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See also: ren faires, goth links, shopping, eating, magazines - Quite possibly the best online victorian resource site. There are online articles about victorian life, lots of links, victorian holidays, crafts, recipes, antique marketplace. - decorating, recipes, resources, customs, and victorian societies.

Victorian Station - architecture, arts & lit, associations, events, history, interior designs, lifestyle & dress, museums, trivia. Very well designed site.

Victorian Toys - Pollock's toy museum in London lets you see the amazing victorian toy stages as well as purchase replica paper stages on the web site, they aren't that expensive even.

Alice in Wonderland - I put this here because Alice is quite Victorian. This is a beautifully, cleanly designed web site, and not only that, but it is filled with tons of great Alice info. Here you can find info on many film versions, theatrical productions, some sound samples from productions of Alice, an art gallery with book covers and other illustrations, a section about Alice's Labyrinth at Disney.. I can't praise this beauty enough. Though I will point out it is missing the 1979 musical adult version of Alice in Wonderland, and I don't see Svankmajer's Alice (the surreal version) noted but I could have missed it. I informed the author of these 2 and you won't see the former because the site is geared towards a G rating. Another missing item you won't see there is a comic book I have, Malice in Wonderland, rated X of course.

Living Victorian online magazine - victorian decorating, crafts, etc.

The 1900 House - This PBS 4 part documentary tv show is a great way to see how modern life differs from the stuffy victorian era. A real life normal family from England was picked to live for a month or 2 in 1999 in a restored victorian house and have most of their time their filmed. They had to live, dress, eat, shop exactly as a family would have 100 years ago, and as they go along they talk about how difficult and annoying life is without the modern conviences of shampoo, vacuum cleaners, and comfortable (non corset) clothing. Check the site for rerun air times. The site talks about the family, and what happened on each episode, and has some good victorian links.

The Victorian Web - history, society, politics, everything about life in the era.

Victorian Events Calendar

Victoriana Online - online library, etiquette, fairy tales, ghost stories, bookstore, events, message board.

Victorian Hairwork Society

The Victorian Society in America


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