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See also: Victorian, magazines, misc craft files

Please respect people's work and do not put a copy of it somewhere without their permission and comply with each site's rules for use of patterns.


I'm only going to put suppliers of fabirc/notions that are very unusual, have an amazing selection, or extremely good deals, there are far too many suppliers on the web. I learned in March 2002 that Flower Fairies are now being printed again by the Woodrow Studio, new owner of Rose and Hubble (they went out of business a few years ago). - Now I am very inspired to make a hello kitty quilt. Eventually. I think I'm going to get some of the small patches and sew some on my pink & purple golf bag. They have 3" (and other size) blocks for quilts and they have stuff by the yard. TONS of different styles. I don't know what to buy. Help!

eQuilter fabric & notions - They must have the hugest online fabric selection anywhere. You can search fabric by keyword, many come up for fairy including some beautiful fairy buttons! They have fabrics by category, and always have many beautiful medival prints and every type of print you could imagine. Right now there is an amazing Camelot Legends series I'm drooling over. As if what they used to have wasn't enough now I see they have added faux suede, pleather, and stretchy vinyl in metallic gold, hot pink, red, lime, metallic silver, & yellow, I think I have seen sushi prints there before.

Reprodepot Fabrics - They always have some cool hula prints, appliances, betty page.

Serendipity Fabrics - Unique & Collectible fabrics - lots of flower fairys, fairy tales, fantasy, beautiful fabrics and a quilt gallery which seems to be broke now.

The Kirk Collection - Antique & Reproduction fabrics, feedsacks

RJR Fabrics - lots of pretty bugs & florals

Farmhouse Fabrics - they carry some Rose & Hubble fabrics, some of the best quality quilt prints ever made, they take paypal.

Cranston Village - small selection but high quality prints

Joann's Crafts & Fabric - I end up here the most of all the craft chains because if you get on their mailing list they send out a snail mail flyer every month or so with a 50% off coupon for any item in the store. Even if you're not a crafter, they have storage things, nice scissorse, etc. Free projects and such on the site, much better selection in the stores.

A.C. Moore - View weekly specials, crafters corner - vid & text instructions from tv show, class scedule, projects - nicely printable. This is a chain of stores, not the cheapest but they have good selections of some things, and happens to be the closest craft store to my house.

Rag Shop - They always have nice fabrics and good selections of other things.

There is (or was? it's been a while) a great ribbon store on the main street in Hackensack.

Michaels - Good prices, decent selection, no fabric.

Treasure Island - A little more expensive than Joann's, they have a good art supply selection and the usual crafting supplies, they seem to have a good variety.

Pearl - More art supplies but they do have polymer clay stuff and lots of rubber stamps.

Combined Sewing, Quilting & Craft sites

Get Creative - online craft, sewing, quilting, and needlework resource for creative people. There are a lot of free projects & techniques in the Conference Center section.

Home Sewing Association ( - Events, free projects, sewing lessons, tips, monthly charitible sewing projects.

Professional Association of Custom Clotheirs (PACC) NJ chapter - $25 a year for membership. Sewing - great section, I have been learning how to sew from this and from the Readers Digest sewing guide.


Where to Show your quilts off

Peddlers Village Quilt Competition and Display - Held Yearly From Jan to April near New Hope, PA (right across the Delaware River from NJ). Decent cash prizes - I think first prize for each category is about $500. I wonder if it's one of those deals where the same person wins every year as everyone rolls their eyes :-), though at least they have an ameture category that you cannot have won before. They have a gallery up of past winners so you can see what you need to outdo next year. I'm thinking in the next few years (2003 is very unlikely for one this great, maybe a simpler one) I will get a woodsy faerie ring design done with mushrooms, butterflies.. definitely use of flower fairies fabric, and another year I will do an alice in wonderland quilt.

Send them in to any print or online quilt magazine (search quilt magazine on google), but make sure you are aware of their policies of who owns the picture and how they may use your design.

Donate them to charities - no one will ever appreciate them more. Though don't you wonder.. all the time it takes to cut apart fabrics into little bits and sew them together, we could make blankets 20 times as fast with just making layered blankets with beautiful prints.

