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Costumes I made

July 2003: Some are just photos for now, but I will have a lot of time in the near future and will put up full instructions. Also there are more costume pics in convention & other pages, I'll link them all up in time.

Techno Uniform

Me June 2003 - I put on some makeup, did my hair, & snapped a few "in character" shots with my timer for a character I play based on the tv show The Tribe. It's an online email list rpg, Giga is in the Techno tribe. I'm a geek.

Halloween 2000 - Cheryl and I (That's me on top) at the Rasputina show at Knitting Factory. Sadly, this is the only halloween 2000 picture of me that surfaced so far.. This year it was Queen of Hearts.

Go go Faerie - Me at Heroes at Mother.. I can't recall the date for the life of me, I know it was really cold... it was a fairy theme night, and I was starring on the go-go box for a while. Maybe Feb 1999?

Halloween 1999 - Aeon Flux. She's *the* woman. Enough said.

Velma and I April 22, 1999 at LBV. Pixie outfit.

Jedi Vamp, Jedi Vamp 2- Star Wars night at Fang Club summer 1999.

Agent Red 69 - comic book style. one of my alter egos. Feb or March 1999


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