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My Book Collection Audio Books

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I want to mp3 all of these in time and sell them, same with my music tapes.
May 2004: This is just about all of my audio books, there's a few more somewhere.

Cover Author Title Format Year/Publisher Comments/Subject
Roderick Anscombe The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula tape 1994 - Harper Collins Read by David Dukes, abridged with music, 3 hrs on 2 tapes, ISBN: 0694514691.
Jim Butcher Storm Front cd 2000 Read by James Marsters, that's why I have it, a friend got it for me as a gift but I didn't listen to it yet even. It does sound interesting. 4 CDs, isbn: 0965725502 (this gets you a different book in Amazon), out of print.
Andrei Codrescu The Blood Countess tape 1995 - Simon & Schuster Read by the author and Suzanne Bertish, 4 tapes, 4.5 hrs, ISBN: 0671529242.
Cyborgasm series Cyborgasm tape 1993 - Algorithm Amazon lists it under popular music. You can even listen to some audio clips. I only gave it one listen but it was more like porn sounds. It's described as Erotica in 3D Sound.
Fran Drescher Enter Whining tape 1996 - HarperAudio Read by Fran, abridged I think, great book, the story of her life, 3 tapes, 3 & 1/4 hrs, ISBN: 0694516368.
Christopher Golden Immortal (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) tape 1999 - Simon & Schuster Read by Charisma Carpenter who did a so-so job with the reading, it was stiff sometimes but I love her anyway, 2 tapes, 3 hrs, ISBN: 0671046551.
Nathaniel Hawthorn The Scarlet Letter tape & booklet Time Warner Audio Books 74 mins, 1 tape, not sure if it's abridged or not, I think so, tape contains intro to Hawthorn's life and Colonial New England, dramatic readings, critical analysis. It's a study guide version and the booklet has stuff for that in it, ISBN: 1570421153.
Frank Macchia Little Evil Things, Volume I: Audio Horror Stories with Music Accompaniment tape 1991 A bunch of short horror stories, I really liked this one. 1 tape, 56 minss, ISBN: 1891007009.
Peter Mayle Toujours Provence tape 1997 Abridged, read by Patrick Macnee, a charming story about an old guy and his wife living in the french countryside, 2 tapes, 3 hrs. ISBN: 1559271833.
Richard Preston The Hot Zone abridged tape 1994 - Simon & Schuster Read by Howard McGillin with introduction by the author, 2 cassettes, 3 hrs, ISBN: 0671506986.
Anne Rice Feast of all Saints tape 1979 - Random House Audio Read by Courtney B. Vance, abridged, 2 tapes, 3 hrs, ISBN: 0679434135.
Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned tape 1992 - Random House Audio This is a really cool edition of the first and best 3 books of Anne's Vampire books. The front cover flips open and there is a coffin shaped cutout and you see a young girl (presumably Claudio) lying with arms crossed in a b&w photo part printed on each of the 3 tapes. Interview read by F. Murray Abraham, Lestat read by Michael York, Queen read by Kate Nelligan. Each of the 3 books is 2 tapes, 3 hours.
Anne Rice Servant of the Bones tape 1996 - Bantam Books Read by Michael Cumpsty, abridged, 4 tapes, 4 hrs, ISBN: 0679438335.
Anne Rice Interview with Anne Rice : A Conversation between Anne Rice and Michael Riley tape 1997 - Bantam Books 1 tape, 90 mins, ISBN: 0679458093.
Anne Rice The Witching Hour tape 1990 - Random House Audio Read by Lindsay Crouse, abridged, 2 tapes, 3 hrs, ISBN 0394587898.
Anne Rice Lasher tape 1993 - Random House Audio Read by Joe Morton, abridged, 2 tapes, 3 hrs, ISBN: 0679421734.
Anne Rice Taltos : Lives of the Mayfair Witches tape 1994 - Random House Read by Tim Curry, 4 tapes, 4 hours, ISBN: 0679436545.
Anne Rice Violin abridged cd 1997 - Random House Read by Maria Tucci, includes excerpt from Interview with Anne Rice at the end, 3 CDs, 4 hrs, ISBN: 0679460659.
  J. R. R. Tolkien The Hobbit record   I have to get details & photo later, it's a really cool record box set from the 70s I believe.
Joss Whedon Buffy the Vampire Slayer tape 1992 - Dove Read by Kristy Swanson, this is the actual movie novelization, she is pretty stiff through a lot of the reading. 2 tapes, unabridged, 3 hrs, ISBN: 1558006532.

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