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The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Events, The Baltimore Poe House and Museum, The Poe Grave, Church Hospital - the Site of Poe's Death, The Sir Moses Ezekiel Statue of Poe.

From Haunted-Places.com - "USF Constellation. This proud frigate is haunted by three ghosts from the early 1800s. One is a sailor in an old naval uniform who is sighted on the Forecastle Deck. His appearances are so regular, that Navy Commander Brougham was able to take a photograph of him in December 1955. The second ghost is sailor Neil Harvey, sometimes seen on the Orlop Deck, below the main deck. He was strapped to a ship's gun and blown to pieces for falling asleep on watch in 1799. His uniformed apparition appeared to a Catholic priest touring the ship in 1964. The third ghost is the captain who ordered Harvey's grisly execution, Captain Thomas Truxtum. The Constellation is the first ship of the U.S. Navy, and the oldest commissioned warship in the world. It was built as a frigate in 1797 and rebuilt as a sloop of war in 1853. Following a $3.8 million renovation in 1995, the ship ought to be crawling with newly released spirits. (The ship and Constellation Center museum are located on Pier 1, near the corner of Pratt Street and Holiday Street in Baltimore Harbor. USF Constellation, Pier 1, Pratt Steet, Constellation Dock, Baltimore, MD 21202. Phone: 301-539-1797.)"

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