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DarkLand Music: The place to buy hard to find Gothic, Industrial and similar types of music.

Online Radio

See also: Radio page, you never know when a station's going to add 24 hr live streaming.
I try to put them here as I find out about them but sometimes I forget.

Real Radio Stations with live streaming

DRiP - Darkside Radio Internet Program. You can send in your stuff to them, or listen to what's there in the archives to download or stream live. What I sampled so far is dark techno type stuff, all the shows you can listen to are from around 97 & 98.

Dark Horizons airs every Thursday night from 11:00pm to 2:00am on 88.5 FM in Tampa, Florida and is streamed live via Real Audio. It plays the newest gothic/industrial music. Recently they've gone interactive on the net, and their site has bands, local events, and lots of links. They even have a chat room which the DJ's chat in during the show and take requests.

91.1 WFMU reaches northern NJ and the NYC area. They have a real audio live stream so you can hear them anyplace in the country! Fridays 2am - 6 am Vortex of Chaos with Bill Zebub - Obscure and melancholy death metal, highlighted with angelic, operatic goth music and everything else under the sun, all contrasted in ways never before attempted. They always have something bizzare and kooky, the way college radio used to be, very out there, you really never know what you are going to get.

WPRB in Princeton, NJ, 103.3 FM, they have live streaming of the station. Mornings are all classicial & jazz, the rest is a variety of rock, techno, punk and other weirdness.

WLIR 92.7 - Long ago it was a decent alternative station called WDRE, they play a lot of new wave and 80s music on the all request morning show, otherwise it seems to blow these days.. ranging from R&B, hip hop, and trenda-pop. They have live streaming on the site.

London's Pirate Radio - Live performances start at 6pm (British Summer Time) every day and all day weekends. Runs with real audio. There are also some pre recorded sessions you can listen to.

Web radio sites

Gothic Radio - It's about time! Listen 24 hours to your choice of Gothic, Vampyre, Industrial, Ethereal, new bands, and a miscl channel that even plays Bjork.

Vampire Radio - 24 hour streaming of alternative gothic rock, uncensored content, make reqests, some sceduled programming includes Sex, Comedy, and News, classic pirate radio from around the globe, top 10 requests of the week, Rocky Horror Picture Show material. (At last check, from their home page it was very difficult to find the radio part so I have linked you to that frame. I think the problem is with their flash, there's no link, you have to click on the no-flash link.)

Liquid Audio - This music plugin allows you to play any Liquid Track or mp3, several big sites feature entire songs for download in a format only readable by this player. Cdnow has some you can buy for $1.50 and some free ones, Amazon has a bunch of free ones too. See the LA site for more music downloads.

NetRadio - Uses the real player, head to the electronica section to find ambient, industrial, new age, trance, go to Rock for 80s, new wave indie rock, New Age has celtic, many sub categories are in several sections. - The Empire Hideous can be found on this page, it's for lesser known bands in NY, there are real audio samples for some of the artists as well as venues that feature new music.

Projekt Radio - NYC's own gothic music label now has it's own radio station.

Radio Free Underground - Uses the real player to stream goth, industrial, synth-pop, 80s/new wave, 90s alternative, techno, trance and ambient music. It will generate a mix for you, or you can set your own playlist on the website.

Spinner - This was originally The DJ Player. It is a great totally free program that uses real audio to bring you a radio interface by genre. There are a few hundred stations including celtic, industrial, gothic, swing, several 80s, several classical, nature, new age, tons of techno genres, rockabilly, and tons of others. You can rate each song from 1 to 10, add up to 100 songs to a favorite list, and click to buy any cd you are listening to. - Extensive music site, I don't know the extent of more underground genres, at a glance it's all pop, though there is classical. But they have tons of streaming videos you can watch, a bunch of radio stations by genre, and some MP3s to download.

Wisdom Radio - New age, yoga, self help, meditation, spiritual type programming. This is a satellite station that streams live radio and video broadcasts from their web site, they have a few books you can download free, a calendar of seminars/tours/festivals/workshops, and info on all the shows.

Record Labels

4AD - Home to artists such as The Breeders, Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, Gus Gus, Pixies.

Cleopatra music label - home to countless great goth and industrial acts.

Dancing Ferret Discsc - small growing label based in Philadelphia, PA. Home of The Cruxshadows, and they have gained the rights to produce the first Vampire: The Masquerade™ soundtrack, due out late November 1999.

