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Other - Lighter Genres

You will still find most of these scattered around for now and mixed in with clubs: lounge/swing, raves, mild coffee houses, and whatever else pops up.

CultureFinder.com - Search nationwide and buy tickets for theater, music, opera, dance and visual arts events. You put in some keywords (ie: Dracula, halloween, Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror, ghosts, Jekyll & Hyde, fairy, Alice in Wonderland) and it finds any play, show, etc all over the country.

Cirque du Soleil - I wish I had gone to see this show last time it was in New York, I figured I'd catch them next time around, not realizing that wouldn't be for several years. Now I have to wait till 2001, however, I was lucky enough this new years eve 2000 to be at a tv that had cable and see some of their shows on the Bravo channel. This is a circus with no animals, it's all people in funky freaky colorful leotard costumes doing varous acrobatics and contortionism, and no it never gets boring, not for a second.

The Internet Cigar Group's Cigar Sites on the World Wide Web - Lounges and Clubs. Ok, not really goth, but interesting in a swanky sort of way, there's a few in NYC.

Downlow Communications - Rave type events. They have a big event listing, seems to mostly be around Western PA & Ohio, but there are things in NY and all over.

The Hyperreal Rave Archives - Raves all over the world.

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