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Philadelphia - Other

See also: Pennsylvania travel & trips, Dark Eating, Pennsylvania Clubs

To get on the Philly Goth mailing list, go see the Phillygoth Homepage. This page also has shops and interesting places to go in Philly, and a listing of some stuff to do for goths in Philly.

Every Monday the The Trocadero Theatre (1003 Arch St at 10th St, Philadelphia, PA) shows free movies, sometimes newish like American Pie, sometimes great classics like Clockwork Orange. The movies are totally FREE, the bar is open so you can drink while you enjoy your favorite movies & good company, 21+. For info call: 215-922-6888.

Dancing Ferret Concerts - gothic and industrial stuff in the Philly area.

Dark-Realm - Listing of Clubs, up and coming Artists, Concerts, Fashion Shows, events, Leading Designers of Gothic, Industrial and Fetish Wear, and Record Stores Carrying Industrial, Gothic and EBM material in the Philadelphia Area.

the Philadelphia Music Page

Philadelphia Night Life - bars, music, night clubs, and more. This site is not terribly useful, you can only search, there is no listing.

Philadelphia.com - all about the city of brotherly love, includes of course a music guide for the city.

The Philadelphia Swing Dance Society - no, of course it's not goth.

Tin Angel - 20 S. 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA, (215) 928-0978. Haven't been there yet, but it sounds like a nice quiet coffee house with a full bar, 21+ to enter, smoke free, casual place to get some fancy coffee.


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