General Sites

Quilting with a Passion - This site has a zillion FREE quilt patterns, and some craft and sewing and more.

Wrap them in Love - I'm on their Yahoo e-list and sometimes they get a little too into saying prayers for each other's problems, but sweet gals & guys nonetheless. Don't know what to do with those bits leftover from quilts you made? In the mood to make more for the fun of it? You can send them whole quilts, blocks, materials, or cash of course and it all goes to children who need love. This is a non profit organization. They have a gallery of some of the donated quilts on the site, and you can buy their recipe book "Cook it yourself, I'm quilting!" They also run ebay auctions.

Project Linus - A very similar non profit organization as Wrap them in love, they also take whole and partial quilts. They have some free pattern links for inspiration if you need it. They have chapters all over the US, so you can drop off or mail things, maybe even have quilting bees.

Cranston Village - They are a textile company, their site has some great free projects including many quilt designs, pillows, and other sewing crafts, quilted computer monitor cover, they have a monthly project, a monthly email newsletter, and craft tips. They also sell some pretty fabrics. The main page has a great summary of all the things on the site with links. They also have a few articles about how fabric is made, and how it was made in ancient times.

  A Guide for Quilting Fanatics – Resources and More! added by request, it looks to have some great general info and many links including history & museums, shows, charities, instructionals, even sites for kids. Quilting - Lots of good info and free project links, not updated often. - big listing of sites with free patterns, too many for me to check each one, if you get bored and finish all the really cool free ones I link to try here.

Quilters Village - listing of free quilt patterns, blocks, quilting motifs. This is the umbrella site for Quiltmaker, McCall's Quilting, Quick Quilts, & Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. - lots of free patterns in pdf, they use really nice colors in the examples too *

QuiltZine - read this site first, I didn't check it yet but it has a dollzine too

Victoriana Quilt Designs - Very pretty site, a few free things though most of the site you have to pay about $18 a year to view. Free block of the month (save it or print it, past ones are only viewable to members), free scrappy charity quilt pattern, techniques, printable quilt labels, & quilting designs. Initially I thought yeah right, I'm not paying for quilt patterns when there are a zillion free on the web and cheap in magazines, but looking at her gallery of original quilts, maybe I will after I get a bit more quilt experience. Her quilts are definitly among the most beautiful I have seen - victorian houses, family tree, english garden, tons of butterflies, strawberry picnic. A new pattern for members is added monthly.

Quilter's Cache Blocks galore - I can't count how many really cool blocks/quilts are on this site, there are also a lot of borders. I've picked out some of the blocks I really like for my free pattern section but there are plenty more that are nice.

RJR Fabrics free patterns - they only have a few but they are really pretty designs. Of course the fabric sites will suggest their fabrics but you can find similar colored prints anywhere.

MarcusBrothers fabrics free projects

Jinny Beyer Studios - A lot of free quilt patterns, listed by difficulty level.

HGTV quilt blocks of the month - houses

My Quilt Ideas

My own original patterns I'd love to give back for all the free ones other people put up. Right now this is just photos of the few I've made so far. Eventually One I will make PDF instructions, but they were both very easy and you could re-create them just by looking at them I'm sure. If it bores you skip the wordiness but I'm including my learning experiences with each one.

9 patch pillow - This was the first quilt I made. I have probably now seen the same pattern but I based it on some pictures I had of some blocks. It really couldn't be easier, but since I wasn't going from a pattern I cut out all the squares then pieced them together instead of making strips of 2 prints and slicing those up (duh). Though I did draw it out on graph paper and assign the colors that way. I used scraps I got from ebay and though these are not my favorite colors I think they go well together. It took about a half day to do I think, I had to do it by hand because my 30 yr old machine broke just when I started it. It was repaired a few months later. (check date of sewing machine repair in ramsey)

