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Convergence 6 - Seattle 2000

Due to me just moving, my home computer is still not assembled and I don't have full stories her yet, but here's all my photos at least. Kalina, Scott, Tracey & Brendan email me, I didn't get yours!

This is the yearly gathering of Net Goths held in a different city each year, this year about 800 goths from around the world met up for a weekend of partying, boos great music, dancing & orgies in beautiful Seattle, Washington. This being my first convergence I now see why it's held in a different city every year. Just kidding, for the most part us goths were very well behaved, never before in my life have I felt any sort of "goth pride." I really hope it's in NYC in 2001! I don't care if any of you download these pics and use them for whatever, just give me credit for snapping them K?


Gothic Jeapordy
Brought to you by the Corporate Goths and Hosted by Algernon Trebek

The audience
Audience again
Final Jeapordy cagetory: Sayings, answer: "Nice Boots..." Voltaire performs Midnight Double Feature
Since it was early in the weekend I wanted to make sure to get enough pictures, here's Voltaire again.
And again
And again

Friends outside Town Hall
Me and Mage who I finally got to meet in person after over 3 years of being net buddies
John and Mage, John and his Wife lives 10 minutes from me but we have to go to Seattle for all of us to hang out

The Kiva Han Coffee
Bellydancers in a circle
Bellydancers in 2 rows
Bellydancers with swords
With swords again
doing the line thing
Bellydancers invite audience members to dance with them

The Elder Ball at Catwalk
New York's Unto Ashes performs
Random people at the club
more random people at the club (and Voltaire's shiny pants)


The Merchants' Bazaar
The Crowd

Goth Crossing
This was any corner within 5 blocks of the Crowne Plaza Hotel all weekend
One random group (I think that's Batty 2nd from the right)
Another Group (Mage is 3rd from the left)

Being rockstars, we got our own private room. (Ok so they didn't want us to scare the other people so they hid us away.)


Torque: Fashion Gear
Voltaire MCs
The Crowd

This Couple turned heads all weekend
Voltaire, Scott, & Kitten at the Bazaar
Party in Cliff's room! (aka getting boozed up before the Seance that evening)

The Seance of the Century
Rockstars in front of the hotel (somewhere I'm sure there are similar ones to this with me in it)
Batty and some others in the Fun Bus on the way to the Seance from the hotel (boy was it fun!)
The line to get in
Voltaire introducing Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy (he did an amazing set, and that's coming from a non worshipper of his)
Another of Peter
Gregor (Voltaire's Violinist) and that yummy boi who was doing the video all weekend
Voltaire performing
more Voltaire
Violet, one of the great women responsible for C6, and the one who got Peter Murphy there
Random crowd pic
Voltaire knew we were all having so much fun so he tried really hard to turn time back so we could party some more!

Post everything
Voltaire entertained some sweet folks till past 6am (I had to go catch my plane home then) who followed him back to the room with great stories.

Pictures I outright stole from other sites in the C6 webring and forget who's sites they are from, but I'm in them
Saturday at some club, I'm on the left with the silver gloves & headpeice
This one's not me, but it's the 2 coolest girls I met at C6, from Atlanta, Kalina & Stacey
L to R: Kalina, Voltaire, Me
I'm in the red skirt in the front. Viva la gothstars!!
You can just see me peeking over Scott's shoulder on the far left

Official Convergence 6 site - check for webcasts and specific details

C6-Seattle Memories Webring
C6-Seattle Memories Webring
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