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Gothic Baking & Cooking

See also: halloween, eating

If it's not a strictly vegetarian page, you can always buy pre made fake meats at your health food store to substitute.

Things I made - bat cookies, naughty chocolates, I'll have a nice page to display them someday like the coffin cake.

My coffin cake I made

Caffeine by a Brisbane Goth - lots of recipies for coffee drinks, sources of it, where to get it, coffee alternatives, and it's pysical properties.

GothLike & Witchcraft - nice little area of brews & spells.

Book: Taking Tea With Alice: Looking-Glass Tea Parties and Fanciful Victorian Teas - I have this beautiful little book, it is so worth the price new or used, full of nice photos and great recipes for tiny delicate foods for Alice themed tea parties and more.

19th Century recipes with alcohol - Farmhouse Syllabub, bottled table beer, blackberry brandy, tomato wine, spiced elderberry wine, loving cup, milk punch for present drinking, milk punch warm, cowslip wine, ginger cordial, tipsy cake, milk lemonade, stomachic liqueur, vanilla extract, port wine jelly.

Recipes from the O'Reilly Cookbook - many cakes, pies, beverages, and things from every meal.

Victorian Tea Cookies

1860s Recipes & kitchen plan - english ginger beer, kisses, ginger-pop, asparagus and eggs, french bread, imperial,

1870s Victorian Recipes - washington pie, cocoanut pudding, london white bread, rock candy,

1880s Victorian Recipes - Omelet la Vanderbilt, Sauce Demi-Glace, or Madeira, Sauce Espagnole, Mirepoix, Bouillon Blanc, A Bouquet--how to prepare, Tutti Frutti.

1890s Victorian Recipes - Baked Beets, Berry Toast, Fried Artichokes, Bakewell Pudding, Vegetarian Cuisine Cheese/Appetizers Busy Cooks Cocktails

Webtender - any drink recipe is here, any liquor you want to know more about, this is all you need. Wine

Vampire Wine - not great quality, but it's a cute gimick, it's cheap, and the bottles are pretty.

My favorite recipes (not done as of yet)

Article on Dorothea Puente's coobook - California's most infamous female serial poisoner and the controversy about her prison style recipes..

Candy making

Make-N-Mold - candy making instructions, where to get the molds, recipes


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