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Rhode Island

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The Vampire Legends of New England Walking History Tour - An Afternoon of Historical Horror. Join New England vampire scholar Christopher Rondina for a chilling afternoon of authentic vampire lore surrounded by the ancient graves of Newport, Rhode Island's Common Burying Ground. Tours run several times weekly from the Gateway Center at the Newport County Convention & Visitors Bureau (NCCVB). Adults - $7.00, Children (under 12) - $3.00. (401) 849-7416. They also have a book available from Barnes & Noble.

From Haunted-Places.com - "Easton Public Library. During construction of this building in 1903, workers uncovered the graves of 514 people. Most of the bodies were moved to other cemeteries, but at least thirty were left unclaimed. Two prominent former citizens, Elizabeth Bell "Mammy" Morgan and William Parsons, were reburied in graves with markers on the library grounds. Mammy Morgan is buried on the west lawn and Parsons is buried on the front lawn. The other corpses, and any unidentified pieces of bodies, were unceremoniously dumped into an underground concrete vault on the property. Today, the library is haunted by the misplaced souls. Doors slam shut and open suddenly, filing cabinet drawers swing open for no reason, and unseen hands run through the hair or touch the shoulders of patrons and staff. And over the years, many people have reported the ghost of Mammy Morgan, roaming the library grounds. (The burial vault is under a telltale depression in the northeast part of the driveway that exits the library. The library is on the corner of Church Street and 6th Street, Easton, PA 18042. Phone: 215-258-2917.)"

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