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These are mostly bands I like, but a few I'm not familiar with and I'm just supporting the local scene or someone asked me to link them. I try to add a classification of the type of music next to each link. (See also the events page)

DarkLand Music: The place to buy hard to find Gothic, Industrial and similar types of music. 80s Music - mp3s, soundtracks, compilations, culture, fashion & fads, and all our favorite 80s bands. Alternative Music Dance Music - techno/trance, etc. Industrial Music Gothic Music

Shadowplay Band Descriptions - If you are looking for more bands in any of these genres: Gothic Rock, Ethereal, Dreampop, Darkwave, Dark Synthpop, Neo-Classical, Goth-Industrial, and Goth-Metal, go here first! It's a massive listing of bands fitting these categories and descriptions of over 1400 bands. To listen to samples of nearly any band that has cds in print look them up at

Althea's NYC-area Band Page - a non-commercial site consisting of pages and links devoted to bands in the NYC area. Last time I checked the link was wrong and only linked back to the home page so maybe it'll be fixed someday.

Dark Music - links and info about E.B.M., Industiral, Dark Wave, and Gothic bands. There's a few featured bands in each categories but it's good info.

ListSubber - for e mail discussion lists such as Siouxsie & the Banshees, Synth Pop, Bauhaus, Kraftwerk, The CureThe Orb, Nina Hagen, Clan Of Xymox. Make sure to save any unsub info if you join lists.

CandyKisses - a Switchblade Symphony and Rasputina mailing list. The site has a photo gallery, tour dates, reviews, and links to offical and fan sites of these 2 bands of lovely ladies.

Tori Amos - mostly a piano and her haunting melodic voice, some consider her music gothic, some would slit my throat for saying that ;-} Yahoo sticks her in pop/rock.

Anathema Device - NYC indusrialish

Alien Sex Fiend - official site, news, bio, discography, photos, mail order.

Marc Almond - electro pop.

Alphaville - 80s Synth pop style band from Europe. Their most well known hit is Forever Young, which is a great song.

And One - European Dark Electronic band. Their big club hit was Deutchmachine, they've probably had a few more since.

Android Lust - Excellent original dark industrial, with a rare spectacular femme singer, on Tinman Records. Local to NJ I believe.

Anita Haxsaw - gothicish electronic from Philadelphia, PA.

Anything Box - 80s Synth pop band from Patterson, NJ. Their one hit is Living In Oblivion. They have free MP3s to download with their consent to burn them to CDs.

Arcanta - gothic, Projekt label.

The Art of Noise - Electric noise/pop/punk.

Apollo 440 - official page, electronica. They do the most incredible cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper".

Apoptygma Berzerk - official site. Industrial electro EBM. I highly recommend a few of their CDs, live they sound exacly like the recordings.

Apotheosis - this is just a page of info on this band who had a massive dance club hit (O Fortuna). The song still gets play from time to time, you can listen to sound clips on this page, and all the info about the song you could want, but it's very out of print because of lawsuits. I see their CD sell on eBay for $50 at times.

Attrition - goth/electro band on the Projekt label.

Babylonian Tiles - official site. acid goth for the dark side of the mind / pscyhedellic gothic

Babes With Axes - Not really sure what they are, Yahoo puts them under the genre "Novelty" whatever that means.

Balanesqu Quartet - unofficial site, Modern Classical music. See also their Label's page.

Bauhaus - official site for what is possibly the original goth band.

Bauhaus - The Bauhaus Archive - unofficial

Bauhaus Resurrection Tour 1998 photos - All photography on this site Copyright 1998 by Ruby Mallach, don't steal it.

Beborn Beton - official site, all in German. Goth-Industsrial synth ebm, their big club hit was Another World.

Beck - Official site, modern day folk, pop, whatever, he's brilliant and incredible live.

Bel Canto - Norwegian pop/techno/world music, they are ethereal and medieval sounding, I love them. Here is the official site but it's not running yet.

