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Halloween 1999

The long awaited second and much better attempt at Aeon Flux. (I'm not extremely pleased with any of the pictures I ended up with but oh well). The hair: I have tons of long hair so it was not easy to get it this way. I used lots of hair wax, Aussie instant freeze spray, wire underneath, and I ended up putting electrical tape over it, which actually came out quite eaisly cause of all the wax. The wax however... took almost a week to finally wash all out. The outfit was put together with long pvc gloves, pvc thigh high stockings, a vinyl thong, vinyl bra, and some vinyl straps I made myself.

Aeon kneeling as she stalks around an NYC apt.
Aeon Spotted with an acomplice known only as Drax and known to only be seen after sunset.
With the patience of a cat Aeon hides behind the bar
Then pounces the Evil little Boi catching him completely off guard
Aeon's psycho kitty Evilboi all locked up in his straitjacket

This is my friend and former co-worker Torrey in her pre devil outfit. The skirt was a plain standard black vinyl skirt that another friend of ours painted those awesome flames on.

Voltaire & The Cruxshadows at Downtime, NYC Saturay Oct 30
The Cruxshadows onstage (damn smoke.. looks cool when you're there but doesn't photograph well)
Rogue onstage
Rogue and Chris of the Cruxshadows
Kevin onstage
Kevin of The Cruxshadows signs some autographs for some fans, Chris is on the left
Rogue signing autographs, Rachel is on the left
Kevin is in the jeep, this is the view from my car. Had to use up the roll tee hee.
Voltaire.. I mean Satan onstage
Gregor, Voltaire's Violinist
Satan, Satan, Satan!
Satan and my Kitty Boi

The Cruxshadows at Evolution, Philadelphia, PA Sunday Oct 31
I was chilling with an adorable Sailor Moon in the parking lot
The band onstage, ariel view


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