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Interview With The Vampire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [SOUNDTRACK] 1994 - Classical music from the movie, I love this cd.
CD Violin for Anne Rice - Leila Josefowic - 1997 Classical music
CD Aphiex Twin - Come to Daddy Ep 1997

Aphiex Twin - I Care Because You Do 1995

CD Aphiex Twin - On 1993
CD Aphiex Twin - Richard D. James Album 1997
As they all are, this is a really great album.
CD Aphiex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 1994
This is my favorite Aphex Twin album, I love to listen to this while I'm falling asleep or relaxing.
CD Aphiex Twin - Windowlicker [ECD] [CD-SINGLE] 1999
It doesn't do anything terribly exciting when you put it into your computer but the music's great.
CD Aphiex Twin - 51/13 (Aphex Singles Collection) [IMPORT] 1999
This is a compilation of several out of print cds including Ventolin but I'm not sure what else
CD Aphiex Twin - 51/13 (Aphex Singles Collection) [IMPORT] 1999
The only difference I can see from the above is this looks like the Japanese edition. There's a track listing for this one too.
CD Aphiex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath 3 + 2 [IMPORT]
CD Aphiex Twin - Classics [IMPORT] 2000
CD Aphiex Twin - Classics [IMPORT] 2000
Again, I don't really know what the difference is between these 2 imports, but they probably have different country origins.
CD Aphiex Twin - Girl Boy E.P. [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 1996
CD Aphiex Twin - Select Ambient Works '85 - '92 [IMPORT] 1993
CD Aphiex Twin - Select Ambient Works [IMPORT] 1993
  CD Digital Empire: Techno Anthems - F.U.S.E., Aphex Twin, Van Helden
This is a techno compilation also featuring Cabaret Voltaire, and Moby
  CD Caustic Window: Compilation - Aphex Twin
I haven't heard this one but the reviews aren't all that great on Amazon.
CD Apoptygma Berzerk - Welcome To Earth 2000
CD Apoptygma Berzerk - 7 1998
  CD Apoptygma Berzerk - The Apopcalyptic Manifesto 1998
CD Apoptygma Berzerk - Mourn Ep [IMPORT] 1998
CD Aurora - The Dimension Gate 1994
Highly reccomend by me, Aurora is one of my faves, great dark pixie fairy tale music.
CD Aurora - The Land Of Harm And Apple Trees 1993
CD Bjork - Björk's Greatest Hits 2002
All of Bjork's biggest hits and best-known songs, the songs that are sure to be familiar even to people who think they don't know Bjork's music, plus one track recorded for this release, 'It's In Our Hands'. Compiled by fans in a unique website vote. Gatefold sleeve.
CD Bjork - Family Tree [BOX SET] 2002
A special box set featuring six CDs - five 3'' & one 5'' - of her own personal favorite songs, which in her words represent 'the story of how I got to where I am today & in my musical words to say how I developed as a musician.' The box will include tracks, some previously unreleased, taken from Bjork's whole career, not just her solo career. The discs include one CD on which Bjork compiles her own 'greatest hits', & a series of 3'' mini -CDs divided into 'Roots', 'Beats' & 'Strings' collections. Family Tree is packaged in a custom made transparent rose colored plastic case, Ingeniously configured to house the six disc set. Includes a 16 page lyric book, a map guiding fans through the collection & individual packaging for each branch of the tree.
CD Bjork - Vespertine 2001
CD Bjork - Debut 1993
CD Bjork - Venus as a Boy [US CD Single #2] [CD-SINGLE] 1993
CD Bjork - Big Time Sensuality [CD-SINGLE] 1994
I love the flute song Glora, I wish I could find more music like that. Sort of reminds me of the flute music in The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe cartoon when Mr Thomnas is playing for Lucy.
CD Bjork - Post 1995
CD Bjork - Hyperballad [CD-SINGLE] 1996
CD Bjork - Telegram 1997
CD Bjork - Homogenic 1997
CD Bjork - All Is Full of Love [US CD Single] 1999
CD Bjork - Selmasongs: Dancer In The Dark (2000 Film) [SOUNDTRACK]
CD Sketches of Björk: A Tribute 2001
I haven't heard it but everyone gave it horrible reviews on Amazon.
CD Ice: The String Quartet Tribute to Bjork 2001
From reviews this sounds really cool
CD Rokk in Reykjavik (Bjork, Tikarrass, Sugarcubes) 2000
Bjorks band, Tappi Tikarrass only appears in this double cd set twice
CD Bjork - Debut [EXTRA TRACKS] [IMPORT] 1995
Play Dead is the only extra track.
  CD Bjork - Bachelorette (3 CD Singles) 2001
CD Bjork - Gling-Glo [IMPORT] 1996
Bjork with a three piece jazz combo. This is such an amazing cd, Bjork singing on Icelandic Jazz songs, a must have for any Bjork or Jazz fan.
CD Bjork - I Miss You Pt.1 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 2001
CD Bjork - I Miss You Pt.2 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 1997
CD Bjork - Hyperballad Pt.2 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 2000
CD Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet Pt.1 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 1995
CD Bjork - Possibly Maybe Pt. 2 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 1996
CD Bjork - Alarm Call Pt 2 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 1998
CD Play Dead [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 1996
CD Hunter [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT] 1998
Hunter + Video [IMPORT]
CD The Cure - Bloodflowers 2000
CD The Cure - Galore-The Singles 1987-1997 1997

