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Sewing Patterns

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These are patterns that I own, are gothy, or just really nice. I have not as of yet created my own patterns for anything, these are all purchased from pattern companies. Some day this page may be samples of things you can custom order from me, but I still have a way to go for that. I'm going to start off making some gothy barbie dresses and sell them on ebay. Click the links for the pattern pictures and/or my project page about making it.

2011: I have a few new ones which I may or may not add someday.

11½ fashion doll clothes

Simplicity 8481 - dresses - The picture is a bit small but this one had some very cute style outfits, a victorian-ish fitted top & skirt, wedding gown, a few ballerina style dresses, poofy skirted & fitted gowns. The first thing I ever sewed from a pattern is the blue gown on the cover. Here is mine in green (I used scrap fabric since it was a first try), I think it came out rather nice.

Simplicity 8369 - costumes - These were too adorable to not buy with the above pattern when I first discovered they even made fashion doll patterns. Base costumes it can make: harem bellydancer, gypsy, witch, fifties, medieval princess, renaissance dress & cone hat, ballerina, fairy.

Simplicity 9521 - historical dresses - I found this one on ebay, still in print, can't wait to make these. Elizabethan 1590, revolutionary war 1776, civil war 1860, Victorian 1900.

Person sized clothes

Gothic & Lolita Bible patterns - I have not yet scanned them but when I do you can find the patterns from Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol 4 & 5 here and the instruction pages, and all the pages.

Simplicity 9015 - bodice top & skirt - I made part of this years ago as my first people sized outfit. It is supposed to be an easy beginner pattern, but it was actually a bit complicated at parts, it includes darts, zippers, linings, there are steps I spent days on because they read like a foreign language to me (no I wasn't looking at the other languages!). The first try practice top was black satin, the skirt (the left one) was meant to be purple cotton but I never made it, go me.

Making Memories Victorian Undergarments - There were some large one size fits all black satin bloomers made by Funhouse that I saw in New Orleans agse ago, I wish I had bought them though they were kind of overpriced for their plain-ness, no lace or frills or zipper. This is next on the people sized to make list, the bloomers.

Simplicity 9553 - spats, purses - I found this on ebay very cheap, it's a 30 year old pattern. These looked pretty cool, turn any pair of shoes or short boots into slip, lace up, or zipper up knee highs (I'm sure with some adjusting, you can make thigh highs also). They would also be cool to make a pair to match every outfit perfectly, or for a color you only wear sometimes and don't want to spend $70 on another pair of boots. I'm thinking vinyl, latex or fishnet.

Simplicity 9737 - skirts - found at a salvation army store. With this you can make skirts & petticoats.

Simplicity 6195 - civil war dresses - found on ebay though they are still in print.

Baby clothes
Being as how I am never having babies of my own, you may think it odd that I bought these. It's a pity I haven't perfected sewing yet because literally almost everyone I know had a baby or is pregnant. I'm thinking either gifts from me to friends or Goth baby clothes in non icky pastels.

Butterick 4588 - infant dress, romper, hat - I am picturing the Addams family baby from the movie, I have a picture of that outfit I keep with this to work on it someday, though in white it's a very Victorian classical baby outfit.

Butterick 520 - infant jumpsuit + - The picture has a baby wearing a very cozy looking fleece thing, this pattern is labeled as fast & easy and makes bunting, jumpsuit, shirt, diaper cover, bib, mittens, booties, & blanket.

Horse patterns
What am I doing with these? Horses were my entire life at one time, though I don't ride anymore. However, sewing is fairly new for me so I never made these after I mail ordered them when I was around 16. Suitability specializes in equine patterns, not just saddle pads & blankets for the horse, but also riding clothes for the rider, many beautiful suit coats & Victorian style vests, just ignore the western crap. I have always wanted to customize breyer model horses and make blankets and such for them.

Suitability 7100 - saddle pads

Suitability 7000 - horse blanket/sheet

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