Around the World Mini Doll quilt - Made Sept 2002. This was going to be Berry Pie scaled down tiny, but I realized when I tried to draw it out it would be very difficult and I'd have a zillion 1/2 inch squares to sew together. It's based off that quilt but I realized while making it that the general pattern is called Around the World. I'm figuring I'll make some doll sized ones for practice till I can do it in my sleep, then start on big ones and invite people over for a goth quilting bee, and sell them on ebay for around $15-$20, seems to be the going rate for barbie size. This quilt took me way more time than $20 worth, it's also more complicated than the mini ones I've seen on ebay. I may keep it since it was my first. I meant for each square to be 1", but duh, I forgot the seam allowance so just went with it and made it teenier. Once I'd cut it all out and started sewing it by hand I realized the part about how the published patterns have you sew long strips of 2 or 3 fabrics, then chop those up. This was a great learning experience, I'm ready to tackle some other patterns now. Since Quiltmaker is always asking people to send in pictures of what they make from the magazine's patterns, I shall do that and tell them my story, perhaps even send/suggest 11 1/2" doll quilt patterns as something new (if they haven't already done it).

Other planned quilts - mushroom fairy ring, ferret.

More of my own ideas

Free Quilt patterns online
Any quilt pattern you find can be done in colors to your liking, there were other nice ones on the sites I found these, I am just pointing out ones I really liked or that are different or fairylike or gothish. I tried to order them with my favorites closer to the top of the list but the list got too huge. I'm putting somewhat related things together now, my favorites will have 2 or 3 disco balls next to them.

Shizuka's Quilt Pattern Library - shareware patterns, if you like it send her an FQ of fabric. That is a great idea, such a small thing to ask for sharing your creativity! Perhaps I will use the same idea, I am going to eventually put up some quilt patterns I'm designing. They are really pretty designs too, I really love the castle, the dress forms, sue by the door & the origami one.

(pink) Ribbon Blocks for quilts - Of course you can make these any color. I found a few different ones, My mother had breast cancer (it's completely remissed for 5 or so years now under treatment) so I thought she would like a pink ribbon lapquilt if I ever get around to making it. I found a few: Marcia's & Rosie's Ribbon of Concern Quilt, and has some pink ribbon fabric.

Roses for a Cure - June 2002

Bags, caddys, pillows

Quilt Block Sewing Machine Cover

Quilting Bee Sewing Caddy

Belle France Beauties pillow or tote bag - I love the color & fabric combos they used, very country fairy. html only

Picnic Tote bag - use any colors

Quilted Monitor Cover - for 17", adjust how you need it. Simple plain and easy - start here if you're a beginner

Roll up Caddy

Wall organizer

Snuggle up quilt - despite it's pukey name, this would be a great first quilt for anyone, I don't think they get anymore simple, just use pretty purples & rich reds or other jewel tones, or any colors/patterns you like. PDF or HTML.

Scrappy Irish Chain - great way to use up leftover scraps, and great beginner quilt I think. html

Attic Treasures - Very antique & lacy frilly looking. HTML only

Romantic, Medieval, Victorian, celtic

Double Wedding Ring - Though old and traditional, this one has definite possibilities, the pattern feels very medieval to me, I can see it being used to make something pagan or wicca looking, penticle rings maybe. I think wedding rings were traditionally made for a newly married couple, as a wedding gift. I could see the rings being pride rainbow colors with any color background, maybe a bit tacky though.

Interlocking Chain - sort of celtic looking to me

Interlaced Blocks - celtic, the colors they use are ugly Pagan, wiccan, other religion

5 pointed star - Just put this inside any circle and you have a pentacle.

Blooms for a cure - It's flower baskets but they are sharp and pointy and remind me of fire. html

Rachael's Star - There's always plenty of Xmas patterns, here's one for the Jews.

Wreath - ignore that it's for xmas, make it a pagan protection wreath or make one in colorschemes for each sabbat to hang somewhere. HTML

Victorian Xmas wreath - the colors are ugly but I like the candle.

Devonshire - Looks sort of medieval celtic

Nature (non animal), stars, planets, seasons

Mushroom Blocks - I love these! I've wanted to design a mushroom faery ring quilt and part of it's done for me now. There's a new one each month in 2002.

