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Philadelphia Clubs & Bars

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I am very out of touch with Philly these days, it is very likely I am missing things and some of these are out dated, call first and try Citysearch.

PhillyGoth Homepage - events, mailing lists, message board, news, reviews, resources & locals.

CitySearch: Philadelphia - find bars, clubs, shopping, places to eat, theatres, arts, movies, music, not as extensive as the NYC one yet.

Egypt - located in Philly on the waterfront: 520 N. Columbus Blvd. (215) 922-6500. Call to find out what nights are still active, I'm not sure how updated the website is. The site claims the club has a "fashionable" dress code, call about this too. I've heard they have had some 80s nights here and there, but I have been informed it is a totally trendy type club.

Soundway - Music events in Philly

Vesago - goth, industrial, fetish, cyber parties, still going on if you can find flyers.


Fast, Cheap & Out of Control - Sundays, Old School punk, Wshite Trash hits, Surf, Cowboy, esoteric tunes, Go-Go themes, and more. Fluid, 613 South 4th Street 10-2am, 21+

4 times a year now Dancing Ferret Concerts throws The Dracula's Ball. Gothic industrial event at different venues. Bands, DJs, Vendors, etc. These are often great events, esp the ones at the Trocadero, Evolution was a bit tiny for it.


Open DJ Night - Bring your CDs, be a DJ. At The Upstairs Room, 4th & South St (above Pomodoro's and next to Zipperhead) Free, 10-2, 21+.


Blitz Night - every Wednesday 8pm-2am at Pomodoro, 4th and South Sts, Philadelphia, PA. 21+ w/id, $3 cosmopolitan martini, $2vampire shot , $1.50 Love Byte shot with bartender Juliana.. Goth, darkwave, '80's and industrial with Foxxfire, NO COVER.

Nocturne - Wednesdays at Shampoo, on 7th and Willow St in Philly, 215 922 7200. Every Wednesday DJs Knobhead, Ian Fford, and Jon Gill, plus a 4th guest DJ spin gothic and industrial.. Admission is $6. 9pm-2am, all ages, 21+ w/ID to drink. The venue is normally *closed* on Wednesdays, so it will not be mixed in to another event or crowd. Go here!!! The place is beautiful, djs are great, lots of red velvet plush benches and sofas and places to hide away.


Open DJ & Music Trivia Night - Bring your CDs, be a DJ. At The Upstairs Room, 4th & South St (above Pomodoro's and next to Zipperhead) Free, 10-2, 21+.


Shock! Therapy - I think first friday of the month, not sure where and all that, if location changes, it's a fetishy goth industrial dance party, looks fun.


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