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Music Shows I've Seen Live

I'm probably missing some but I wanted to get them in writing somewhere for when I'm old and senile. Like I'm not now.

Shows I went to in order by date, I'm not going to include silly 3 and 4 dollar shows of the crappy bands I saw at my crappy little hick college (Deleware Valley College, Doylestown, PA), I didn't include whatever I've seen at Click & Drag and some goth events with a few bands. I typed most of this out in 1997 sooooo... some comments may seem silly.

Kiss - 1978, (no ticket, no date, dunno how much, mommy and daddy paid yes I was 5 then) in Detroit, MI
Night Ranger/.38 Special - 1984 - (forget where, I went to this day travel camp and we went)
Bouncing Souls/Loose/Headstrong/Sticks & Stones?/some other bands I forget, 1990, Rutgers College, NJ, $5
Primus/Tad - 1991, City Gardens, NJ
G.W.A.R. - 1991, City Gardens, NJ
Jane's Addiction/Happy Mondays - 4/24/91, $17, at MSG (gods that show kicked ass!)
Lollapalooza 91 - (Jane's addiction/NIN/Butthole Surfers/etc 8/11/91, $25, Waterloo, NJ
Lollapalooza 93 - (Primus, Alice in Chains, Front 242/etc) 7/13/93, Waterloo, NJ
Primus/Melvins - 10/30/93, $13, Rutgers College, NJ
Killing Joke/Stabbing Westward - 1994?, $12, at the Stone Pony, NJ
Hole/Madder Rose - 10/94, Stone Pony, NJ
Murphy's Law (the hardcore one)/other hardcore bands - 1995?, Middlesex County College, NJ
Greatful Dead/Chuck Berry - 5/28/95, $28 on the ticket, but I got it at the show from a scalper for $50, Portland, Oregon
Hole/Motel Shootout - 2/15/95, $16.50, Roseland, NY
Lollapalooza 95(Hole/Sonic Youth/Jesus Lizard/Bosstons/Beck/etc - 7/30/95, $31, Sony Center, Camden, NJ
Primus/Mike Watt - 8/4/95, $18.50, Roseland, NY
NIN/Bowie - 9/27/95, $28.50, Meadowlands arena, NJ
KMFDM - 10/18/95, $15.50, Roseland, NY
Sonic Youth - 10/21/95, the Academy, NY
Gods Girlfriend/other 2 goth bands - 6/96?, $5 at the Melody in New Brunswick, NJ
Meat Beat Manifesto/Loop Guru/Jungle Bros - 9/3/96, $13.50, at the Trocadero, Philly, PA
TKK/Psychotica - 9/26/96, $13, at the Trocadero, Philly
Sister Machine Gun/Chemlab - 1/23/97, $13?, at the Trocadero in Philly
Sister Machine Gun - 5/8/97, $10, at Club Bene, NJ (awww, that's the night I met my friend Stefan)
The Descendants/Less than Jake/other bands - 5/15/97, Electric Factory, Philly
Hansel Und Gretyl - 6/5/97?, $10 at Acme Underground in NY
Chemlab - 6/10/97, $8, at the Acme Underground, NY
Mentallo & the Fixer/Hansel Und Gretyl - 6/20/97, $10, at the Trocadero in Philly
TKK - 6/27/97, $15, Trocadero, Philly
G.W.A.R./Electric Hellfire Club - 7/12/97, $12.50, at the Stone Pony, NJ
Diamonda Galas - 8/1/97 - Free show in Central Park, NY
Aphex Twin/Daft Punk/Sneaker Pimps/Death in Vegas/etc (CMJ festival) - 9/3/97, $22.50, Roseland, NY
G.W.A.R./Misfits - 10/24/97, $16.50, Roseland, NY
Chemical Brothers(supposed to be Apollo 440 also, but they cancelled. grr) - 11/7/97, $10, Trocadero in Philly

I went out for a few more years to some shows, but didn't track them here yet, I have all ticket stubs somewhere in a droor cause I'm a pacrat, here are a few more recent notables I can think of offhand:

Voltaire, Khz at The Bank, Sept 1998
Legendary Pink Dots October 1998 at Wetlands, NYC
Apoptygma Berzerk & Spahn Ranch October? 1998 at Insomnia, Lyndhurst, NJ.
Inkubus Sukkubus, Oct 2, 1998, at Mother, NYC
Inkubus Sukkubus pride week, NYC, at Mother, year I forget
Switchblade Symphony & Frontline Assembly at Club Bene, NJ, date I forget
Lords of Acid, Irving Plaza, NYC, Feb, year I forget
Apoptygma Berzerk & Spahn Ranch November 1998 at Pyramid, NYC
Diamanda Galas at Knitting Factory, I think 2 times, dates I forget.
Voltaire, Cruxshadows, Halloween 1999 Dracula's Ball, Club Evolution, Philly
Rasputina at Bowery Ballroom, NYC, date I forget
Peter Murphy, Unto Ashes, Voltaire, & others at convergence 6, Seattle, May 2000
Rasputina at Knitting Factory Oct 28thish 2000
Bjork at Radio City Music Hall, Nov 2001

Rasputina at Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY, Aug 29 2002, $10, actually $20 because the boyfriend backed out as usual.
TKK & Pigface at BB King Blues Club, NYC, Mar 18, 2003. Went with Cheryl, tkk blew, but Pigface blew me away.

Unused tickets. double grrrr:
Stabbing Westward - 4/9/96, $10, at irving plaza, nyc
Butthole Surfers/Toadies/Supersucker - 7/27/96, $18.50, Asbury park, NJ
Ramstein - Irving Plaza or Roseland I think, NYC, around 98.
NSYNC - pair, $50 each, 4-2002, Meadowlands, NJ. No I did not want to see them, my boyfriend has this fucked up obsession with them so I got tickets and was going to go with him. We fucked up the date and missed it.


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