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Roommates Suck

I never liked living with others. It always sounds so fun, I guess it would be if the person was friends with you, though I've heard of living together breaking up many friendships. My college roommates were not my friends and they all sucked. I think most people have trouble living together in small spaces if they aren't in love. Here they are.

College, Freshman year: The Country Girl
I was ready to be great friends with her even though I wore weird clothes and knew she was normal. She was also in the Equine program, even better. She had been there for the summer since she was a beginning rider and they made her. She was nice but she wasn't interested in being great friends with me and later I know my bf with his creepy artwork freaked her out. During 2nd semester this hippie girl and her switched rooms.

College, Freshman year 2nd half: The Hippie
She was really cool. But she smoked. She promised to only do it by the window but all smokers foreget. I still liked her a lot. She was a slob too. Then she just never came back from spring break! So I had my own room the rest of the semester and for my summer internship.

College, Sophmore year: The Sorority wannabe
She was an independant girl. She was mentally disturbed. Basically a nice girl though, plus she was a JR and had sooner pick of a room so we got the former RA room with it's own bathroom. Score! She played Tori Amos's Little Earthquakes endlessly. I hadn't heard Tori before then and despised it since I was in my Ministry and heavy industrial phase (still not a massive Tori fan). She was in animal science pre vet, worked at the pig/sheep/chicken farms on campus in the mornings. PEEEEUUUUUW. She had to get up at 5AM to do that, with her alarm on full blast. Then she jumped down from her top bunk and half the time landed ON me as if I didn't have enough of a first jolt from her alarm. She was pregnant by an older Mexican man last I saw her, I don't think she came back after that year. I swear I saw her at a Rasputina show in Brooklyn a few years ago though. She was from NY and if she liked Tori she could very well have learned of and liked Rasputina. She was dressed normal, non freaky and pushed past me at the show. I'm pretty sure it was her.

College Jr year: Michelle
She's still one of my closest friends even though she moved to Germany. We got along great, watched the birth of Beavis & Butthead, we did the same thing they did before them! We had this awesome apartment 1 mile from campus in town and got along great. She was a major slob though, still is and she knows it :-). It was cool though because she agreed to keep the mess confined to her room though the dishes piled up often. She turned vegan, I learned about veganism and cut way back on meat. We cooked together a lot so I ate mostly vegan. This only lasted the one year because she decided to go to a better school. Well hooty hoo hoo. We worked many very very late nights on the college news paper together.

College Sr year: The Horse Trainer
I rented a room in the house of a dressage riding instructor about 20 mins from school. It was awesome because she had a teeny stable in the backyard so my horse got to live there too. She ended up being an alchoholic later on. She had a hot tub in the back porch but didn't really want me to use it when she was away and didn't tell me that outright, just left it not set up and didn't show me how to use it. She was a good trainer, I'll give her that, though she had this 21ish year old well trained horse and I hear he is STILL being used now. She was a bit white trashy trying to act like uber rich snob. I also heard recently that the beautiful warmblood stallion she got while I lived there died last year, I guess he would have been 12 or 13, fairly young for a horse to just up and die.

Studio Apartment gets smaller
I stayed at mom & dad's for a year after college. My first own place was a good sized studio in Hackensack, but closer to Hasbrouck Heights. Right next to the 24 hour Simple Simon deli/liquor store/vid rental/convenience store, right across the street from the hospital. It was so beautiful. All alone I was, went off to play in the clubs in the city often, had whoever I wanted stay over. Then I dated that psycho abusive vampire guy and he moved in with me for over 6 months. It got cramped. I'm not going into that ancient history but he didn't work and was there day and night when I got home, no more time alone for me.

My first house, two family in Hasbrouck Heights: the irresponsible airhead bitchrag
Margie sucked more than any roommate. We worked in the same office, we hung out as friends before we moved in together. She was like 32 or 34. She smoked and it was agreed no smoking in the house before hand but she did it anyway. She was even so freaking dense she'd put her cigaretts out ON THE CARPETED STAIRS in the hall that came up to our area. There are endless stories about this one. I use her name because I hate her. She stiffed me with a $600 phone bill I had to pay after I even yelled at her no more freaking phone calls since you are unemployed (she got fired from Penton) and didn't pay me for last months bill!!! She finally left but didn't even tell me she was looking to move, luckily I found out so I could replace her in time. Once she "borrowed" my hairbrush, I had guessed she used it at times in the house but this time she took it WITH HER away for the weekend without asking or telling. HELLOOOOOO. Echo head.
Public Service Notice: Do not let this 40+ yr old woman near you or live with you. She is a scam artist. Only after she moved out and stiffed me for a $600 phone bill (she was late for rent almost every time in the year she lived with me) I found out she had questionable endings with other former roommates and oweing them money. Margory Burns (Margie) MBurns3778@aol.com 2775 E 12 St, BROOKLYN, NY 11235, 718-648-0589. She may be living with her mother at this address so be polite if you call to tell her what a deadbeat her daughter is. If you feel the desire to do so, let her know how
rude it is to move out and still owe money to someone and just leave and never even think of paying them.

Year 2 in Hasbrouck Heights: goth ice girl
I thought we'd be good friends, knew of her from some other goth friends. She was pretty icy and not interested in anything. Then she broke up with her bf and got a new one and he was over every single weekend. So were another couple that were her friends. Know what that meant? Every single weekend the living room was taken with her friends and their stuff all over and I couldn't use it or have my own friends over unless they stayed in my room. She also was really rude about the car parking situation. There was room for 3 cars. Anymore and you had to block one in. She always had her bf park in the driveway making it really hard to get out. And then she had her other friends park there too because she didn't want to call the town police to let them know a car was parking outside her house for the night. We never talked, never said bye, were bitchy to each other the last day even. She thought I was trying to screw her on the electric bill and I wasn't. Guess what, I didn't even want to talk to her again so *I* paid her $25 half of the final electric bill. A few years later in my next house, I was selling some records on ebay and her bf wanted one so he contacted me and they were coming to pick it up. I was ready to be really hospitable and have tea or whateer ready and the place looking decent... she wouldn't let her bf come in, just she came in and was down to business exchanging the money for the record while he was in the car. I tried to make conversation (how are you, where you live now...) but she wanted to just come in and go out. Oh well.

Next I rented half of a 2 family house with no roommate in Passaic Park. It was nice but the landlord + family lived upstairs and didn't have carpet on the steps and were SO FRIGGEN NOISY. The street had other ass holes too who revved cars a lot and blasted stereos outside for hours so loud my windows vibrated and I called the cops.

Back to the nest
At 31 after 8 years out on my own I moved back with Mom & Dad. Lost my job, no other choice. It wasn't bad though, I get along well with them and I love being with my 2 cats again. Oh and did I mention how soft and carpeted and central air, central heat, workout room, big house, so quiet, water cooler.... shiny... and since I visited enough over the year and they didn't need the room it's still just as I want it. It's a haven. I loved to come stay here in my room left as it was when I was a teen. Feels safe.

Mom died a year after I moved in, then one of the cats died a few monts later. I got a nice job in my new career as a paralegal and I saved up like mad and bought a condo in Jan 07 when Dad decided to sell the house, where I live now. The end? middle maybe?

My boyfriend is moving in with me this summer, we'll see!

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