Spiderweb Block - it resembles a spider web. they show some very colorful versions that look kalidescope like

It Must Be Autumn - This is the prettiest fall leaves quilt I've seen yet.

Oak Leaves & acorns

Fall leaves table runner

Bonsai tree block - also some house and other tree blocks

Pine Tree - I don't know why but I like it.

Stars for a cure - great design to make with flower fairies fabric. html

Marcia's Whirling Star - This one's made for the USA flag, but I really like the pattern, it could look nice other color combos. HTML or PDF.

Shining Through - I like the stars. HTML or PDF

Spring for a Cure - Each year McCall's Quilting puts out a pattern for quilt day in Feb that goes to a charity anyone can send in blocks, whole quilts, fabric, or parts, this was 2001. The background is too white for me but it sort of looks like ivy from afar. HTML

Flowers, floral, garden

Applique Azalea block

Sunflower Garden - Sometimes, you just have to do sunflowers.

Picket Fence - this would look amazing with some garden maze fabric or garden related things

Little Baskets Creatures/animals

Butterfly - vintage, big butterflies. HTML or PDF.

Butterfly block - this can turn out beautiful with the right fabric choices.

Old Fashioned Butterfly Block

Garden Life Wall-hanging - butterflies, dragonflies, bugs

Starway to Cat Heaven - Being a cat person, this is one of my faves. It even works with the colors they use. html

Cats & Bats - I love how tweaked the cats look. This looks like a good beginner pattern. HTML.

Wild cat - Another tweaked out crazy looking cat. easy

Bunny Garden - very dainty victorian delicate

Toad - It would go nice on a nature quilt with mushrooms, butterflies & dragonflies or totem animals.

Great Horned Owl

Swans-a-Swimming - from a 12 days of xmas series

Blocks of clothing or accesory shapes, & sewing related

Grandmother's Fan - vintage, I could see this done with some great asian prints. html

Another Grandmothers Fan

Shoes glorious shoes wallhanging - womens shoes, this has great possibilities with fetish shoes & stompy boots & vinyl.

Shoe Blocks - high heel shoe with bow, mary jane, high heel with ankle strap, and a few others not terribly interesting.

Washday at Sam and Sue's Wall Hanging - this gives me a cute idea, I would put diff sexy modern undies & victorian underwear on this and make the house look more... castle shaped

Notions - Sewing machine block

Jars, bottles, lamps, glasses, candles, teapots, mugs, food Teapots, cups & mugs blocks - some of these are cute.

Vintage 1940's Coffee Cup Wall-hanging - can probably be modified to be more victorian looking

Japanese Lantern Block

Perfume Jar on shelf block

Bottles - a few different styles

Bottles & Jars & Books on shelves quilts - I really like these

Champaigne Glass Block - looks more like a martini to me

Tumblers - Great quilt to make with scraps, probably easy too

Candle block

Gingerbread man

People, figures, forms

Sunbonnet Sue - cute, reminds me of Holly Hobby, my favorite doll as a kid. html

Various Sunbonnet Sue blocks - sort of cute, plain sue is almost too barfy cute, apparently she's a design that's been around a long time, I like oriental sue, october sue, wind swept sue, & Windblown sue.

BadBonnet sue - These are sooooo awesome! You can view the galleries of blocks in the links by date of the swap (all are done by diff people), no patterns since they are original creations. Some are reeally sick! Some of the bad sues: Sue as Lizzie Borden, reading playgirl, bare with boobie, on the toilet, bathing her dog with nair, melting a snowman in a caudron, peeking under mensroom stalls, mooning boys next door, shaves her cat, various deaths of sue, devil sue, tombstone sue, wino sue, throwing dumb boyfriend off cliff, bent over farting, exotic dancer, witch & love potion 9, candid camera, cross dresser, go go sue, marijuana sue, about to bash pikachus head in, sue in coffin, stripper.

