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For cheap beds stay in a Hostel, a dorm-type cheap place for students and international travelers to stay. Not luxurious, but they can be as low as $10/night for a bed. You may or may not have your own room, and it depends on the season and time of year on how crowded it will be. If you are into meeting people, they are great for that too. They usually include breakfast(bread, juice and coffee) and some of them have curfews. New England for Visitors

Entertainment Coupon Book - for just $20 (sometimes less if you know someone selling them) you get a thick book filled with coupons in your area, discounts on movie tickets, restaraunts, car stuff, fast food, museums, theatre, and nationwide coupons for hotels & car rentals. Use about 4 coupons from the book and it's paid for itself.

Foreign currencies & exchange rates - Easily figure out what your money is worth anywhere else, they also have pictures of some countries money. - US domestic flights only, you don't get travel time of day till you commit to the purchase, and you can't choose, buying but the flights are extremely cheap. (formerly - Super cheap international flights, on real name brand airlines, I used this myself for planning my trip to Amsterdam. cheap airfares - mostly links to airlines sites of special rates and frequent flyer programs.

Last minute travel bargains

Amtrak trains - info, reseravations, etc for the United States wide train sytsem.

Speedtrap registry - planning a cross country road trip? Find out where not to speed here.

Global Passage - world maps, currency converter, message board, travel writings.

Castles of the United states - Photos, descriptions, history, addresses, and museum info where applicable for many of them.

Haunted Bed and Breakfasts from - They are grouped by general area. - guides to cities around the world, bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, museums and music venues.

Insiders' Guides - they publish travel books, on the site they also have a good amount of info on a lot of areas.

USA CityLink Project - There's Citysearch for the major cities, but there's a lot of interesting things in smaller cities, this lists those, not every city per state, but a lot of them, and has info on travel, tourism & relocation. Historical Sites & Museums - Exhibits, historical travel and touring, living history museums, reenactment sites.

Dracula's Homepage - vampire author Elizabeth Miller's site, info on Vlad, Bram Stoker, vampires, dracula tours in Romania and other dracula related events and places.

Check out the Off the Beaten Path series, one for almost every state. They are usually around $12.95, published by The Globe Pequot Press. They are full of day trips, museums, monuments, historical facts, many not so well known.

How to See the World: Art of Travel: European and World Backpacking On $25 a Day or Less - free ebook.

Are we there yet? - Regional Travel directory, includes CT, DE, MD, NJ, PA. Museums, nature centers, historic sites, farms, zoos, aquariums, etc.

Museums around the world - great on-line museum network, you can list by name, type, location, etc, from the USA to Africa to Switzerland.

ZooWeb - comprehensive directory of wired zoos and aquariums organized by geographic region. There is also information on many zoological organizations, conservation groups, related groups, & how to take great pictures at the zoo.

The International Society for Paranormal Research - go to the "stories near and far" link for a listing of haunted houses, local legends, poltergeists, haunted places, etc..

Real Haunted Houses - lists haunted places by state, a few other countries, also theories & ghost clubs.

Weird Wanderings - Ghosts and hauntings all over the world, strange sites, ufos, sacred places & practices, as well as some regular travel info. - Author Dennis William Hauck's site, Current Paranormal Activity, breaking Investigative Reports, Paranormal Travel(a haunted sites for each state!), Research Organizations, True Life Experiences, Haunted Inns and Restaurants, Ghost Photos and Sound Files, Lectures and TV Programs, Used Paranormal Books for Sale, Free Ads.

G.I.S. - Official site of the Ghost Investigators Society. Browse the gallerys of pictures and audio of Electronic Voice Phenomena, and I think there are tips somewhere on getting your own pictures & audio of ghosts. They are on the Art Bell radio show from time to time.

Traveling Paranormal Research Association - photos of ghosts, tours around the country, resources, theories/views, newsletter.

SPECTRE Search - A Directory of Haunted Dining and Lodging in the U.S.

These Haunted America's - some of the states only have one entry, but I will definitely give this site a 5 disco balls for layout and appearance. Something most haunting sites lack is any kind of eye for design. Great links page too.

The Shadowlands: Ghosts & Hauntings - tons of links and info on haunted places around the U.S. and ghost hunting. (keep clicking till you are in the ghosts & hauntings section) This is a great listing of haunted sites by state.

Invisible Ink - Books on ghosts & hauntings. They have a great listing of books for sale by area, state, etc. I did find a few titles at least available at for almost half price though, so check around first. They also have a listing of Haunted tours in the US.

International Ghost Hunter's Society - photos, tales, home study course, conferences, education, digital camera info.

Virginia Paranormal Investigations true ghost stories. (from all over)

Haunts and Hauntings - Encounters with those that remained behind. Oregon City, Oregon and Occoquan, Virginia

Adventures Beyond... Supernatural HeadhuntersTM - the Ultimate Paranormal Investigative Documentary Series. Investigations of Ghosts, Chupacabra, Big Foot, UFO's and the Supernatural, including startling new discoveries of unexplained energy forms!

Alechemy Lectures and Television Programs - lectures, tv & radio programs, conventions, workshops on paranormal. There's a lot of good links on this page also.

Ghosts of the Prairie - Home of the American ghost society, a network of ghost hunters who are searching for evidence that ghosts really exist. Free e-mail newsletter, ghost book catalog, paranormal magazine list, and they are working on establishing a real life haunted museum that will be free to view. After you scroll way near the bottom past all the books they are selling, there's info on hauntings and paranormal things, and a gallery of spirit photos.

Historic Tours of America - covers Boston, Key West, San Diego, Savannah and Washington DC.

Abandoned Missile Base VR tour - this may be in North Carolina.. it's probably somewhere in the south, they don't say exactly where, but the photo tour they give is enough so you don't have to risk your health and life.

Yahoo's listing of Urban Exploration sites - All over the world. That means fun places you're not supposed to be :-)

Urban Adventure - The writer(s?) is based in Australia but lists places all over the world too. Maps of the Paris Catacombs, bunkers, college tunnels, drain tunnels, transit tunnels, bridge rooms, and buildings.

Urban Adventure in Rotterdam - Adventures exploring tunnels, abandoned buildings, and strange urban places in and near Netherlands.

Historical Asylums of America

Gothic Dreams - appreciating gothic cathedrals and architecture

Equitour - International horseback riding vacations, tours, etc.

Wilderness Travel online - Trekking expeditions, wildlife safaris, hiking, archaeology tours, sea kayaking.'s Let's Go Girl - Girl-Approved Travel Guide to the United States & Beyond, everthing is submitted by readers, if you have a city to submit you can add your own cool place to visit. I added things all over NJ using Montclair because you can only put one city. (since they use frames you have to go to the main page and scroll down, you'll see the link for it)


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