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Coming soon - these will all link to a page with ideas for decorating, serving food, and activities to create these worlds in your home. I have put a few quick tips for now.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party - start with this beautiful book, Taking Tea With Alice: Looking-Glass Tea Parties and Fanciful Victorian Teas or this software program The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Victorian Tea Party - lots of lace, sit up and act like a proper tightwad, sip tea & nibble scones.

Spooky Goth Picnic - try any halloween treats web site or magazine to start with. Drink red things that look like blood. Make gory gothamole & buy blue corn chips. Make cookies shaped like bats. Make a small rectangle choclate cake in a pan, put green frosting on it or brown for just dirt, and find crackers that are shaped reasonobly close to tombstones (this is not that hard). Stick some gummy worms in it. Get gummy dracula teeth.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - make a sofa out of bread, cake or food. If that seems to hard, just make a few edible flowers/plants in flower pots with oreo crumbs as the "dirt". Pour tons of jellybeans and gummy bears on the floor (I'm half kidding but if you really want to do this put some sterile plastic down first and put the candy off of the walking path, or create walking paths surrounded by candy. Put choclate (soy) milk in your little relaxation rock fountain. I'm trying to think how to make edible cups without some fancy shmancy expensive candy making machines... but I'm sure it can be done.. at least with choclate if you use some roundish molds. But choclate melts so that's only good for decoration. I guess if you know how to make lollypops, just use round hollow molds for that.

Plum Party - theme gift source, has some ideas for theme parties though it's mostly a shop.


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