live in Central Park, summer 1997


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