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Don't save this address, I change it often. Don't send me any attachments, don't add it to your club spam list. If you think I may be interested in an event EMAIL ME FIRST PERSONALLY TO ASK IF I WANT YOUR INFO and if I do I will sub to your list on a real email address.

email me
aim me: discordLazrus
YIM me: zehl_xix / discord_pixie_03
msn: pixie_auctions at hotmail.com - not a valid email

I will never ever in a million years spam you, add you to any list, give, share, or sell your email address or any information without your request to do so. If you are sending me info about your club, if you don't list the city/state/country where it is it's definitly not going to be listed on the site. If you list good info, I will list it. I will not list concerts or dated events on the calendar if they are not in NY, NJ, PA, CT or very close, unless they are big conventions or something extremely cool, even then, I don't really update the site these days.

Don't bother snooping or crawling for a direct email address, thanks to all the spammers who send me 5 of every email because their bot picked up several aliases around the site. Every site I sign up for gets it's own email alias I create, so if I do get spam, I know who sold my info, or got hacked, and I can bitch them out and delete that alias.

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