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My stations at

There are probably millions of 100% free mp3s on Some of them are amazing, some are total crap. I've spent hours there seeking out and sorting some of the good stuff (I'm sure there's more I missed) so that you don't have to. I've created a few playlists so far, I may make a few more in the future.

The choices:

Neitherland radio 1
These are my absolute favorites from, here you will find dancey fetishy industrial, traditional gothic, electronic goth, a few classical, medieval, ethereal, middle eastern, whatever floated my boat the most when I created it. I forget the exact date but I probably last updated it in 2000 or early 2001. I think rather than edit too much i I may just create Neitherland radio 2 and 3.

Spooky Stories
A job I had for a while with a long commute each way made me seek out audio books to fill the hour each way in the car. And I developed a liking for them even though I don't have such a long commute anymore, they are great to keep around in the car for spontanious road trips, or even planned ones. Most of these are horror related, some may just be odd that I liked. I will create a list someday just for non scary audio stories I liked.

Spoken Word
Interviews, spoken rants, interesting lectures & odd comedy bits are here. Some may not be goth but they are all worth a listen.

Pixie Holidays

I'm not huge on holidays in general (and goddess does xmas music sicken me) but for those few moments a year I get in the mood, here are a few winter holiday, Halloween & Valentines day songs.

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