Bella Morte - romantic gothic

Bile - official page, NYC industrial noise

Bitter Grace - A NYC underground Dark Alternative/Goth Band

Björk - dreamy beautiful electronic. Official Page

77 Island - Björk discography - excellent complete discography, hasn't been updated for a while but it's complete otherwise. (the site is gone but I've linked you to

Björk Remix Web - over 100 remixes of Bjork songs, formats vary, some are mp3, some are downloadable real audio.

Bjork - The Gling-Glo Lyrics Page - The site is down now but I have linked you to it through This is her icelandic jazz band cd, it's great, get it. The lyrics are translated into English or Spanish and there is great info about the music project.

Black Dawn - hardcore/metal/industrial?

Black Tape For a Blue Girl - gothic, Projekt label.

Blood Lust - Dark industrial local to NJ.

Brickbats - Horror punk, local to nyc.

Bouncing Souls - They are from New Brunswick, NJ used to be a punk funk band, not sure what type of music they are playing these days, they were one of the first little shows I saw as a wee 17 yr old in New Brunswick.

David Bowie

Butterfly Messiah - a Faerie band. dark ethereal music with an electronic beat and lush haunting vocals reminiscent of lost faerytales

Butthole Surfers - everything and nothing. listen to large ammounts of drugs and older albums for best effect. They are one of my all time favorite bands, their album Electriclarryland was.. well, I'm not sure what they were thinking unless they are just getting old and tame. There are MP3s here too now.

The Cardigans - tecnno almost trip-hop, official site.

Cat Rapes Dog - official site, this is a really good industrial band, there are a few mp3 clips on the site.

Cat Rapes Dog - Fan site, industrial.

The Changelings - hostly waltzes, sensuous fugues, baroque phantoms; dancing arabesque and ephemeral trance trailing webs of hallucination, floating haunting unearthly

The Chemical Brothers - (record label site) one of the greatest trippy dancey electronica artists. real audio and video clips here

Cherry Poppin Daddies - big band, swing, punk

Christian Death - official page, nothing there yet, legendary goth band.

The Church - Fan site. Find a real audio broadcast of their show at the Trocadero Theatre in Philly October 10, 1998. (The archives are currently down but you can keep checking)

Cibo Matto - just odd however you look at it, riot grrl, swing, punk, funk, anything.

Circle of Karma - Rock. Not to my taste musically, but the leader of this talented pack is one of the east coast's fearless fangsmiths, D'Nash.

Clan Of Xymox - official site.

Clannad - described as: haunting songs, mesmerizing vocals, and a captivating sound that blends elements of traditional Irish and contemporary music.

Covenant - Sweedish industrial EBM band. official site. (site was down last I checked)

The Cramps - trash punk fan site

The Creatures - current band of Siouxsie & Budgie. gothish.

Crocodile Shop - Industrial, local to NJ.

The Cruxshadows - dark gothic/industrial, they have several goth club hits, including Marilyn, My Bitterness. I don't like much real gothy stuff, but it has that perfect goth sound I love.. low sad goth boi voice combined with danceable upbeats and tragic lyrics. I'd recommend them if you like Apollo 440 and/or Wolfsheim.

The Crystal Method - The Band's own pages. (good Electronica)

Cubanate - Industsrial

Cult of the Psychic Fetus - excellent gothabilly

The Cure - Official

The Cure - Discography & Lyrics

Cure Tours - setlists for all their tours from 1989 till now.

Cure Midis

Current 93 - gothic (official site)

The Damned - legendary horror punk goth band, fan site

Das Ich - electro industrial, I think the site was last updated in 1997.

Dead Can Dance - Spiritual, tribal, eclectic, new age, ethereal. I think this is an official site.

The Ultimate Dead Can Dance page - a great fan site, info, lots of mp3 downloads.

Dead Or Alive - Official site.