Official Bad Bonnet Sue Swap - swap, post & tell them the link on the page doesn't go to the group, had to search it. 2 times a year a bunch of quilters exchange their original creations of evil Sunbonnet Sue based on the traditional Sunbonnet Sue block by mail using a yahoo group. Guess it's time to design goth girl sue, hair knotting bad pixie sue & double penetration sue! Next swap deadline is Feb 14, 2003. BBS Yahoo Group

Lords-a-leaping - from a 12 days of xmas series, guy in ballet leap

Ladies Dancing - 12 days of xmas series

NYFD block - Three FDNY Firemen Raise the American Flag in the World Trade Center Rubble.

Non descript or traditional patterns

Rhapsody in Blue - I love this pattern for some reason, I think it will look great with my flower fairies prints. html with pdf templates

Rhapsody in Hues - It's hard to see the full quilt in the picture but it has a lot of possibilities. html or pdf

Braid - this one looks cool.

Tumbling Blocks - Looks just like the Q-Bert board.

Attic Windows - sort of 3D design, put a little doll in one window, or different things in all the windows.

Jewel Box - I love the jewel tones used on this, it's very treasure chest like. I could see glueing some glass gems in some places or sewing gem looking buttons on.

Spring Splash - Pretty, it would make a nice flower fairies quilt, looks pretty easy too. html

Scrappy Pinwheel - more than 4,000 triangles make this up. It's a cool design, can make you dizzy if you stare at it, looks fairly easy though possibly time consuming. html

Indian Summer Meadows Lap Quilt - I like the pattern, especially the diamond edges instead of usual strait.

Pin up girls - I have seen a few pin up girls prints around, I would definitely use different colors for the rest of this one.

I love America- another patriotic one, more along the rustic coutry look, again, great gift or change of colors. HTML or PDF

54-40 or Flight - I like the pattern. HTML or PDF

Spinning Color Wheels - reminds me of origami a bit

Woven Paths

Endless chain

Devil's Puzzle Variation - this one's not that super special, I picked it purely for the name, looks like a good beginner one.

Drunkard's Chain

Spooky, halloween

Halloween Door Hanging - not bad

Halloween Blocks - 4 pumpkins & 1 cat

Halloween Applique Wallhanging - bat, pumpkin, cat, ghost


Schoolhouse - It may be called a schoolhouse but I picture this made into a club by making it slate gray or a metal print, putting a goth or 2 standing outside, and making the windows either black, black with multi speckled colors (for club lights), or dark gray with sillouhettes with robert smith haired guys.

Village Sampler - little village of houses, sort of cute, has possibilities, PDF & HTML, either version is in 5 parts.

Fall's Beauty - another village, varied from the first, done with trees in fall colors. 4 parts PDF or HTML.

Spring Splendor - I think same village, just spring colors/patterns. HTML or PDF.

Quilting Software

Gliftic - Very cool graphics program that can be used for quilt designing as well as doll house wallpaper and many other things. $30 to buy, the free demo version does not have a time limit but has other limitations, you can't save images but you can get around that if you have Win98 and higher: just press alt + print screen and then ctl + P into a word document or photoshop image.

Graph Paper Printer - I don't really know how useful this program is for quilters, but it claims to be. It's shareware, the trial lasts 7 days, it's $20 to register it. If you just need graph paper and are stuck and need to print some there is a link to PDF format ready to print graph paper in several colors on the bottom of the page.

PCQuilt - There's a free demo but I'm not sure if it's time or feature restricted. It's $75, it's possibly worth it if you are a serious quilt designer/hobbiest.

Quilt-Pro - Does similar things as PCQuilt, possibly more. $80 to buy, there's a free demo, also not sure if it's time or feature restricted.

Symmetry v1.0 - Fractal, icon & quilt generator. Basically free. I think I tested this a few years ago when I first found it, the author's site is gone now.


Online Quilt Puzzles & games

Sewing crafts

12" poseable faerie doll - free pattern & instructions, they have some very interesting doll patterns similar to this one for sale, and the main page has some more free projects, the mushroom pincushion is cool but the rest are so so, the bunnyman is creepy, a few of the others give me some ideas.

