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I'll try to categorize what I'm sure of.. some of these cds I aquired somehow and never really listened to more than once. I will be selling all my cassette tapes for a buck each soon. These are all from my personal collection, and I am very careful with all my posessions, they are all in very good condition unless noted. A lot of these have little holes punched in the back, sometimes I don't mention this because it has no effect on the cd itself. I will make note if there is a large crack in the case. If you want to hear what any of this stuff sounds like, I'm sure most of it you can find a sound clip somewhere on the web.
I will also make copies of things for a few bucks from my personal collection.

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OOP = Out of Print
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Artist Title Label/Year released Format asking price/notes Buy it now!
Live Selling the Drama promo Radioactive Records - 1994 10" blue vinyl $10
very rare, mint cond, advance for college radio only, produced by Jerry Harrison & Live, lyrics by Kowalczyk, from the album Throwing Copper
Side A:
Selling the Drama
Side B:
The Dam at Otter Creek
Shit Towne
pic 1
pic 2
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Bassholes Problem/Changes Had to Come - single Bag Of Hammers - 1994 7" vinyl $7
Side A: (She said I Had a) Problem
Side B: Changes had to come
Recorded 9/94 at Magnetic Planet, Columbus, OH
Pic of back
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Bassholes Haunted Hill - Archive Series Vol 2 In The Red - 1995 vinyl $14
Side A:
1. Haunted Hill
2. 20-20 Vision
3. Cockroach Blues
4. Fear And A Hand Full Of Sand (Bassholes)
5. Puddin Tame
6. Grief Bird
7. When Wants Becomes Needs
8. Christine
Side B:
9. Pneumonia
10. Nothing At All
11. Long Gone Dillinger
12. Evil Devil Blues
13. Reefer And Glo-Worms
14. Hokey Pokey
15. John Henry
16. Big Moon Boogie
pic of back
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Serial Killers Roadside Rendezvous Plus Records - 1987 vinyl $13
Punk. Band members: Tim "The Strangler" Omen, Paul Bearer, Randy "T.R." Mayhem, Bates. Produced by Larry "Kommandant" Kay.
Side 1:
Graveyard Serenade
The Illegitimate Son of Ed Gein
I am the king
Love letter to jamie lee curtis
Blood 'n' Guts Rock 'n' Roll
Side 2:
Teenage Bloodlust
Dead Bitch
Dark side of the Serial Killers
Seerial Killer, Part Two
Pic of back
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Mudhoney Let It Slide Sub Pop - 1991 10" vinyl $10
grungy rock, blue vinyl
pic of back
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Flying Saucer Attack, Back Off Cupids, a Handful of Dust, Portastatic Speed Kills One Ton Press - 1995 10" vinyl $4
came with Speed Kills magazine # 7 (I probably have it around somewhere if you want it also)
Side A
Flying Saucer Attack - February 8th
Back Off Cupids - Sleds Behave
Side B
A Handful of dust - A Sort of Saliva
Portastatic - Useless Switch
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4 Non Blondes Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Interscope - 1992 CD $5
Tracks: 1. Train 2. Superfly 3. What's Up 4. Pleasantly Blue 5. Morphine And Chocolate 6. Spaceman 7. Old Mr. Heffer 8. Calling All The People 9. Dear Mr. President 10. Drifting 11. No Place Like Home
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Babe The Blue Ox The Way We Were RCA - 1998 CD $4
Produced by Steve Thompson. Tracks: 1. My Baby 'N' Me 2. Betty Davis 3. Heartbreak #1 4. Lotto Train 5. T.G.I.F.U. 6. If You See Me 7. F Train 8. Monday After, The 9. Tattoos 10. Sheila 11. Basketball 12. I'm Not Listening 13. Mensy 14. Plan B
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Birdland Shoot you Down Radioactive Records, 1991 CD $2
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Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie Blacker Than Black Radioactive Records, 1991 CD $2
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Body Count There Goes the Neighborhood Sire - 1992 CD $15
Very OOP 5 track single, promotional copy: There goes the neighborhood, voodoo, bowels of the devil, momma's gotta die tonight, cop killer
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Body Count The Radio EP Sire - 1992 CD $2
promotional copy
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Bolt Upright E.P. Sony - 1999 CD $3
5 song E.P
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Bush Sixteen Stone Trauma - 1994 CD $7 bid on this now on ebay
Cake Fashion Nugget Capricorn - 1996 CD $7
Tracks: 1. Frank Sinatra 2. Distance, The 3. Friend Is A Four Letter Word 4. Open Book 5. Daria 6. Race Car Ya-Yas 7. I Will Survive 8. Stickshifts And Safetybelts 9. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps 10. It's Coming Down 11. Nugget 12. She'll Come Back To Me 13. Italian Leather Sofa 14. Sad Songs And Waltzes
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Cell Living Room DGC - 1994 CD $5
This NYC alternative band was discovered by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth in 1991, The cd, case, & lyric sheet are in great condition, the CD itself is marked Promotional, full lyrics provided. OOP, hard to find. Track Listing: Milky, China Latina, Sad & Beautiful, Goodbye, Chained, Come Around, Living Room, Fly, Halo, Soft Ground, Camera, Blue Star.
