.My ultimate trade lists *Needs updating










July 2011: I will be listing things on ebay (pixie_auctions).


Anything that says My or Collection are personal collections,
I'm not a store so I only have what you see here and I cannot locate anything else for you.

.Gothic Crafts by me (coming someday, may include Spooky Soaps, tarot card pouches, 11½" fashion doll dresses, polymer clay beads, bead jewelry)

.Non-sport trading cards & CCGs

.My Goth action figures and toy sale (link removed, need to update page)

.My CDs & Records for sale (link removed, need to update page)

.Used Books (link removed, need to update page)

.Garage Sale (link removed, need to update page)(miscl stuff & video games are here)

.Magazines (link removed, need to update page)(comic and non comic related)


.Video collection (movies, tv, Zim, Buffy, Tribe, Aqua Teen...)(link removed, need to update page)

.My homemade natural vegan Spooky Soaps

.Things I can copy for trade (CD, Tapes, etc) *needs updating

.Amazon store (books, dvd, vid games, music, great shopping ideas)
.The Big Spooky Maul (all the affiliate programs died I was using, I will try to find more or impliment my Amazon store here from more than books & dvds)



.pixie_auctions is my ebay id.
This one is my former ID with 274 positive feedbacks and ZERO negatives.

.My Goth Auctions - It is 100% free to list but I may not use it again.

.My Gothic Auctions - I haven't had a ton of luck here either but listing is free.


.Neitherland home

.Sold items

.My comic book collection for sale (comics are all sold!)

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Email me right away with any questions. If you live outside the U.S. do not use the shopping cart, contact me for shipping prices. If you have any concerns on my honesty or legitimacy, see my 274 positive feedbacks on Ebay. I operate with a PO box, I'm not a shop, just a person selling her collection so I don't really want to give the world my home address. I don't deal over the phone because there is just no reason to. You can't know about my things for sale without the internet, and I can't take credit cards directly, only through paypal so you never actually give ME the numbers. If you are really worried and want to check that I am legit you can give me your phone number and best time to call you but only if you are serious about buying something.. I will only call after 9pm or weekends when it's free on my cell phone plan. I'm not giving out my number. Plus... I have a buttload of positive ebay feedback to show I am not a scam artist.

Returns: Sorry no returns unless I have obviously unintentionally misrepresented an item here, or special cases, please make sure to ask any questions before ordering. Please read EVERYTHING carefully, you are responsible for knowing what you are buying.

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