Hello Kitty cross-stitch

Sewing tools, bags, caddys, pillows, sachets, aprons

Springtime Pincushions - My domestic victorian gardening faerie side is so in love with these! They are filled with regular stuffing, but since a few years ago when I saw instructions for making pincushions in Martha's magazine I wanted to make emery filled ones in coffin & tombstone shapes, I can't find loose emery (emery sharpens needles - it's in the little strawberry dangle thing on the common tomatoe pin cushion).

Roll up picnic placemat & wine carrier - I don't love their color choice, I would pick prints with vines, ivy, grapes & wine bottles. There are plenty.

Cookie Bag (or any gift bag) - a note on this, if you have great fabric you like to show off, or stocked up on really cool halloween fabrics, just make a drawstring pouch to fit it and put your gift in it or tie a bow around the top like the cookie bag.

Easy Pocket Organizer - put anything you want in it.. dolls, craft supplies, etc. I would even consider making the pouches clear vinyl so you can see what is in it, Jo-Anne's usually carries several colors.

Garden Tote Bag - or you can put your makeup or travelling craft supplies or cds in it.

Shoe & Cosmetic travel bags

Locker Organizer - Change the colors and this would be great for your car, locker, home, even in a cubicle.

Purple heart & other sachets - pretty

Chair pad

No sew fabric book covers - pretty simple if you think about it, I once covered a blank book in black velvet and put some nice trims on it and glued ribbon inside the front and back flaps so the ribbon tied it shut, for writers & drawers there are always blank & lined books in the $1 piles at big bookstores, buy the ugliest cheapest one there is and cover them with any fabric you like.

Apron - change the stupid hot dog & burger to a coffin & bat or tombstone, or pentacle & broom, etc.

Harvest Placemats - these have possibilities, esp with fall & halloween fabrics

Halloween, spooky

Wizard/Witch Treat Bag and Hat - Scroll down halfway for this adorable thing. You could make a fairy princess hat too.

Easy Wizard Hat & Cape - I think they are children sized so you'll have to scale it up for an adult

Witch doll - I put this here for the basics of this doll so that you can make into a medieval maiden or a better witch.

Scarecrow Wreath - this is pretty ugly but it gives me some ideas. Put a witch, vampire, fairy, werewolf, etc head, change the veggies to whatever you want.

11½ Fashion Dolls & Barbie

Doll Wardrobe & clothes - I believe for 18" doll clothes, scale it down or up for any dolls.

Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art - Old dolls to modern barbies, looks interesting. I'd go if it was in my area. 1116 108th Ave. N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004, TEL: (425) 455-1116. $6 for adults.

Knitting & Crochet projects

Crochet Bat banner

Valerie's Hello Kitty Look-a-like Knitting pattern doll

Mmummer's Version of Hello Kitty Crochet doll, photos, printable pattern & directions

Several Hello Kitty crochet patterns - for bags & small purses

Hello Kitty Backpack


Sanrio Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Window Icicles


Gothic Gardening - I just can't praise this page enough, and it is my first resource to use when I finally get my butt around to putting greenery in my home. Theme gardens include gardening for bats, gardening for the Fey, abortionists garden, and more dark grimm themes. Ye Olde Gothic herbal lists the most common bare essential Potpourri has some interesting weird folklore about some plants, and Gothic Plant tales has dark, gothy stories & myths about plants.

The Faery Garden - teaches about plants, trees, flowers, herbs, etc and their faery power & function, including a section on how to attract fearies to your garden & some other faery herbal magic.

Grow a Butterfly Garden - from the American Museum of Natural History's Butterfly Conservatory exhibit.

Butterflies & Hummingbird gardening

A Macabre Garden - herbal folklore, and macabre (black, dark, & purple flowers) & moonlit (plants that flourish without sunlinght) gardens that are made up of plants easily obtained, and some other useful links.

California Carnivores - I saw this on Martha Stewart in a Halloween 2000 show, all kinds of great info on bug eating plants, how to grow them, and you can purchase them on this site.

Magazines Suggested

Go to any Borders, Barnes & Noble for a huge selection of magazines, nearly all craft supply stores have appropriate magazines too, usually quilting and sewing at the least. Although most of the info can be found online somewhere if you look, it's just nice to leaf through a nice, shiny, full color, old fashioned printed magazine sometimes, plus they are very portable. Craft/fabric stores usually have magazines too.

