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Discord's Personal Stuff

I love being in front of a camera and will gladly model any goth & fetish wear for photos or fashion shows, I have tons of my own costumes & clothing (superhero, lolita, anime, vixen, vampy, prissy-Goth, witchy, ball gown, cyber, queen of hearts, faerie, ragdoll, you name it I can probably do it).

Pictures of me. Yeah.. I'm a vain little fairy. (the gallery is under construction, you may not find that many pictures right now)

My Bio (link removed, maybe I'll write a new one someday, I'm not that interesting)

My collections pages - go here to find out what all the crap is that clutter's up my house. (music, video games, mp3s, books, videos, toys, etc)

Emotional Landscapes (link removed, outgrown)

Roommates Suck - Thankfully I haven't had roommates for a long time now.

Concert's I have been to - Yeah I'm cooler than you.

Awards & Honours (ancient times of the internet)

Curious George Sniffs Ether as told by Discord Margret E. Ray, creater and author of the Curious George books died in December of 96. Did she see my website and have a heart attack? Oh the humanity of it! Death is natural, we all have to accept it. She *did* write a great story about a cute little monkey though.

My Want List: hard to find/out of print cds, videos, books, video games, etc. Any tips on where to get these or even where to start searching (aside from the obvious search engines) are appreciated. Some I know exactly where to find them but I'm just giving people gift ideas :-) Super outdated no doubt... I haven't even looked at this for 5+ years.

How to get a message in a bottle to me:

Email form - To avoid spam, the only way to get in touch with me is this webform, once one gets spammed too much I'll change it so sometimes its down for long periods of time. Please do not send me attachments, I will just delete it. I report any and all spam to Spamcop.

You can contact me on AIM as Discord Lazrus. I may be up for a chat with someone who has viewed my website or my info somewhere and feels they have something in common. I am not up for a chat with someone who saw my site and thought I seemed cool/funky/weird/hot and will provide hours of entertainment to them after they simply say "Hi". I am not obligated to speak to you.

You can get me sometimes on the Yahoo! messenger as discord_pixie_03.

You can rarely find me on ICQ with the magic UIN# 4242746. Don't expect to automatically be added(or even get a response) if all you say is "hi." FYI I never use ICQ anymore. I log in like once every 5 years.

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