Death in June - gothic

Decoded Feedback - dark electro-industrial, from Italy. I listened to some sounds on their website and I like.

Deep Eynde - gothic, big band, rockabilly, post-punk. Their web site is really annoying.

Delerium - beautiful gothic/elecronica - Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber, a Vancouver-based duo renowned for their work together as Front Line Assembly. Sarah McLachlan, Kristy Thirsk, Single Gun Theory's Jacqui Hunt, and Camille Henderson contribute vocals. Karma is an amazing CD to meditate or relax to, they are one of my favorites.

Depeche Mode - New wave originally, now borders on gothic, industrial and/or electronica.

Diary of Dreams - gothic

Diamanda Galas - Official site. This woman is incredible. She plays a piano, sings and screaches in latin, german, english, italian. Very intense, jazz-bluesish sung by an opera singer. See also Diamanda Galas - this is the former official site, it still has mp3s on it you can't yet find on the new site.

The Dickies - Punk, official page, a lot of people say Green Day sounds just like them.

The Doors - This is an official site. I think Jim Morrison was the first goth, I don't like 99% of classic rock but I have always loved The Doors.

Duran Duran - No explaination needed, though I guess there are some kiddies who weren't duranies in the 80s..

The Empire Hideous - They're back together. Myke Hideous with new band members..

Echo & The Bunnymen - New Wave

Einstürzende Neubauten - Industsrial noise experimental.

Electric Hellfire Club - official page.

Enya - Faery, new age, mystical, ethereal, mood.

Fields of Nephilim - gothic

Funeral Crashers - NYC deathrock.

Future Sound Of London (FSOL) - *the* best trance-electronic band. But, most of their albums sound similar so one's enough (ISDN is great). The site is confusing and half of it doesn't work despite the fact that I have everything it says you need, for sound samples check out Amazon or CDnow.

Enigma - official site, new age/techno goth. This site is so busy trying to look cool and hi tech that I couldn't find any information, or anything period, on it. The graphics are great, but try a fan site if you want any info on the band.

Enigma Jumpstation - Links to a bunch of official and fan Enigma sites and what's on each one.

Eye Kandy - NJ goth/industrial band.

Fear of Dolls - dark ethereal type music

Front 242 - Industrial. (the site seems to be gone at last check)

Front Line Assembly - industrial electro goth. this is their record label's site, there's probably better fan sites if you look.

Funhouse - Goth'n'Roll from Sweden, sound samples on the site.

Genitorturers - S&M goth punk

Girls Against Boys - official site, under construction but has some links to other GVSB sites.

Gitane Demone - gothic

Glampire - NYC androgynous darkwave pop for the 21st century - ala The Cure, Ziggy Stardust.

Godhead - goth/industrial band from D.C. I've seen them several times, they have a good stage prescense.

Gravity Kills - industrial band on TVT records.

The Great Kat Guitar Goddess - Blood! Domination! Whips! Licking Spiked Heels! HOT Outfits! & MORE PSYCHO MANIA!

GWAR - cheeze metal supreme, but funny as hell, their live show should be seen before you die.

Gus Gus - official site. collective of Icelandic artists, musicians, filmakers, photographers, actors and more. electronic, on 4AD label, the site wasn't quite up yet when I put this here.

Gus Gus - on PolyNet, lots of downloads

Gus Gus - 4AD's site for them, has a bio and discography

Nina Hagen - 80s synth pop I think. Official site.

Hanzel und Gretyl - I think this is their official site, after a few years of nothing they apparently are getting back together in 2002.

Hanzel und Gretyl - Fan page for the NYC based tekno-funk-elektro-alien-spacerock-industrial band. (On the Energy Records label)

Hate Dept - heavy industrial.

Harvey Danger - catchy alterna-pop

Haujobb - Fan site. Also see the bio on them at Metropolis Records.

Hole - Official site. I do love the first 2 albums they put out and I have a few super rare records of theirs, but Celebrity Skin was a huge peice of crap.

