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Rose Hill Cemetery, Matawan, NJ

Sunday July 14, 2001

After a morning in the icky blaring sun at the Englishtown Auction selling my comic books & toys, we cooled off and relaxed a bit at the boyfriend's place, watched Disney's Alice in wonderland, and then later in the afternoon took a bit of a walk down the road to this old historical cemetery. We were partly looking for the guy's grave who was killed by the shark early in the 1900s but didn't manage to find it. I think we found his girlfriend who warned his ass not to go in the water.

I've driven by this place a thousand times, every time I go to see my boifriend I pass it and look at it longingly, finally we go in! After you walk through the gates and pass up over the small hill you see when you drive by, you are transported to another world. It is so beautiful there, the usual quiet of any cemetery, but it even reminded me a bit of Greenwood at spots. There are some stones dating back to the 1700s I think, I only saw mid 1800s. My favorite spot was by the doorway you'll see in the photos.

The Photos:

Mirande - one of the oldest I think, one of the first ones you see as you walk in.

Weed - my friends insisted I snap this one.

3 row - These stones seemed to be watching something, the far one is leaning over to make a comment to the middle one.

Entrance - this is the door to my fairy house in the woods.
Entrance in black & white

Faded figure - just a random nice looking stone
Faded figure black & white

Ground cross - I just liked it
Ground cross black & white

Mary R - This stone fell over so long ago it's embedded in the ground
Mary R black & white

Phallus - what can I say, that's what I thought as I walked up behind these stones.

Pond - the view from up high

Broken stone - I don't think I got the right angle on this one.
Broken stone in black & white


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