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Q. Why does the last modified date come before the internet was created?

A. Using Netscape? To show the last modified date I use JavaScript, for some reason it works ok in Internet Explorer but not Netscape. Ironic being how Netscape developed JavaScript and all.

Q. Will you date me, I love you!

A. No, anyone who believes they love someone from pages on a web site is naive, I don't use this as a getting dates forum, and now I'm in a relationship anyway :-)

Q. How much do you charge an hour to spank me?

A. I don't do that stuff!

Q. You want my spam don't you, you won't mind if I just pick your site for email addresses right?

A. Fucking no I do not want your spam. If you do waste the time to find my email addresses around the site, please be aware that I do and will report every single spam to spamcop (boy it's fun closing down spammer's accounts!). Do not spam anyone who has a neitherland.com address, they will do the same, most of them are my aliases anyway for those of you ass holes who think you need to sub every address you find... they all go to one person.
If you have a truly legit product or service to offer me that I realistically would be interested in (I'm a web programmer/designer for a living, I certainly do not need to pay a penny for someone to work on my personal site), do NOT just subscribe me to your list, please email me first asking if I am interested in getting info and respect if I say yes or never answer (that likely means no). This is common netiquitte and goes for every situation and person.

Q. Will you spam me if I write to you?

A. No! I despise unwanted emails and other than to actually converse with you I will never add you to any of my e lists without your permission. I will also never give out your email address to anyone else (though if you are a total moron and write me one line insults I may just post it on a page and make fun of you).

Q. How come this link doesn't work?

A. If it is external (not starting with www.neitherland.com) the owner either closed the site or moved it and didn't let me know. If it is one of my own sections, I may have missed it or made a typo when fixing something here or there. Either way I will gladly accept email alerting me of broken links.

Q. Can you make me a site?

A. Sure, I would love to help overpopulate the web but I will have to charge you. Providing I have the time (I will always let you know and not leave you hanging) I will work with what you can afford for a small web site. Sorry but I do not have the time for a huge project unless you are going to put me on your payroll with a huge salary.

Q. Can you teach me how to make web pages?

A. No, as much as I love teaching, I really don't have all the time in the world unfortunately. However, I will gladly send you links to some great free tutorials on the web if you ask.

Q. Can I send you a poem, picture, etc to look at/read and tell me what you think?

A. If you ask first you can send it, but I'd rather not be put in the position of critiquing. I'm not a big poetry fan, and I really don't want to have to tell you your art sucks or you are ugly if I think so. (I probably won't, I'm not that mean, but I may avoid your question and possibly start avoid talking to you if you put me on the spot like that.)

Q. That club closed months ago/I went to a club on your page and it wasn't there.

A. Yes, well, I do state on every club page to contact each event first to make sure it still goes on, some only run for a few weeks, they're always closing and new ones opening. Except for Batcave, it just won't go away :-P

Q. I'm a 22 year old guy/19 year old girl, will you be my friend and chat buddy?

A. Probably not. I do have a very few friends that young, but they are rare. It is nothing personal against you and I am not calling you immature, but really, what does a 28 year old woman have in common with a 22 or 19 year old? Call me age-ist, but if you are that young and you really think I should be your friend, you better say more than just "hi" and you better be pretty impressive.


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