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Devilhead Your Ice Cream Is Dirty Sony - 1994 CD $5
OOP. 2 unlisted bonus tracks, Devilhead includes: Brian Wood, Kevin Wood. Tracks: 1. Too Much Protection 2. Your Mistake 3. Don't Make Me 4. There 5. Polly 6. Troubled Moon 7. Devilhead 8. Down On The Cow 9. Birthday 10. We Like You 11. Cup Of Tea 12. Funeral March 13. (untitled hidden track) 14. (untitled hidden track) 15. (untitled hidden track) 16. (untitled hidden track) 17. (untitled hidden track)
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Die Cheerleader Son of Filth London - 1995 CD $7
produced by Henry Rollins, good cond, alternative. Tracks: 1. Massive Tangled Muscle 2. Pigskin Parade 3. Saturation 4. Smothered 5. Chokecherry 6. Starsucker 7. Case Of Bad Face, A 8. Remember Zelda 9. Disease Or Accident 10. Washington D.C.
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Dramarama Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Chameleon - 1993 CD $5
Alternative, the case has a small slit cut out on the end, does not affect front album art or cd.
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Faith No More King for a Day Fool for a Lifetime Slash/Reprise - 1995 CD $8
Still has the sticker it came with it! Tracks: 1. Get Out 2. Ricochet 3. Evidence 4. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies, The 5. Star A.D. 6. Cuckoo For Caca 7. Caralho Voador 8. Ugly In The Morning 9. Digging The Grave 10. Take This Bottle 11. King For A Day 12. What A Day 13. Last To Know, The 14. Just A Man
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Fun Lovin' Criminals Come Find Yourself EMI - 1996 CD $5
Cd & insert are perfect, but cover falls off from a broken piece, easily replaced. Tracks: 1. Fun Lovin' Criminal, The 2. Passive/Aggressive 3. Grave And The Constant, The 4. Scooby Snacks 5. Smoke 'Em 6. Bombin' The L 7. I Can't Get With That 8. King Of New York 9. We Have All The Time In The World 10. Bear Hug 11. Come Find Yourself 12. Crime And Punishment 13. Methadonia
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Hum You'd Prefer an Astronaut RCA - 1995 CD $4
Tracks: 1. Little Dipper 2. Pod, The 3. Stars 4. Suicide Machine 5. Very Old Man, The 6. Why I Like The Robins 7. I'd Like Your Hair Long 8. I Hate It Too 9. Songs Of Farewell And Departure
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Lemonheads Come on feel the Lemonheads Atlantic - 1993 CD $5
OOP, Evan Dando's band. Tracks: Tracks the great big NO, into your arms, it's about time, down about it, paid to smile, big gay heart, style, rest assured, dawn can't decide, i'll do it anyway, rick james style, being around, favorite T, you can take it with you, the jello fund.