Demonware - an independent record label primary focusing on metal music (Death, Thrash, Industrial and Gothic) and the hard side of life. The website provides information and news about bands, new releases and the underground scene. You can download and try out music and order stuff online.

Emerge Recording - Small goth/industrial/electronik label run by a Shock, formerly a Philly DJ/Promoter/musician, now located in Cali. Home to Lavendar Hill Mob, Zeitmahl, Anita Haxsaw.

Nettwerk - Home to Delerium, Download, Skinny Puppy, Sarah McLachlan.

Sinless Records - Underground electronic acts in the techno-industrial realm. The label is no longer active but they are still keeping info on the artists they got started.

Skully Records - New York City based label for Rockabilly, Swing, Ska and Surf; both new and old, from around the world, they have an events section on the site too.

Sugardaddy Productions - Home of Wolfpac and Eastcide, my guess is hardcore?

Tinman Records - Industrial, dark electronic bands, run out of New Brunswick, NJ by the former DJ of Berlin, the long dead Tuesday goth night of The Melody and the also long dead Cyberflesh of City Gardens. (both clubs are closed for good now). Home of The Agression, Crocodile Shop, Cydonia, God's Girlfriend, & I Parasite.

Music Stores/Music Festivals & Events/Music Zines/Miscl

Middle Pillar - They distribute tons of hard to find esoteric and gothic music, as well as some that are a bit more well known in underground genres.

- Search thousands of sellers for new and used music, great place to find rare & out of print music. Be careful though, read all seller info and ratings carefully, there are some that will take forever to send you things, and many list rare out of print items and then tell you they can order them for you. Which is pretty interesting since they are out of print. Overall, a good thing, I did order once from someone and it was worth the wait for something I was looking for for a while.

CMJ online - They used to have tour dates somewhere, tons of new cd reviews, and you can buy back issues.

DarkLand Music - the place to find and buy music for the Industrial and Gothic culture. We also have an extensive collection of over 4100 titles that include Darkwave, Electro, Atmospheric, Dark Ambient, Electronica, Ethereal, Synthpop, and similar types of music. You can purchase CD's, T-shirts, Videos, and other music paraphernalia for your favorite band or music artist at a reasonable price. They have an Inkubus Sukkubus cd featured so they get my vote.

Metropolis Mail Order - (formerly Digital Underground) On-line underground music store, specializing in Ambient, Dark Ambient, Electro, Experimental, Goa, Gothic, Industrial, Techno, and Synthpop genres. Prices seem decent.

Dr. Freecloud's Mixing Lab - rave type stuff - They used to sell mp3s of new stuff for around $.99/song, and $8.99 per album, which you download after paying for it online, I think now you can also (or maybe only) subscribe for a monthly fee for unlimited downloads.
In their electronic section: Martin Atkins, some ambient compilations, Cyber-Tec, FM Einheit, Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV, Pig & Sow, SOW, Test Dept.
Pop & Rock section: All, Bouncing Souls, Invisible Records Compilation, Rockabilly Hall Of Fame comps, Cramps, Elf Power, Erotics, Evil Mothers, Fair Sex, Flock Of Seagulls, Gene Loves Jezebel, Genesis P-Orridge With Splinter Test, Germs, Iggy & The Stooges, Jesus Lizard, Pigface, Iggy Pop, Poster Children, Psychic TV, Sheep On Drugs, Slayer, Smithereens, Suicidal Tendencies, Test Dept, They Might Be Giants, Waitresses, Frank Zappa.
Miscl section: Star Trek soundtracks, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland.
They also have a World/New age section.

Grave Concerns Webzine - Gothic & Industrial Music WebZine

Industrial natioN Magazine - This used to be a great mag, I'm not sure it's still going. The site was down at last check, Aug 2001. Industrial Music - includes gothic. artists, culture, gear, labels, zines, news, etc.

Isolation Tank - Goth, industrial, ambient, exerimental online catalog.

Last Sigh web zine - lots of reviews and stuff on Noise, Ambient, World, Industrial, Gothic, Experimental, Electronica, and Teknology In Underground Sound And Music.

Live - live shows broadcast over the net, includes past archives.

Losing Today - online zine for indie, dreampop, spacerock, postrock, ethereal, gothic, and dark music.

NYIF - The New York Industrial Front. Local bands, shows, news, sounds, club reviews.


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