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Washington DC

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From Haunted-Places.com - "Old Stone House Museum. Built in 1795 by Christopher Layman, this old farmhouse is haunted by eleven ghosts. The most active has been dubbed "George." He haunts the third-floor bedroom and has a violent hatred of women. George has been accused of shoving, strangling, knifing, and even raping women who venture into his room. Residents and visitors to the house, which is now a museum, have reported encountering his malevolent presence several times. Another ghost here is a lady wearing a brown, 1700s-style dress. She is seen near the fireplace. The phantom of a young woman, with tight ringlets in her hair, has been seen running up and down the staircase. The apparition of a stout woman in an antebellum gown is seen on the staircase and in the kitchen. Also seen in the kitchen area is the ghost of a man wearing short pants with long stockings. A man with long, dark blond hair, wearing a blue jacket, once materialized near a frontroom window. The wraith of a small boy named "Joey" has been seen running up and down the third-floor hallway, and a little black boy has also appeared there. A German carpenter, thought to be the ghost of Christopher Layman, has been reported in the house. Many people observed a Colonial gentleman who partially materialized in the master bedroom. Another unidentified Colonial man has been seen on the second-floor. The upper floors of this house were used by families living on the property, while the lower floors were rented out to travelers. In the 1930s, the house became a bordello, and then it was used as an auto shop. The National Park Service acquired the property in 1950 and restored most of the building. (The three-story, L-shaped Old Stone House has been restored and is now a museum operated by the National Park Service. Old Stone House Museum, 3051 M Street Northwest,Washington, DC 20007. Phone: 202-426-6851.)"

Washington After Hours - Trolly tour, Onboard you'll see the illuminated monuments and memorials, the Capitol Building, the White House and Georgetown. Stops include: FDR Memorial, the Kennedy Center, the Iwo Jima Memorial and the Lincoln and Vietnam Veteran's Memorials. Learn which President's spirit walks the halls of Congress. See the memorial designed as much for your ears as for your eyes. Discover Washington's only "living" memorial. 2 1/2 hours of D.C, covering 100 points of interest. Adults $25, Children 4-12 $13, tours begin 7:30 nightly from Union Station, 6:30 Oct. - April, Closed Thanksgiving , Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve. (202)832-9800 or Email DC After Hours. This tour is by reservation only.

Smithsonian - I'm sure everyone is already aware of this great museum, but it's so extensive so checking out the website before your trip can probably help you make sure you see all the things you want to see and not waste time on what you don't.

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