Martha Stewart Living - Just change everything to rich royal blues, purples, reds, silver or black and you have fun, semi easy to make gothic crafts, baking and home tips. On the site aside from her huge expensive shop, there are recipes, craft tips, and scedules of her daily tv shows, including all recipies on it available for about a month each. Yes I subscribe to and read this magazine.

Victoria - Although it has a decent ammount of pretty pictures, the content is pretty sparse in this magazine. Get a year's subscription here for $12.

Victorian Decorating & Lifestyle - A magazine for those who love all things Victorian, a way of decorating and a lifestyle of a gracious bygone age. The link will take you to a magazine subscription site. I finally got my hands on a copy and it is a great magazine! I think it has gone out of production but sometimes I see older issues on ebay, I only got one issue.

Non-clothing crafts & more

Free printable gift tags from - I wasn't sure where to put this. Most of them are xmas, but there are a few cool ones, including a bat, on the wizard tags page, and the chanukah ones are pretty.

The Frugal Domme - Make your own fetish toys - if you are 21, enter the site and go to the "making toys" section. Most of the links are on the site but a few are from other sites. It's a nicely done frame site and since it's for adults I am sending you in the main door.

Make your own coffin purse (formerly Pathway to Darkness) - decorating, costume ideas, & party foods. For some of us every day is Halloween so these are useful all year.

Gothic Martha Stewart - This is such a great site! I was sad that the idea was already done, I had thought of doing it myself, but at least it was done with little room for improvement (though it could use some updating from time to time). Decorating, shopping tips, little crafts, and weddings, all done in the dark and gothic flavor.

Gothfaeri's GawthKrafte section - a place full of glitter and gloom. Featuring tons of the most ever handy gawth crafts, decor, and paling recipes, baking, etc. Ignore all the missing images, the content is great.

Living Victorian online magazine - victorian decorating, crafts, etc.

Sabrina's Dollusions - Beautiful remade Barbies and similar dolls, faces painted, glittering amazing clothing & hair, fairies, centaurs, gothic and some great celebrity dolls: The Waitress from Warrant's Cherry Pie video, Stevie Nicks, and Sid & Nancy. You can send your doll to them and for a fee have it's hair redone, styled, facial features painted, ears pierced, and you can buy appliqués too. Pricing I don't see on the site, but I see them selling on eBay for $40 and up. Ultra Gawth Lounge - vampy bloody drinks you can make at home. Basketry - Why You ask?! Goth picnics are fun, especially on a cloudy day in a cemetery with your loved one (not that I'd know what that's like). After searching for a nice picnic basket in case such a situation should ever arise in my life, I did find one, but then it struck me that someone (maybe me one day after all the other projects I get myself into are actually done) should make a coffin shaped one! To do that, some crafty darkling will have to learn basket weaving, how hard can it be? ;-) The site has all the info for anyone who wants to find out, including free patterns and where to buy supplies.

Library of the Magickal - Info on scents, auras, candles, baths, tarot, herbs & plants, stones, spells, and a few other things. Beadwork Candle and Soap Making Ceramics Jewelry Making Woodworking - Make your own coffin! Weddings - there's always lots of flower craft ideas, and how to make viels in wedding sites.

with the right paper & diagram you can make beautiful things, holiday ornaments, boxes for small gifts, a dozen roses that will last forever in any color you want. Wrapping paper works ok for origami, though it's not as thick as ideal paper. - Searchable database of all the diagrams they have, they have a great looking horse, nothing came up in a search for bat, but I'm sure there's dragons and lots of cool boxes & flowers. The site is pretty slow moving though.

Fabric Origami - they don't really have much in the way of freeness on the site but it's a cool idea.

Anita's Origami - not really instructional, it shows some cool stuff she's made.

Origami Interest Group - home page for an e-list, lots of links to printable diagrams.

Origami Bat (I have a few more printable diagrams on my computer, someday I'll post them here) Origami


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