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Special Agent Red 69

"She has the body of a woman, she has the power to bewitch" - Lords of Acid

This one shows the true coloring, the others came out pink.
(psst, click it and it'll get bigger)

There are a few loose ones here with correct coloring.

Enter our She Hero, Special Super Secret Agent Red 69.

*swish* Back! I'm freed of that constricting coat, there's no telling what I am capable of now!

If you only knew what was in store for you my dear, you'd beg me to kill you now! Mwahahahhah!!

Fear me, but most of all fear my candy cane of death!

Wait here while I get the files from my secret laboratory behind the bookshelf.

One scratch with this poison dart my friend....

Freeze! Special Agent Red 69. I mean it! I'll shoot. Really. I will.


Come a little closer, I can't reach your eye from here. To poke it out.

Yes, this seat is taken, buzz off, loser.

La la, I'm the mighty samuri queen! *delusiona*

This one's not all action packed.

Excitement, adventure, a Jedi craves not these things. Yeah right!

What did I tell you before, rodent, now you made me kill you.


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