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Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, NY

Saturday October 3, 1998

A friend and I decided to visit Sleepy Hollow on a whim. What an amazing day trip that place is! We drove but there are trains and buses all around the area for those without cars who live NYC, it was about a half hour drive by car from Brooklyn. It's so beautiful there, the area looks like Ireland, stone walls and ivy and green green green everywhere! We spent the entire day in the HUGE Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. I couldn't find Washington Irving's grave, I *will* next time. I even bought the little walking tour book of the burying ground, but I'm a retard and maps of cemeteries aren't a lot of help (Yeah, you turn right at the stone with the carving in it.. you know, *that* one). I went on the trip with no prior research, just got directions from AAA and took off, there isn't a huge amount of things to see, as far as the historical spots, a day is enough to do it. Sunnyside is a few miles away and is where Irving's home was, I think there is a pay guided tour of that but we didn't check it out. Tarrytown is in between the 2. There are also some beautiful castle like churches around. Travel Tip: If you go to buy maps, go for the Hagstroms Atlases, they often show where cemeteries are (It will say on the cover if it does). Hudson Valley Guide (this is the free little guidebook you can pick up at the tourist office when you get there, there's a bunch of stuff on the site too) Has calendar, maps, points of interest, historic sites, wineries, dining, haunted places, museums and the main towns of interest in the area. I think most of the info in the actual book is also on the website.

From the South by car take 87 north to Exit 9 for Sleepy Hollow, it's shortly before the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Books of Interest or use on the area:

Hudson Valley Guide - use it online, or pick a free copy up at the tourist center in Tarrytown, or any tourist gift shops in the area..

Tales of the Old Dutch Burying Ground - A Walking Tour. This is one of those thin locally produced, stapled together paperback books most touristy towns have. Not a bargain at $6.75, but I can't resist books on cemetaries and historical old burial grounds.

Other web sites of interest:

The Sleepy Hollow Home Page Sites, Resources and Things to do in Sleepy Hollow


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