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Amsterdam, Holland

Sunday, November 19, 2000 to Friday, November 24, 2000

Here are the pictures. The pics and videos aren't that great because I got this new fancy digital camera 2 days before the trip and didn't have enough time to mess around with it and figure out how it takes pictures best and all that. I'm going to say this right now, some of the pictures deal with a mature subject. Marijuana. If this bothers you, disturbs you, or scares you, don't look. A few pics are from the sex museum and are sort of smut. There are some museum pictures too. Please use discretion when viewing these. (There are definitely none of me or my friends naked, actually, there's not really any of me at all cause I was taking all the pics)

I didn't fall in love with this city, it's not terribly goth, but I don't hate it and can't say we didn't have quite an adventure. The value of the Netherlands Gilder (their dollar) at the time of our visit was $.38, great for us.

Saturday we first had to fly to Toronto from Newark, then on to Amsterdam. Burnadette Peters was on our flight to Toronto, first class of course, we weren't sure at first but we know it really was her because a woman that was traveling with her had an "Annie Get your Gun" jacket on, which is the play she's in now I think. Captain Kirk then flew us to Europe. We went on Air Canada, they kept feeding us like every 5 minutes!

The trip home was hell. We left our hotel at 8am (2am NJ time), our 2 hr layover in Toronto turned into a lot more with delays, we should have arrived at Newark at 4:30, instead we left Toronto at 5:20. Total time from leaving hotel to getting to my house: 18 hours.

Food's not all that great there, native food that is, but they have dozens of really good Thai restaurants. Lots of Indian too but I didn't get to any of those.

It rains all the time. Every time I tried to go out and get some pictures or explore the beautiful rose gardens that were supposedly a bit of a way down this park next to my hotel, it started raining.

I think I need therapy now from dodging bicyclists and trams. Not a very polite country, but don't get me wrong, it's not all out nasty. Amsterdam just isn't my scene, I saw 3 goths (I think) the week I was there, I think they were just working at the night time party house of the Cup, I didn't talk to them and only saw them one night.

In a nutshell: 2 museums, lots of rain, lots of bikes.

I would have had a much better time if i wasn't with others. Must remember... travel solo. It's the only way to get to always do what I want :-P.

The High Times 13th Annual Cannabis Cup - The Goddess Cup

If you ever go, do not buy the judges pass unless you just really want to vote. Biggest waste of $200 I ever spent. Very little information was given beforehand as to what would be happening at this whole thing, we thought that if we paid $200 each we'd get free samples of all the entries to judge (there were 19 of them). Nope, that $200 got us the privilege of a little booklet with names and addresses of all the shops entered and we had to run all over the city to find them and buy a sample from each for 12 to 25 gilders a bag. The bags ranged from 1-2 grams I believe and all were good.


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