Imbue - post industrial trip-pop

Impotent Sea Snakes - I don't know what their music sounds like, but this bunch of crossdressers look amazing and have a crazy live fetishy show.

Inertia - EBM/electro

Inkubus Sukkubus - Pagan rock, music about vampires, witches, and occult, with a classical and rock sound mixed in, varies from middle eastern sound, celtic, all over the place. One of my absolute favorites.

In Strict Confidence - EBM/electro similar to Project Pitchfork, Frontline Assembly, etc.

Interface - Long Island based industrial/electro

I VISCERA - Goth-Industrial

Jack Off Jill - fan site, punk metal, they have a goth look I think.

Jane's Addiction - Finally they have their own damn official site. You should own Nothing Shocking.

Justin's Jane's Addiction Site - also unofficial, has a good nekkid photo of Perry on the home page.

Howard Jones - 80's new wave.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - funk punk rock industrial

Juidth - NY Gothic band, made up of former members of Klopeck, The Rogues, and Requiem in White.

Praga Kahn - most of the brains behind Lords of Acid.

Kevorkian Death Cycle - Industrial

The Official KMFDM Home Page - Industrial, broke up "for good" for the 50th time and as of Aug 2001 are back together and recoding a new album.

Kraftwerk - techno, electronic, eerie, whatever you want to call them.

The Last Dance - gothic. mp3s and info.

Leatherstrip - Unofficial, industrial

Lee Press-on and the Nails - The Undead Jump Swing band from hell.

Legendary Pink Dots

Official Lords of Acid site - Contests, Merchandise, news, bio, discography, pictures, audio, downloads, tour dates, chatroom, etc.

Love Spirals Downward - gothic, Projekt label

Love is Colder Than Death (Metropolis Records site) - gothic/industrial(more on the gothic side), one of my faves, amazing dark beautiful theme music.

Lycia - gothic, Projekt label. There's a few mp3s on the site.

Luxt - "industrial hybrid with female & male lead vocals on 21st Circuitry Records."

Loreena McKennitt - celtic, faery, melodic, mystical

ACTS MAGDALENA - NYC goth band (this link is just an interview with them). For more info email

Aimee Mann - former lead singer of the 80s band 'Til Tuesday.

Madness - 80s new wave, responsible for the hit song "Our House"

Official Marilyn Manson Site - not gothic, I guess you could call it shock rock - really good MM fan page. not gothic

The Mediaeval Baebes - beautiful female voices doing chant.

Meat Beat Manifesto - industrial-electro

Men at Work - 80s band.

Mindless Faith - electro-industrial band from

Mindless Self Indulgence - They sort of remind me of a cross between Marilyn Manson and Korn but there's something I like about their freaky sound.

Ministry - Looks to be an official site for the founders of industrial. Well, they made it popular anyway. Until 1995 when Filth Pig came out, they were great. Looks like they are working on a greatest hits cd as of Aug 2001. The site is very well done I must say.

Miranda Sex Garden - The official site seems to be gone so here's a nice fan site. Beautiful gothy-ethereal female voices, reccomended if you like Love is Colder Than Death, Enigma, Loreena MeKennit, and Dead Can Dance.

The Misfits - official site (horror punk)

Moby - official site (GOOD Techno)

Modern English - 80s new wave.

The Monkees - Official site of the late 60s fab 4 comedic-acting-musicians. Shutup! I like them! You just watch, they're coming back again and again baby! - Morrissey fan site. Tour info, news, discussion forums, links.

Mors Syphilitica - goth

Mortiis - industrial experimental

Mudhoney - official site on Reprise Records. punk-grunge-rock.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

The Sweetest Drop - The Peter Murphy Homepage - unofficial

Muslimgauze - trancey tribal dark percussion

Narcissus Wept - goth (nyc I think)

Dave Navarro - Jane's Addiction's extremely talented guitar player, he's the goth one.

