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The only place of interest in this state seems to be Savannah, which is where the cemetery is located that holds the statue on the cover of John Berendt's book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Savannah Walks - Historical and haunted tours in Savannah. 1-888-SAV-WALK. Each tour is approx 90 mins and the cost is $13 adults, $6.50 children unless otherwise noted. $1 off for AAA or AARP discount, $2 discount if you buy your tickets online from the site, and if you are taking more than one tour you get a few bucks off each additional. See the website for maps of starting locations.
Savannah Stroll - Departs from Reynolds Square at 10am & 1pm daily. A good introduction to the fascinating history of Savannah. From ancient times to the present, this tour is the best way to see the history and culture of Savannah.
Lowcountry Ghosts - 7:30pm & 9:30pm from Johnson Square. Their most popular tour, takes you though the old colonial part of the historic district and talks to you about local legends, house hauntings, and even the occasional house exorcism here in Savannah.
A Walk Through Midnight - 1pm from Reynolds Square. This tour puts you in the middle of the setting of John Berendt's best selling novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, A Savannah Story. Great book.
Ye Olde Pub Walk - 7pm from Johnson Square, 2 hrs. Tour of Savannah's most intriguing taverns and pubs. All the stange stories that have made Savannah such a unique place. The occasion duel, the more common haunting, shanghiad captives on pirates ships, and the great experiment of Prohibition (or the lack thereof) here in Savannah are told to make this the most festive tour in town. Most of these stories are drawn from local newsman Tom Coffey's book, Only in Savannah. And he's right, these things could happen ONLY here in Savannah Savannah is famous as the "hostess city", so raise your glass to times long past as we spin stories of pirates, parties, and prohibition. A great evening out in Savannah's finest watering hotels. Note: Alcoholic beverages are not required or provided, but unquestionably welcome. $15.00 adults only.
Historic Homes Walk - 10 am daily, 2 hrs, $20.00 adults, $13.00 children (includes house museum admission). Departs from Reynolds Square. Includes the Owens-Thomas HouseGreen Meldrim House, where Gen. William T. Sherman was a "guest" during the Civil War, & The Isaiah Davenport House Museum.
Churches & Graveyard walk - Mon - Fri 1 p.m. from Reynolds Square. On this tour you'll see the Mother Churches of Georgia, Christ Episcopal Church, and hear about John Wesley, first Anglican minister in Georgia, and founder of the Methodist movement. Also included is the fascinating history of Savannah's First African Baptist Church, the oldest black church in Georgia. The Churches and Temples of Savannah represent some of the city's finest architecture, and this is the only tour that allows you to explore them intimately, inside and out. Also included is a tour of Colonial Park Cemetery, where some of the most famous early residents of Georgia are buried, including two signers of the Declaration of Independence. Along our walk you'll also explore the graves of some of Savannah's most famous early citizens and learn about funerary art. This tour takes you inside to see the glorious interiors of some of Savannah's most beautiful churches. There are some other interesting historical tours here as well.
Civil War Walk - 10am daily from Reynolds Square, 2 hrs.
Gates and Gardens - 4pm daily from Reynolds Square. See what lies behind the gates of some of Savannah's finest homes. The Gates and Gardens Walk is a unique tour that lets you explore the fauna of this lush and green forest city.

Haunted Trolley Tour - Red Trolley presents fantastic stories of Savannahís ghosts and spirits!. You will be taken through the shadowy streets of Savannah while you are told the spooky tales of some historic homes and eerie pasts. Donít be leery of hearing these eerie tales!! 1 Hour Trolley Tour $14 per person. Visit or Call Gray Line of Savannah at (912) 234-TOUR (8687) 215 West Boundary Street Savannah, Georgia 31401.

Bonaventure Cemetery - site from the Bonaventure Historical Society, has a map and tons of great info on who's buried there, etc. The cemetery is located at 330 Bonaventure Road, Savannah, Georgia, 31404, 912-651-6843.
Touring Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery - One page with some good tips and notable names for this cemetery.
Best Read Guide lists some famous graves
Some nice photos from the Bonaventure


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