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Halloween 2001

Halloween is a very special and close to religious holiday for me. I put my heart and soul and time into each and every costume you have ever seen me wear for Samhain. Every one is an extension or part of myself, something I am, something I aspire to be, I think long and hard most years of what I am going to be for at least 6 months, though unless it requires something very specilized, most of the time I don't pick the actual outfit till the day before or hour before the party. I love costuming, it's fun dressing me up, and it's fun dressing others up too sometime. For many years I went to NYC clubs where dominatrixes, goths, drag queens, and tons of freaks frequent, every week or club night had a theme (gay superheros, bondage fairies, anime, atlantis, etc) and I can't tell you how much fun it is to sift through all my corsets, stockings, gloves till I find just the right thing to fit the theme of the night, and walking in to many others dressed along with me in just as unique creations. Several people asked me for help to pick costumes for them this year. To me the costume picking is sacred, it has to be something from inside you, that you want or desire. I know many people just walk in a halloween shop and pick just any costume in a bag off the rack, not even knowing what they want to be. I find that odd. That's just me. So if you are having trouble picking something this year or ever, think of who you admire, what fantastic creature, character, animal, or celebrity do you really want to be? It's even ok to use the packaged costumes, they've improved a lot over the years.

You know I am missing a year of halloween here. Bad me! Last year one picture was taken of me and it was just a headshot, I'll put it up eventually. This year I decided to reveal my true self again, pixie. I made the wings (interested? I can custom make a pair for you providing I have the time, prices are around $35 for a pair that size) myself a few months ago with iridescent plastic craft paper and drew the swirlys with magic marker. The wig was just a purple pageboy wig, I made the horn things and stuck them on with bobby pins just before the party, they are made from my old ponytail extensions just rolled up and pinned. The makeup was pretty simple, glitter skin and swirly black eyeliner. The only part of this outfit I had to buy was the ears, the rest came out of my regular wardrobe.

I would like to make a note here, and a tip and suggestion to anyone taking pictures ever. Many people only take pictures from the waist up. I will make sure to tell this to anyone taking my picture in the future (you can't see my purple striped pixie stockings!) to make sure to get head to toe, but please everyone, unless you know someone hates their body or whatever, take the full body shot.

Phase 1 - party at my brother's place, Sat, Oct 27, 2001

The Hos.

Ho # 1 gets her nails done. Good nails gets more dough. Of course, they are lee press ons so they'll just fall off. The poor hos don't know any better.

The Hos are careful to stand the right way for their pimp so he is pleased. You gots to be sexy, ladies!

That's it ladies, relax and smile for the nice gentlemen with the wallets.

You looking for a good time? I have many beautiful ladies.

The Pimp gets advice from Elvis.

As part of her charity work, Miss USA gives some beauty advice to a Ho.

The Pixie chills with the Ho and the Chef. (I am the pixie of course, the Ho is my older brother, Hi mom & dad!)

The rest

A rare Elvis sighting, is he hanging with a pixie, are they both just myths??

Elvis makes bubbles. Oh wait, there he is, the flash just didn't work in the first picture.

I think Wonder Woman is about to toss that Ninja across the room

Oh lookie, it's a Vampire! - That is Charles, my boyfriend. Please email him and tell him he looks good, he hates that costume!

The Pixie and Gandalf have a lovely reunion after many years of living in different enchanted forests.

Close up of the Pixie & Gandalf

A shot of the whole room.



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