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Clubbing In Darkness and Cobwebs

Many clubs open and close in the blink of an eye and concerts are postponed and canceled sometimes, this page is not official, I just put info on here I find on web sites, e mail lists, and on those little flyers everyone passes out in clubs, so make sure you call the places before you go.

Though I'm very proud of my club listings that I've kept up the past lots of years, I'm going to take a bit of a break from the club and event calendar pages. I don't want to dissolve them altogether, and I would still like to receive word of current clubs and events, but it's very time consuming and I would like to concentrate now on some other sections of my site. I will try to list special things on the calendar, but no promises. Also, I haven't really been to a club in a year so why the heck do I keep this page anyway? Just kidding, I do it for my fellow darklings. Really, I do. The poor little ones, all alone just starting out in the world, like I was once and didn't have the web to find things out on. If you know an event is canceled that I still list feel free to email me about it. If you're starved for what's going on in our NYC/NY/Philly area there's always and Andy & Brandi still keep up their page.

This includes gothic, industrial, vampire, fetish, 80s and other dark themed dance clubs and hangouts.

New York City

New Jersey

Philadelphia, PA

U.S. Listings by State




National Club Listings

The Graveyard (what used to go on)

Other - Clubs, bars, coffee houses, theatre listings, etc that may not be gothic or dark themed.

Never go anywhere without a map. These sites allow you to enter a street address and they pop out a map and driving directions for you:, MapsOnUs, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest, MapBlast. Of course don't rely solely on directions from there, they have gotten me quite lost before. Being a member of AAA is great, you can go to any office around the country and they will plot out your path on a map free for members. Email me if you think your club or site of interest should be on this site.


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