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Omega - Brain Froud Faeries Oracle workshop

Weekend of Oct 2, 2000

I went off with Cheryl for a weekend workshop at the Omega center, in Rhineback, NY (about 2 hrs north of NYC), it's one of those new age get away from the world and rest, eat tofu and meditate type places. Cheryl and I went for a workshop given by Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth on their new Faerie Oracle cards (we got em first, no one else could buy them till Nov!). The workshop was reading the cards with the help of the fey. I've messed with Tarot before but I never got anything from the cards, I just used the strait up definitions from the books when I've read myself. This weekend I got it though, the cards really "spoke" to me, I sat with a total stranger in the workshop and read cards they picked out and it was accurate, though I still am not a super diviner. Brian happily signed our stacks of his books, with a doodle in each one, he is so sweet and humble and this was his first workshop and he was nervous. He and Jessica (she mostly wrote the book that goes with the cards and devised the deck, he did the artwork and provided info and things too) were sooo glad that Cheryl & I came with our wings on. I needed to get away like that so badly, no cell phones or computers or anything. Optional Meditation, movement, yoga, or Tai Chi every morning and evening, it's like summer camp there but you can do whatever you want, anytime, anywhere. They have a clothing optional sauna too and we went in totaly nakid which felt amazing. I went in with a one piece velvet bathing suit on and instantly was like.. ugg.. too hot, not staying long (I hate heat!), there were about 5 other men & women there who were all butt nekkid so I was like fuck it, and was hoping it wasn't weird to strip off the suit there instead of going out, stripping, & coming back in. I love being nude, I really want to go to a nudist camp sometime. It's not cheap, and it's sort of like corporate zen, but the food is amazing, all organic, fresh, tofu, miso soup for breakfast, woods, huge meditation room, Japanese rock gardens.. heaven.

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