Needulhed - industrial

The New Creatures - gothic

Nine Inch Nails - official site.

Nitzer Ebb - industrial, official site

Gary Numan - One of the first and longest running electro synth pop artists.

The Nuns - gothic

Otto's Daughter - self described as "the best gothic/industrial band in the tristate area".

Paris By Night - gothic. This link is just an interview

Brendan Perry - formerly of Dead Can Dance, his solo stuff reminds me of an extremely gothed version of The Doors.

Phish - damn hippie trippie jazz rock. This is who the deadheads follow now.

PIG - industsrial side project of KMFDM. This has to be the slowest site I have ever seen. If you go here there is supposed to be a live pre recorded broadcast in MP3 or real audio but It's not working right now.

Pigface - industrial, members of the band are always changing from various industrial artists. Past Lineups have included: Ogre and Trent Resnor. Current Lineup: Patti Adachi, Steve Albini, Martin Atkins, Paul Barker, Jello Biafra, Bella Black, Bob Dog, Bones, Casper Brotzman, Mary Byker,Meg Lee Chin (O' Leary), Connelly, Danny Carey, Arturo De Leon.


Platform One - Gothic, Synth-pop, Darkwave, Synthpop. I must say I really like them based on their online songs.

Portishead - Soulful sometimes sad trip-hop. offical site.

Pouppee Fabrikk - Sweedish industrial. Official site.

Prick - The once great band is defunct. Not quite industrial but pegged as such by association, produced by Trent Resnor. But wait, dammit I'm 2 weeks late but they did a show in NYC Apr 4 2002. Their official site isn't quite as detailed as the site I used to have here. Thanks to, you can view some of the old fan page here.

Primus Sucks - Official Primus page. One of the greatest bands of all time.

The Cheesy Homepage - Primus fan site. Great FAQ, discography, info, articles, etc.

Prodigy - Electronica. Fan site.

Project Pitchfork - Industrial, lots of mp3 clips. (Aug 2001 - the english site seems to be down, hopefully temp)

Psychotica - the official Psychotica website

PWEI Nation - fan site, very complete, disography, links, sample list, etc.

Qkumba Zoo - World pop electronica? I don't know but it's darn bouncy inspirational stuff.

Rasputina - official site. gothicish. A new favorite of mine, these 3 lovely chello playing ladies and their drummer are amazing! Beautiful music, do NOT pass up a chance to see them live.

Rasputina - The Village of Birkenau - fan site for the Travelling Ladies Cello Society. Includes pictures, videos, lyrics, news, articles, a faq; and more

A Touch of Raspberry - A Rasputina webring - list of sites in the ring.

Rammstein - Industrial along the KMFDM vein. described as Industrial with a fetishy live show. I believe they are also pyros.

Rebro - Weird, trippy, spacey electronic trancey music.

Red Elvises - ethnic surf punk from Siberia

Reel Big Fish - ska

Resist - NJ/NY industrial dance noise

Rhea's Obsession - Experimental Celtic/Middle Eastern music a-la Dead Can Dance with guitars, very pretty.

Sacred Confinement - local NJ band, industrial with a touch of 80s synth pop/etheral feel to it.

St. Eve - NYC native performance artist, she's such a sweetheart too. Her music ranges to various goth and techno themes, influenced by Annie Lennox and Bowie.

The Secret Cervix - a combination of deathrock (45 grave -the damned - rozz's christian death) - punk - goth - and whaterver

Seraphim Shock - Gothic/industrial Denver band

The Serpenteens - monsterpop from NYC

Sex Gang Children Unofficial Homepage - punk

Elaine Silver - she has a beautiful voice, she's not gothy, sort of like faerie folk music. Give her a listen, you may like her if you like Loreena McKennit.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - great fan site. old school pop-goth. discography, tons of images, lyrics, & articles.

