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Familiars (pets)

I'll make real gallery pages someday... there's just not enough time in the world so you're going to mostly just be looking in directories

Bronson - (horse) My number one familiar who I am a bad mom and hardly visit anymore. He's probably around 20 now (2002), though I don't know for sure, he had no papers or anything with him. I can't describe the camaraderie you have with a horse you ride, but those of you who do ride know it well. batpony is from a costume contest at the 4-H county fair when I was 16, bronson1 is one of the last shows I participated in (I did dressage at the end), bronson 2 is the horribly embarrassing western outfit (I never full out did western, just once in a while for "fun"), bronson3 & uset!2 are from when I was about 15, at Gladstone for a youth clinic with a horrible bitchmonster instructor, I should not have been doing the insane huge jumps there but I was young and stupid, I fell off that day too. But it was a cool honor having been chosen to go to the clinic and ride where the olympic team trains.

Cats - I need more pics in here. I have many to scan. There have been 5 in my life, 2 are still with me in this world but they live with mom & dad (Kayleigh & Kissy - the latter is a familiar of mine), as all 5 have been family cats. 2 of those 5 were/are familiars to me. kissy~1 is my current familar, I charged her on my "emergency & college books only" credit card at the petstore at the mall in PA when I was 18 or 19. She is the most precious cat, about 10 now and still plays like a kitten and runs around insane. Before I moved out of mom & dad's she slept with me every night, she's latched on to my mom now. stripe-kissy is her with king stripe who died a year and a half ago at 15. The other living one is Kayleigh, another petite siamese, she's very light colored.

Ferrets (aka fuzzballs, fuzzbutts, fuzzmonsters, evil steal-it-and-put-it-under-the-couch monsters) - These are all mine, they live with me and are my only roommates & friends in my current house. There are 2, a boy named Ricky Ticky Tavvy and a girl named Leanhan Sidhe (the vampire fairy). Both are about 4 or 5, both given to me from different people who wanted to get rid of them a few yrs ago 1 year apart. Ricky is the larger & darker one, she's the smaller & lighter one. She's more evil, he's more clumsy. All but 1 of the pics here were taken by my cousin Heather when she was visiting, Leanhan took about 15 minutes to pull and dig and get a buried gallon sized ziplock of rits bits peanut butter sandwitches out of her suitcase. Oh so determined, she did get it out and tried to stash it in her hidey hole under the sofa and would not let go. The rest are random pics of them.

Squirrels - tons live by my parents house, they keep lots of bird feeders on the back porch which also keeps lots of squirrels nice and fat.


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