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Key West Ghost Tours - Evening, lantern-led tours go one mile through the shadowy streets and lonely lanes of Key West's Old Town. In the easy-paced hour and a half walk you'll discover the dwelling places of ghosts, ghouls and benevolent protectors. And you'll learn the stories behind many of the legends of our haunted island paradise, stories like The deadly Key West Cemetery, The man who married (and lived with) a corpse, An eerie doll possessed by a strange spirit, A pirate map and a pirate treasure, The days of quarantines during the Yellow Fever epidemics, A murdered body's burial place known but unfound to this day, Hard Rock Cafe's apparition with the yellow glowing eyes, and much more. Ghost tours meet nightly at the Hotel La Concha (a Holiday Inn property), centrally located at 430 Duval Street in Key West. Adult: $18, Child (12 & under): $10, $15 if you make your reservation through the web site or mention the magic word "Vladimir" when you do so by telephone or come to the La Concha to join a tour. For reservations: Call (305) 294-9255, Fax (305) 294-5175. They also sell a book about these and other Ghost Stories: "Ghosts of Key West".

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