Sister Machine Gun official page - industrial

Sisters of Mercy - fan site containing calendar, discography, pictures, etc. SOM is Gothic but in denial. This is supposed to be the offical site but nothing's there yet.

Patti Smith - official site for her 2000 CD.

Jill Sobule - not goth, "I kissed a girl.."

Sofia Run - Acoustic gothic from NYC.

Sonic Youth - Official site, Noise experimental rock. One of my all time favorite bands.

Soul Whirling Somewhere - ambient/electronica

Sow - Sow is Anna Wildsmith, with music from her boys: Raymond Watts (PIG), EUPHONIC, Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM), Hoppy Kamiyama (PUGS / OPTICAL 8), Martin King (TEST DEPT), Guenter Schulz (KMFDM), and past boy: JG Thirlwell.

SMP - Elektro-Industrial band from Seattle, WA

Spy Society 99 - Myke Hideous's blend of big band, swing, lounge, punk rock, death rock, psychobilly.

Stabbing Westward - commercial industrial

Stereolab - electronic experimental, I really like them, they have a beautiful female vocal and the sound ranges from trippy to jazzy and more.

Stone 588 - southern CA goth band, they did a version of "The Hanging Garden" on a German Cure tribute album. The site has sound clips, bio, interviews, discography, lyrics, and current band news.

Strawberry Switchblade - This site is just a few sound clips. And some info.

Strawberry Switchblade Discography

Suicidal Tendancies - suicidal hardcore

Switchblade Symphony - gothic

Synthetic dream Sequence - fusion of industrial, techno, acid, metal

Tapping The Vein - gothic northeast u.s. area band.

Terminal Down - goth, industrial, ebm, trance from Troy, NY.

They Might be Giants - offical site

The Toasters - old school ska

Torsion - industrial goth from PA.

Tricky - trip hop. I'm not all that fond of Tricky, but I respect him a lot becasue his music really bugs me out! It actually affects me, I don't listen to it and think "wow, this sucks". More likely I start having ceasures and bugging.

Peter Ulrich - Former Dead Can Dance member gone solo.

Umbra et Imago - goth band from Germany. They have a lot of songs about vampires, someone posted about them to a list saying they are great, but there's still no sound samples on the site, which I guess makes it pretty pointless for a band to have a web site..

Underworld - Incredible electronica, one of the rare techno bands that won't bore you to sleep in 10 minutes.

Unto Ashes - beautiful nyc goth band, ethereal music ranges from medieval, middle eastern, etc. They are on the Projekt label.


The Verve - Fan site, if you ignore the huge horrid paragraph of blinking text and scroll down a little there is a normal text navigational section. Mellow, trippy, dreamy. I first saw them on the side stage of Lollapalooza 3 and *had* to get their cd the next day. I just got their newest and besides the popular song (Bitter Sweet Symphony) I'm not that thrilled with it. Go for the older stuff, when they were just Verve, no the.

Richard Ashcroft - former singer of now defunct Verve, he's doing solo things.

Vidna Obmana - ambient, atmospheric band on the Projekt label.

Velvet Mafia - I'm not quite sure what genre they are... leaning towards punk I think. From a few sound clips on their site I listened to, if you like Thrill Kill Kult you may like them.

Violent Femmes

VNV Nation - EBM similar to Apoptygma Berzerk and Covenant.

Voltaire - Several of this NYC artist's music could easily be on the soundtrack for the Nightmare Before Christmas sequel, he's done animations for MTV and other commercials, and no puts out the comic books Chi-Chian and On My Goth. He is the stand up comedian g4othfather.

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

Ana Voog - performance artist, she has her own webcam.

Ween - Weird, trippy, electric, everything. This kooky duo are from New Hope, PA.

Wolfsheim - really good EBM, goth, synth-pop

:Wumpscut: - official site. German EBM, bio, discography, lyrics, pictures. I thought I found MP3 clips here once but I'm not sure where they are.

Kristeen Young - goth-ish experimental classical keyboards


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