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Lisa Hall sampler Reprise - 1998 CD $2 bid on this now on ebay
Madonna Ray of Light - single Maverick/Warner Bros - 1998 CD $3 bid on this now on ebay
Madonna Bedtime Stories Warner Bros - 1994 CD $5
perfect cond. Bedtime stories Lyrics written by Bjork. Tracks: 1. Survival 2. Secret 3. I'd Rather Be Your Lover 4. Don't Stop 5. Inside Of Me 6. Human Nature 7. Forbidden Love 8. Love Tried To Welcome Me 9. Sanctuary 10. Bedtime Story 11. Take A Bow
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Orange 9mm Tragic Atlantic - 1996 CD $5
I think they are supposed to be industrial but they're more like rock. They opened up for KMFDM once, god knows why.
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Poster Children Daisychain Reaction Sire/Reprise - 1992 CD $5
OOP, hard-noisy-alternative, has the song iF yoU C Kay, they are a pretty good band.
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Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine Sony - 1992 CD $6
This cd is in perfect condition, I've had it since it first came out. Tracks: 1. Bombtrack 2. Killing In The Name 3. Take The Power Back 4. Settle For Nothing 5. Bullet In The Head 6. Know Your Enemy 7. Wake Up 8. Fistful Of Steel 9. Township Rebellion 10. Freedom
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Squirel Nut Zippers Hot Mammoth Records - 1996 CD $8
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Tragically Hip Three Pistols - single MCA - 1991 cd $2
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Veruca Salt Seether - single DGC - 1994 CD $2
One song only, no front cover, promo copy
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Verve A Storm In Heaven Vernon Yard Recordings - 1993 CD $10
This is a first printing, before they had to change their name to *The* Verve for legal reasons.
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Xanax 25 Sweet Vermouth Paradigm Records - 1996 CD $5
3 track single: Sweet Vermouth, Save My Life, and Jane Says. Jane Says is a special bonus track not on the LP with the rest of the songs, it is a cover of the Jane's Addiction song written by Perry Farrell.
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Lisa Hall Is This Real? sampler Reprise 1998 CD $1
I don't know how long it is or how many tracks are on it.
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Title Artists Label/Year released Format asking price/notes Buy it now!
The Final 4 (+2) The The, Mike Watt, Korn, Sponge, Corrosion of Conformity, Shudder to Think Sony - 1995 CD $8
OOP sampler, this is a great mix and I've never seen another one.
The The: I saw the light, i'm a long gone daddy, I can get you off my mind
Mike Watt: big train, drove up from pedro, piss-bottle man
Korn: clown (radio version), blind, lies
Sponge: plowed, molly, rotting pinata
Corrosion of Conformity: clean my wounds, deliverance, 7 days
Shudder to think: hit liquor, x-french tee shirt, 9 fingers on you
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HiFi Daze/Cocktail Nights Jack 'Bongo' Burger, Arthur Lyman, Bob Florence Big Band, Harry Zimmerman, Jerry Wiggins, Bob Florence Big Band, Jerry Wiggins, Oscar Moore Trio, James Bond And His Sextet, Gloria Lynne, Harry Zimmerman, Carnival In Rio, Troy Walker, Woody Herman With Charlie Byrd, Anton Karas & His Two Rudis, Harry Zimmerman, Bernabe De Moron, Gloria Lynne, Soubri Moulin & His African Beats, Ray Ventura Singers Rykodisc - 1997 CD $14
Great lounge music
3 disks: In A Cocktail Mood, Music For the Jet Set, and Arthur Lyman - Sonic Sixties
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Stimulus Response - music inspired by the sports & music festival Spookie Daly Pride, Marvelous3, Old 97's, Superdrag, Vast, 1000 Clowns, Jason Falkner, Staind, DDT MTV - 1999 CD This from a mountain dew offer and has mountain dew and mtv logos on it. Vast is sort of decent. SOLD!
Ultimate New Wave Dance Party 1998 The Romantics, Billy Idol, Modern English, Soft Cell, Blondie, Berlin, The Cars, David Bowie, ABC, Eurythmics, B-52's, Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran, Fine Young Canibals, Thomas Dolby, Haircut 100, Madness, Thompson Twins Arista - 1997 CD   SOLD!
For Your Ears - New Artist Sampler Brendan Benson, Kristen Barry, Pluto, Sam Phillips 1996 CD $1
I think this came with a magazine
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