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National Listings

Since I don't have all the time in the world as I'd like to, these are other listings of dark clubs and haunts

The International Gothic Club Listing - Usually pretty up to date, you can submit your club or event to this database which is probably the best collection of goth clubs worldwide.

Gothic America - links for each state to goth event & club pages, the add your own link doesn't seem to work so you have to email the page owner.

Citysearch.com - I've only checked out NYC so far, it has a great listing for NYC clubs, bars, restaraunts, etc. The events are not always up to date for the club and event venues, but they do have accurate addresses for nearly every bar and club in NYC. You used to be able to customize your own page to list all the clubs & bars you often frequent, but I don't see that feature now since Microsoft bought them, and it gives details on each club/bar, the type, size, atmosphere, easiest ways to get there, maps, and even a list of nearby restaurants. They include just about every major city in this country and some in Canada and overseas.


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