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The Gatehouse Museum - (I Think this is in Amsterdam, Netherlands) Buitenhof 33 2513 AH Den Haag, Tel: 070 3460861, Fax 070 3614262, The Prison House was the building in front of the count's castle on the Binnenhof. From the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 19th century the building served as a prison. Hundreds of criminals and many political prisoners were locked up here. Following a slide show about crime and punishment in the past, visitors are taken on a guided tour of the medieval cell blocks, the torture chamber and other areas where historic figures were imprisoned. The museum features devices for punishment and torture. Guided tours on the hour from 11am till 4pm. Hours: Thues-Fri 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday noon to 5.00pm. The site also has a small photo gallery.


Pollock's Toy Museum - Adults: 3, Under 18 1.50, open 10 am - 5 pm every day except Sundays and Bank Holidays. At the corner of Whitefield St & Scala St, London. They have an amazing collection of toy victorian stages and tons more, you can also buy paper replicas for not very much money on the site. There are also lots of pictures on the site. Phone: within UK: 020-7636-3452, Outside UK: 44-20-7636-3452, the address is 1, Scala St., London, W1P-1LT, UK.


Catacombs and Quarries of Paris - Fox Family channel's scariest places on earth did a feature in 2001 on the catacombs making them seem so scary and mysterious, that we don't know why they were built, but this site by a local knows why they were built. They are full of old bones and not very safe, they are so old and could collapse or you could fall down some hole or something. Find a guide (perhaps the author of this site?). I would like a map of them if it exists.


Musee H.R. Giger - Located at Chateau Saint-Germain, 1663 Gruyeres, Tel.: +41 26 9212200. Open daily 10AM to 6PM for spring, summer and autumn.


Prague has (had?) a Torture Museum. Maybe it closed as the Amsterdam one did, I can't find info on any website anymore about it.

Eastern Europe

Romania Tours - If the site is working properly you can see all of the interesting tours they offer (view source on the tours page to get the links to the tours if you see a big gray empty box.) there's history, legend, halloween, and other trips. Some day I will go on one of these. Some of the tours are Dracula the Legend, Touch of Transylvania, Bite of Dracula, Dracula Myth and History, and there are some day trips if you are visiting the areas and don't want to shell out a few grand for a big long tour.


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