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Discord aka Me

Ok are you all happy now? Here it is, easy to find pictures of me on my web site.
I don't have a lot of recent pictures because I haven't gone out in over a year and gotten dressed up.

1999 - I found this old one, purply.

1999 - Another old one, Queen of Hearts.

July 2004 - a rare appearance in a club. Gothic Lolita doll style.

April 2004 - 2 self portraits before I went out. Headshot. More of me in a Mirror shot. The mode that night was anime diva. I wish I had gotten a better shot of my hair but oh well.

Halloween 2000 - Cheryl and I (That's me on top) at the Rasputina show at Knitting Factory. Sadly, this is the only halloween 2000 picture of me that surfaced so far.. This year it was Queen of Hearts.

Go go Faerie - Me at Heroes at Mother.. I can't recall the date for the life of me, I know it was really cold... it was a fairy theme night, and I was starring on the go-go box for a while. Maybe Feb 1999?

3 Faeries - Holly, Cheryl, and Discord (with a funky haircut growing out. ew.) at Omega for a Brian Froud workshop Oct 2000.

No you can't be me, sorry - A funny story about this picture, I had it up on my yahoo profile and some guy emailed me to tell me I was "trying too hard" and "too old for that". Uhhh sure.... 25-26 (when it was taken) is far too old to get dressed up, go out and have fun at a club and strike some poses for the camera. Yuh huh. (note sarcasm). It's not like I look old and frumpy or something.... I can easily pass for 17.

Ready to Grave all night are we? - this and the one above were taken at Mother, NYC I think in August 1999?

Faeries visit Salem - Myself and Cheryl in front of the occult shop that I cannot remember the name of right now but I think it's 10 Front st.

Halloween 1999 - Aeon Flux. She's *the* woman. Enough said.

Velma and I April 22, 1999 at LBV

Myself, Chris from FLA, and Melissa Apr or May 1999 at Club Bene

Bruce, me, Gabriel, Tina Root of Switchblade Symphony, and Bread at LBV Apr or May 1999

Jedi Vamp? - Aww, I'm such a dork :-) This and the next were taken in my heyday when I owned the spotlight and go go box at LBV and had lots of fun going out dancing all night. Since I know this was Star Wars night because it was the week Episode 1 came out, we can say it was summer 1999. Oh how I miss my glory days, but alas, go go dancers are a dime a dozen (though most I've seen I have to say don't cut it as good as I did, but that's just my opinion).

Jedi Vamp 2. Damn I used to go out all naked. And I didn't even get paid for that.

Agent Red 69 - comic book style, damn is she hot! *wink*. (the secret is... that is me, one of my alter egos. Feb or March 1999)


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