CD The Cure - Wild Mood Swings 1997
CD The Cure - Show [LIVE] 1993
CD The Cure - Paris [LIVE] 1993
CD The Cure - Wish 1997
CD The Cure - Mixed Up 1990
CD The Cure - Disintegration 1989
CD The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 1987
CD The Cure - Staring At The Sea - The Singles 1986
CD The Cure - The Head On The Door 1985
CD The Cure - Pornography 1982
CD The Cure - Faith 1981
CD The Cure - Seventeen Seconds 1980
CD The Cure - Boys Don't Cry 1980
CD The Cure - Interview Picture Disc 1988
CD The Cure - Top [IMPORT] 1996
CD The Cure - Japanese Whispers [IMPORT] 1996
VHS The Cure - The Cure: Galore, The Videos '87-'97 1997
VHS The Cure - Picture Show 1992
VHS The Cure - Staring at the Sea - The Images 1986
  BOOK The Cure - Wild Mood Swings - Robert Smith 1998
Companion book to the Cure's album of the same name, no pictures inside, just musical arrangement for voice, piano, and guitar.
  BOOK The Cure - Standing on a Beach 1992
Music tabliture for the album Standing on a Beach, has a lot of photos in it.
BOOK The Making of the Cure's Disintegration - Dave Thompson
small pamphlet
  BOOK The Cure on Record - Daren Butler 1995
Details and color pictures of over 300 singles, LPs, CDs, limited editions, promotional discs, acetates, videos and Cure artifacts released throughout the world, with special emphasis on rare, unusual and collectible items.
BOOK The Cure: Ten Imaginary Years - Barbarian, Steve Sutherland, Robert Smith 1990
BOOK The Cure: A Visual Documentary - Dave Thompson, Jo-Ann Greene 1993
Photos, listing of every gig they played, interviews, reviews, discography, everything up to 1992.
CD Delerium - Poem [EXTRA TRACKS] 2001
CD Delerium - Karma 1997
This is one of my favorite cds ever, it's very spiritual, meditative, flowing, sounds of many cultures
CD Delerium - Semantic Spaces 1994
CD Delerium - Euphoric EP [EP] 1991
CD Delerium - Spheres, Vol. 1 1994
CD Delerium - Duende [CD-SINGLE] 1997
CD Delerium - Archives, Vol. 1 2001
CD Delerium - Archives, Vol. 2 2001
CD Delerium - Morpheus 1989
CD Delerium - Vol. 1-Reflections [IMPORT] 2000
CD Delerium - Vol. 2-Reflections [IMPORT] 2000
CD Delerium - Spiritual Archives 1990
CD Band - Stone Tower [Cleopatra] 1991
CD Band - Syrophenikan [IMPORT] 1995
CD Diamanda Galas - Malediction And Prayer 1998
CD Diamanda Galas - Plague Mass 1991
CD Diamanda Galas - Masque Of The Red Death Trilogy [BOX SET] 1993
CD Diamanda Galas - Schrei X Live 1996
CD Diamanda Galas - The Singer 1992
CD Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones - The Sporting Life 1994
CD Diamanda Galas - Vena Cava 1993
VHS Diamanda Galas - Judgement Day 1993
BOOK Diamanda Galas - The Shit of God 1996
Poems and words of Diamanda Galas, Introduction by Clive Barker. I have it, I like it.
CD Enigma - Enigma 3: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! 1996
CD Enigma - The Cross Of Changes 1994
CD Enigma - MCMXC A.D. [Limited] [BOX SET] 1990
CD Enigma - MCMXC A.D. 1990
CD Enigma - Screen Behind the Mirror 2000
CD Enigma - Trilogy [IMPORT] 1998
CD Enigma - The Videos, Part 1 1991
9 minutes total, videos for 2 songs
CD Funker Vogt - Execution Tracks 1998
CD Funker Vogt - Killing Time Again 1998
CD Funker Vogt - Thanks For Nothing 1997
CD KMFDM - Virus 1991
CD KMFDM - Godlike 1991
CD KMFDM - Money 1992
CD KMFDM - What Do You Know Deutschland? [FULL LENGTH] 1986
CD KMFDM - Don't Blow Your Top 1988
CD KMFDM - Angst 1993
CD KMFDM - Naïve/Hell to Go 1994
CD KMFDM - Nihil 1995
CD KMFDM - Juke-Joint Jezabel / Giorgio Moroder Mixes [CD-SINGLE] 1995
CD KMFDM - Brute [CD-SINGLE] 1995
CD KMFDM - Glory [CD-SINGLE] 1996
CD KMFDM - Title
CD KMFDM - Title
CD KMFDM - Title
CD KMFDM - Title
CD KMFDM - Title
CD KMFDM - Title
CD KMFDM - Title
CD KMFDM - Title
  CD KMFDM - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title
  CD Band - Title


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