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Halloween 2002

Phase 1 - annual halloween/birthday party at my brother's place, Sat, Oct 28, 2001

It was a celeb filled year at the east village annual halloween party. I had fun. Me & Ballor wanted to stay longer, but my bf was whining cause he was golfing in the morning so we left around 1. Though I'm still not sure exctly what time because of the time change.

If you see your picture here and hate it or don't want it on the web or need to correct a name or anything just email me and I'll fix it or remove it. I also have these in higher resolution so if you want it I can send it to you. I don't know all these people and some I know and forget names. If you have pics from this party and want me to put them up here let me know, and feel free to use any of my pics of you anywhere you want. For a few people I found similar pics of celebs they were dressed as and linked to them to show what a great job they did.

I'm the cat, this year I wasn't totally in the mood, so I went for easy and comfortable, deciding the day before that I'd use my kitty ears & tail from a few years ago and just be a regular kitty. I considered a vampire kitty or a fairy kitty or a princess kitty but naa... went for simple this year. What I'm wearing: my real hair that's getting long, storebought ears headband & pin-on tail, spandex bodysuit, thigh high soft vinyl platform boots, satin short gloves, delicate black real cat collar with small round studs, black bodice/not quite corset around the waist that's vinyl in front.

One couple that are my brother's friends came as Season 2 Buffy and Spike and it was sooo awesome to be among Buffy fans near my age who rival me in Buffy freakdom! I sort of decided on the kitty because of the adorable halloween barbie target exclusive this year with the pink leapord skin tight dress & fuzzy collar & cuffs. I had Cordelia's cat costume from the first Buffy halloween episode in mind too. So that worked out, I was sort of Cordelia in cat costume, didn't look too far off either. My mom & dad will love this years costumes of their children compared to last years *grin*. (Halloween 2001 the hooker & the pixie)


It's my site darnit so I get to go first.
Plus, I love myself.

Me Kitty Cordelia

Charles - Zorro
(outside at night and the flash didn't go off)

My big brother the host & his girl in classy masquerade wear

Buffy & Spike - these costumes could not have been done any better!

Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock
(damn flash didn't go off right - Pam looked so good!)

I'm not sure if he is someone specific or just a woman, and I also don't know for sure but she looks a lot like Liza Manelli

Ballor is freaking these girls out saying perverted things

He's pretty sure he's going to score, though the Devilgirl and the Cop are pretty sure he won't.

Ballor, Buffy, the girl who my brother and his friends think looks just like me and I forgot her name.

The Geisha and the Kitty

Pam & the Giesha

The Tube Sock - definitly the most creative idea of the night

They dont' know it but all these people are about to become happy meals on legs. Spike is hungry.

All of the NYPD should look like this

I surprised the Devil!

The Devil and someone about to sign a special contract?

Blade is about to take out the Geisha. (note Blade I, not that 2nd piece of crap they called a film)

Ballor the soldier & the kitty

Deb, Luigi, Buffy, Tube Sock

Room shot
The view from the stairs on the way in

More to come, my brother & others at the party


Phase 2 - I think I will be going to the mothercrowd Anne Rice Witching Hour Ball at CBGBs



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